Those who examine themselves, that is, save themselves.

/June 2022

there is a maxim:

I think so.

people who introspect have more determined goals and have more opportunities to find problems and eliminate traps in the process of moving forward.

failure without introspection is just experience, and only failure combined with introspection is experience.

people, not introspection, is self-abuse;

introspection, that is, self-help.


Don't be introspective.

there is a question in Zhihu: "what is the best way to avoid mistakes for a long time?"

A high praise replied, "introspection."

friends do not understand when they are excellent, and they are strong and like to complain.

girlfriend, can't stand him, send a message saying break up, then leave without saying goodbye!

this is his fourth girlfriend, resolutely breaking up.

Excellence curses God's injustice, complains that his girlfriend is cold-blooded and heartless, blames his responsibility completely, and doesn't think there's anything wrong with him at all.

friends get together to give him advice.

A strange scene appeared: excellence, words and friends.

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whenever a friend expresses his opinion, he tries to refute it, complaining that his friend doesn't understand him.

it was supposed to be a heart-to-heart exchange meeting, but it became his mockery meeting.

friends, seeing that the communication is invalid, they all become silent, and he complains that his friends are unsympathetic.

his good friend criticized him and said:

he was so angry that he drove all his friends out of the house.

later, Qiao was lovelorn again, and he even had no friends to talk about.

people deserve sympathy if they fall into the pit once, and deserve it if they fall into the same hole one after another.

Zeng Guofan said:

people who only know how to complain are in vain except that they are full of grievances.

as the saying goes, "the worst evil in life is to talk about other people's lives, and to be foolish and evil to hear about one's own."

means that the greatest stupidity of a person is to stare at the mistakes of others without reflecting on his own.

introspection is a scalpel for gouging out flesh to cure wounds. You should not only have the courage to hit yourself hard, but also have the cognitive ability to analyze yourself.

A person who does not reflect on himself is stupid when he thinks he is smart.

Napoleon said: "I am my own worst enemy and the cause of my own unfortunate fate."

many people, not because they do not want to examine themselves, but because they are cowardly and do not dare to face their embarrassed self in their mistakes.

people who do not understand introspection lose the opportunity to improve themselves.

those who do not reflect on themselves have many regrets in life.


he is luckier and luckier.

Browning said: "those who can reflect on themselves must not be vulgar."

in the Xia Dynasty, the princes invaded with Hu's troops, and Xia Yu sent his son Boqi to resist, and Boqi was defeated.

Boqi's men were not convinced and wanted the whole army to fight again.

Boqi said:

it is not necessary. I have more soldiers than him and the land is bigger than him, but I am defeated by him. This must be my reason.

it may be that my moral character is not as good as his, and my method of leading troops is not as good as his. From now on, I must try my best to correct it.

after that, Boqi personally trained the army, hired talented people, and sometimes came to the door for advice.

the Xia Dynasty became stronger and stronger.

A year later, Hu knew. Not only did he not dare to invade again, but he surrendered voluntarily.

as Heine said, "reflection is a mirror that clearly reflects our mistakes and gives us a chance to correct them."

if you make excuses from the problem, you will be overwhelmed by the problem, find the reason from yourself, and surpass yourself.

an officer saw a soldier's hat so big that it almost covered his eyes.

the officer asked, "Why is your hat so big?"

the soldier replied, "it's not that my hat is too big, but my head is too small."

the officer said, "if the head is too small, isn't the hat too big?"

the soldier said, "if something happens to a soldier, he should first look for problems from himself, rather than from other aspects."

decades later, the soldier became a great commander. He was Dwight Eisenhower.

all things are created by the heart, and when one's own cognition changes, the world changes, and oneself is the root of all problems.

Gui Guzi said, "if you know yourself, you know yourself and then you know others."

means that if you want to know others, you must first know yourself, and then you can know others.

the most important thing in the world is to know yourself, and the best way to know yourself is to examine yourself.

know how to introspect, is smart, dare to introspect, is brave.

if a person wants to make continuous progress, he must learn to constantly reflect, find his own shortcomings or mistakes, and then constantly correct them, so that he can constantly improve himself and achieve success.

