This sentence is suitable for any relationship

/June 2022

it is said that human troubles come from your interpersonal relationships.

when the interpersonal relationship is good, life will naturally get better.

so, what exactly are we going to do with relationships? It's just a sentence:

Don't overestimate relationships, don't underestimate yourself, and don't waste time.


Don't overestimate the relationship

No one likes you, who is always negative.

you are in a bad mood during the day, and you can't help complaining to your friends. As a result, you are silent while chatting about your girlfriends.

after waiting for a long time, I didn't respond, and I felt more and more upset and depressed.

when I was reading before going to bed at night, I flipped over to a plot from "the first half of my Life".

when Luo Zijun first got divorced, she was full of complaints. Her best friend Tang Jing was like her lifesaver. Every time she caught Tang Jing, she could not help complaining.

but instead of listening to her as patiently as most girlfriends, Tang Jing interrupted her mercilessly.

she warned Luo Zijun that your friend's ear strength is limited and you can only complain for five minutes.

think about it, it is true.

No matter how good the relationship is, don't overestimate the other person's ability to tolerate you, let alone give all your bad emotions to each other. No one likes to be with people who are always negative.

Why don't you like being with people with negative energy?

Zhihu netizens @ eat a pig's foot to the point:

in this world, no one is not hard. So don't overestimate the relationship, be a burden to the people around you, and resentment will arise over time.

between people, there is no empathy, no absolute intimacy. So keep a proper distance and don't always let others see the bad side of you.

Don't live as a consumptive person for the rest of your life, but show up in other people's lives like a gift.

in this way, in the four seasons of life, even in the cold winter, you can warm yourself and the people around you.


Don't underestimate yourself

instead of complaining, change

do you have the feeling that every time you send a complaint to Wechat, your message is either lost in the sea or has the function of "throwing a brick to attract jade". As soon as you complain, the other person will spit out more bitterness to you.

when I am upset, I want to talk to someone. I want to vent and ask for comfort, but I either seek sadness that no one cares about, or it turns out to be a trash can for other people's emotions, and I want to find ways to comfort others.

just as Lu Xiaoman wrote in moving forward with the Day:

people are fragile and strong.

you can choose to be the one who complains, or you can be the one who can heal and comfort others.

people who learn to heal themselves tend to grow rapidly.

when you fight against loneliness, when you are hurt, lost, and lost, you can still live well, life will not be difficult for you anyway.

Gao Xiaosong once shared an experience in his youth:

for a time he was so confused that after drinking wine into his bowels, he asked his eldest brother Li Zongsheng, "how on earth should I choose my life?"

Li Zongsheng gave a simple and incisive answer. He said:

A good life is all spelled out, and the splendor of life belongs to those who push themselves.

Don't underestimate yourself at any time. Instead of complaining, you might as well change.

if not, learn now, solve problems when they arise, and improve those with weak ability now.

as Cui Jian wrote in the lyrics:

Life is constantly breaking yourself from the inside in reality.

push yourself, one step, one more step, you will go a long way.

push yourself, a little better, a little better, you will meet a better self.


Don't waste time

when you are strong, you have your own arrangement

With options of a line tulle wedding dress for the reserved to options for the bold personality. Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

you often hear the saying:

Life is made up of innumerable details. Where you spend your time, that's where you grow.

not wasting time is the greatest respect for yourself.

when you waste your time on invalid relationships, you will be burdened by relationships.

when you spend your time growing up, you can meet different lives.

I have seen a short film "it only takes 2 years to change a person":

maybe, if you don't believe it, how can two years be possible?

but the truth is that two years can really change your life if you know how to use your time.

two years is nothing, but during this time, we can do a lot of things:

you can try to practice sports and become an athlete;

you can start managing emotions and build a normal soft heart;

you can learn a skill so that you can acquire a skill;

you can start a business and make it successful.

you can treat your family well and improve your intimate relationship.

living passively, two years pass in the twinkling of an eye.

but if you work hard enough, nothing can't be achieved in two years.

Don't underestimate the power of accumulation and the power of change.

from now on, give yourself two years to grow.

May you thank yourself for who you are two years later.

May one day two years later, when your name slips through other people's ears, warm and beautiful words will flash in their minds.