Time has taught me...

/June 2022

Life is like fleeting, in the passage of time, we grow up, while feeling.

realize that time is silent, but it teaches us a lot.


time, teach me:

good health is the greatest cost.

Zweig once said:

Mapping reality, there are too many people who overdraw their bodies while they are young and repent until they are in pain.

without a healthy body in our short life, how can we spend the second half of life with our loved ones, protecting our children from the wind and rain, and spending their twilight years with our parents?

as the saying goes: life has a period, health is priceless.

the second half of life is not how much wealth you have, but how happy you live for a long time.

only if you don't gamble on your health can you win in the end. Taking good care of your body is the best way to explain your life.


time, teach me:

Don't rely too much on others, it is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself.

all the way up and down, how much sadness and how much sweat and tears are intertwined, no one can help each other, others will only see the bright side of themselves now, and will never care about how much money has been paid behind them. Very often, pinning hopes on others will only lead to disappointment.

as Brecht said:

indeed, no one can help us for a lifetime, and we are the only ones who can really help us through the wind and rain.

the cold and warm sour in life, in the final analysis, can only be tasted by one person, the frustrations in life are bumpy, and you have to go out alone after all.

only by becoming our own eaves, can we really rise in life, and the best dignitaries in life are always ourselves.


time, teach me:

time to see the heart, time to know the character.

when we were young, we always called our friends. There was no lack of excitement around us, and we felt that we were brothers all over the world.

and when the wheel of time rolls by, and the years wash away batch after batch of passers-by for us, we realize that not everyone can accompany us to the end.

those who are inconsistent with their appearance will be exposed by time sooner or later.

as the saying goes:

whether a heart is true or not will be known over time.

after all, time has a discerning eye that filters out those who pass us by, leaving those who are really worth meeting.

do not care about things, do not understand people, through time, distinguish the heart.

those who can stand the screening of time and still stay around are true friends.


time, teach me:

there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome, only those who cannot.

as the saying goes, a man is not as good as a thousand days and a flower without a hundred days of red.

people will inevitably go through a trough, encounter a lot of bad things, and suffer some unknown injuries.

however, there is no permanent pain in the world. No matter how deep the pain is, the wound will always heal.

when you come out of the trough and look back, you will find that the hurdle that you thought could not be crossed has already been stepped into a smooth road.

getting older, people always have to go through some hardships that they think they will not make it through before they wake up to realize that their strength and patience are beyond imagination.

so, when you are at a low ebb, don't be afraid, adjust your mindset, take action, and just move on.

it is inevitable to fall down along the way, but when it is darkest, it is also closest to dawn.

as long as we don't give up easily, there will be a rainbow after the wind and rain, and those who can't beat us will eventually make us stronger.


time, teach me:

put it down is the cure for everything.

as the ancients said, it is easier to cross a person than to have a heart.

in other words: a lot of the bitterness of life is because the soul can not be liberated, and the tiredness of life is mostly because the heart can not let go.

because I can't let go of money, I am tired everywhere;

because I can't put down face, I have nowhere to complain;

because I can't let go of my feelings, I always want to grieve alone.

however, there is only one way in your heart. Once you bear too much load, you will be very tired. If you care too much about everything, it will easily lead to unnecessary troubles.

after half a lifetime, I gradually understand that a person's life, a journey of mountains and rivers, is nothing more than a journey of reconciliation with himself.

for some people, if they are tired, they will not deal with it; if they have already seen through some things, let it go.

when you put it down, you will have more happiness, calm heart, and less trouble.


time, teach me:

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years do not stop mercilessly, cherish the people in front of you.

in the past, we always had excessive "trust" in time, always thinking that there would be a long time to come, and we were always used to waiting.

facing the people around us, we always have "endless" things, we can never find a "special day", and "another day" will never know what day it is.

in the end, I failed to live up to time in the word "busy".

end up in the word "wait", regret for life.

A person's life is no more than 30,000 days, and the first life is long, only a hundred years.

days, one day less, the people around you, see one less,

meet in this life, cherish it, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, no one knows which intersection it will be at, so they got separated.

if you can be together, you will cherish your relationship with each other more.Please give the best love to the people around you while they are still around.


everything in the past is a preface.

Thank you for time to teach us to grow up and to understand what is the most important thing in life.