Socrates said:

only by being good at self-reflection can we break through ourselves and find a better self.

Life is luckier for those who examine themselves.


learn to examine yourself, improve your ability, and the situation turns

there is a line in the TV series "Daming Dynasty" that says:

civilian officials think twice: think of danger, think of retreat, think of change.

think about the places where what you did before is wrong, where it is dangerous;

if you know the danger, you should retreat to a safe place and wait for the opportunity;

once you have the opportunity, try to change it.The situation in front of.

the road taken cannot be avoided, and the road of growth cannot be refused.

through introspection, we can sum up experience and point out the direction of growth through introspection.

the road of introspection is the way of self-crossing. If people can't examine themselves, how can they cross people by themselves?

share three methods of introspection for friends' reference.

1. Introspection mechanism

the Analects of Confucius says: "the villain has no fault, the gentleman often passes."

people who have no faults are deliberately hidden, and those who have done so are open in their hearts.

A friend unit has a "shame once a month" activity, which is very popular with employees.

at the end of each month, the boss takes the lead to share the mistakes made at work, focusing on how he made a fool of himself and how he changed it.

when friends blend in, they find it easy to open their hearts and reflect on their mistakes. this is the time to improve their experience and ability most quickly.

A friend says that this is:\ "when a man takes a fall, everyone gains wisdom.

people who reflect on themselves, such as the grass in the spring garden, do not see their growth, but improve with each passing day.

the establishment of introspection mechanism is the basis of effective introspection.

2. Visual Enhancement

during the Spring and Autumn period, Gou Jian, the king of Yue, ignored the dissuasion of his subordinates and launched a war against Wu, which was defeated by Wu and became a servant.

it was only after three years of humiliation that he was released back to his country.

after returning to China, Gou Jian hung a bitter gall in his bedroom.

he licks it every day, reminding himself to constantly reflect on his mistakes and concentrate on turning over a new leaf.

finally, he gradually corrected his mistakes and became strong. Later, he wiped out the State of Wu and washed away the shame.

writer Xiao Yu said: "without penance, it is not enough to talk about progress; without self-reflection, how can great things be achieved?"

maybe you and I also need to find the "gall bladder" that can remind us of self-reflection all the time.

whenever we see it, it warns us of our behavior.

finding a visually enhanced totem is a good way to reflect.

3. Review before going to bed

in the morning, the leader praised Huang Juan for her efficient and rhythmic work.

colleagues gathered around and asked her to share her experience.

it turns out that Huang Juan has a habit of reviewing her work five minutes before going to bed.

before going to bed, she found her diary, took a minute to think about what she had not done, another minute to think about the people and things around her that were worth learning, and then another minute to think about what to do tomorrow.

leave the last two minutes to reflect on the directions you can improve.

this little habit has brought her a lot of benefits.

the ancients said:

it doesn't matter how much truth is said by others. Only after self-examination, can you really belong to yourself.

Review and reflection before going to bed is a very practical technique for introspection.

4. Introspection is the shortcut to life

sentient beings are numerous, who is not the first time to be a human being?

Life is a practice of fighting monsters and upgrading, a process of groping forward in constant trial and error.

Lord Lu Ai once asked Confucius, "which of your students can really inherit your knowledge?"

Confucius replied that only Yan Hui was the only reason: "No anger, no mistakes."

only through the cognitive ability after introspection can we do this: do not pass the buck to others and do not make the same mistake for the second time.

introspection is the shortcut to life.

knowing self-examination, we can learn a lesson from the past, become a teacher behind, and become a beacon to guide us forward.

migratory birds flying far away need the guidance of the wind so as not to lose their way;

ships on long voyages need the guidance of a compass so as not to deviate from the target.

if you work in the wrong direction, the more you try, the greater the loss.

only those who take care of themselves can ensure that there is no deviation in the coordinates of life.

the process of introspection is the way to save yourself.

May you and I both live a different life in introspection.