Those who suffer with a smile are all smart people.

/August 2022

I remember that when we were young, old people used to teach us that it was a blessing to suffer losses.

until I get older, after experiencing some human feelings, many people no longer believe this sentence.

on the contrary, they think that losing money is a sign of weakness and an excuse for incompetence.

it's just sometimes, not always.

Li Shutong said: "he who can suffer is a man of will, but he who is willing to suffer losses is not a fool."

those who are willing to suffer losses have the advantage rather than the full kindness, and have reason to give way to one-third of the goodness.

losing money with a smile is not stupid, but a more advanced intelligence.


it's a kind of kindness

once, Ma Weidu went to the countryside with his friends and bought an antique Kang table at a high price at the home of a fellow-villager who entertained them for dinner.

when he returned to Beijing to find an expert for appraisal, he found that it was an antique of great value. Ma Weidu felt sorry that he had earned too much, so he asked someone to send some money to his fellow villager's home.

not only that, but on weekdays, Ma Weidu does not take advantage of those vendors who have just joined the profession. They all give them a suitable price and take the initiative to increase their profits to each other.

some people laughed that he could not do business. He said half-jokingly: "it is precisely because of his kindness that Ma Wei is very popular in the collection world."

in life, there are always people who think that they are stupid if they don't take advantage of it, so they don't forget to calculate it all the time.

Guo Degang's crosstalk once vividly described people who love to take advantage:

take a taxi to grab the back seat, because they usually pay in the front seat;

go to the bathroom to take off their clothes quickly and dress slowly, because they usually come out first and check out first;

go to the bathroom after dinner, and when they come out from the bathroom, others have already paid the bill.

people who play tricks seem to take advantage everywhere, but the loss outweighs the gain.

because when people get along with others, they look at their sincerity and conscience.

A person has too many abacus, for a long time, he will be excluded and alienated and lose the sincerity of others.

Han Feizi said in Lin: "it is better to cheat than to be honest."

people who are kind and honest tend to gain more trust and respect, and the road is getting wider and wider.


regardless of losses, it is a kind of kindness

Peking Opera master Mr. Mei Lanfang is not only famous for his singing skills, but also famous for his painting skills, so he has also attracted counterfeiters.

once, a tabloid newspaper placed an advertisement with the words "artist Mei Lanfang sells paintings".

A discerning person knows at a glance that it is a fake, and his friends are so angry that they plan to find out the impostor and teach him a lesson.

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Mei Lanfang hurriedly stopped it and said:

as soon as my friends inquired, it was indeed a helpless move by a fallen literati.

when Mei Lanfang learned of this, she not only did not pursue the matter, but also sent some money and goods to help.

the other party was ashamed to see such a large number of Mei Lanfang, so he put away the sign of "Mei Lanfang".

it is only natural and reasonable to fight for the interests you deserve.

but it is not easy to be considerate of others, regardless of losses, it is kind in the heart. I once saw a heart-warming news:

A woman accidentally scratched a new car when she was riding her bike to take her children to buy candy.

she took the initiative to call the police and asked for compensation. when the car owner learned that the woman was poor and raised two children alone, he took only one candy from the woman's hand, said, "just give me one candy" and drove away.

kind-hearted people are soft-hearted and always considerate of others.

it's not that they don't care, but they don't want to care.

I have heard such a saying:

in daily interpersonal communication, it is inevitable to bump into friction, care too much about gains and losses, and haggle over pennies, which will only make others tired and suffer themselves.

for some things, forget about it; for some losses, just eat.

regardless of losses, it is not to give up one's own interests without principle, but to divide the matter into different sizes and adopt timely measures.

regardless of losses, it is not weakness that can be deceived, but the experience of the world, knowing that everyone has their own difficulties and helplessness.

so I learned to compare my heart to heart, no longer criticize others or embarrass myself, and be willing to turn big things into small things, and then turn small things into "forget it".

after all, it is convenient with others as well as with yourself.


those who suffer from laughter have nothing to lose

Emerson said:

the writer Achnatherum splendens shared a story that perfectly interpreted this sentence:

there was a lady whose unit was divided into the third floor.

A big sister in the unit wants to change the fifth floor she has drawn because her husband has bad legs and feet.

leaders asked from the first floor to the third floor, no one was willing to change.

asked the lady here, she thought about it and agreed.

she felt that she was still young, her child was getting older, and there was no big problem with climbing the fifth floor.

but the eldest sister's father-in-law is disabled, so it is really inconvenient to live on the fifth floor.

the house has changed, and the eldest sister is grateful and often looks after the children for her in her spare time.

A few years later, the unit had an opportunity to go to England for further study, and the leader gave the opportunity to the lady without saying a word.

in those days, it was very rare to be sent abroad for further study.

my colleagues were so unconvinced that the leader asked, "did you take it when I asked you to change houses?"

the lady was even more surprised. She didn't expect that she would suffer a loss and get such a big "bargain"..

many things in the world have two sides.

get some on this side, lose some on the other side, give up some, and gain some.

there is a good saying: "small wealth is enough to gather people, and wide enough to get people."

suffer a little loss, give way to others, win the hearts of the people, but also gain peace.

benefit others, in fact, it is also self-interest, suffer losses, but also save happiness.

so people who want to take advantage everywhere cannot take advantage of much, while those who laugh and suffer losses often have nothing to lose.


those who suffer losses with a smile are all smart people

the Nebula Master once said:

A person is not afraid to suffer losses, or even take the initiative to laugh at losses, looks a little silly.

is actually a kind of wisdom that is given up first and acquired later, and it is also a kind of self-cultivation of being kind to others.

small wisdom is clever, and great wisdom is foolish.

he who loses with a smile is the wise man.