This is called education! The classic dialogue between son and mother deserves all parents to ponder!

/June 2022


son: mom, I can't sleep. Can you talk to me? Mom: yes, go ahead!

son: are you satisfied with my grades?

Mom: are you satisfied with your grades?

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son: it's all right. I feel confident.

Mom: sometimes self-confidence is more important than grades!

Mom: I don't care! Think about it. When did I care about your grades?

son: when I was in primary school, you tore up my homework as soon as I wasn't careful. There was no room for it.

Mom: I care about your learning attitude. Writing Chinese characters does not require you to write beautifully. First of all, we must be serious. It is a matter of correct attitude.

if there is something wrong with his attitude, there must be something wrong with his study, and this person will have a problem.

son: well, that makes sense! When I was in high school, you valued my grades and paid attention to my listening every day.

Mom: that's how I care about your study. A student does not respect the classroom is not respect the teacher, do not respect the teacher is not respect for knowledge, do not respect knowledge, his conduct is no better!

son: well, then I'm in high school. You must care about my grades, because it is related to the future college entrance examination.

Mom: to be honest, I really don't care! What I care about you is the quality of learning! Students with good learning quality can enjoy the learning process.

Don't think about what the result will be, and face all the processes happily.

son: mom, what do you care about me after I am admitted to college? It is said that going to college is fun and easy.

Mom: son, when you go to college, your mother will definitely care about your grades. When you think about it, when others are having fun and squandering their studies, you still insist that you must be the one who gets the benefit in the end.


son: I see, in primary school, you cared about my learning attitude, in middle school you cared about my learning character, in high school you cared about my learning quality, when you went to college, you cared about my academic performance, didn't you? Mother: my son has deep feelings. I care whether you can choose wisely when you set foot on the society in the future.

choose your career and choose your own love, which will affect most of your life.

son: these are very far away to me, and I haven't thought about it yet.

Mom: don't worry, but your mother gives you a piece of advice-quiet Zhiyuan! Look at these two words, Baogatou stands for home, and the following Ding shows that you must have responsibility and be responsible for your own future. Jing is a struggle for spring, which means hope, beauty and longing.

only by keeping your heart at peace all the time can you go further! Son: mom, you really know how to misinterpret Chinese characters, !

Mom: how do you call it misinterpretation? Come to think of it, ten years ago, you cried and wanted to play with the computer, but I resolutely refused. Up to now, you can compare with your peers, your heart is not impetuous, this has played a great role!

define the priorities and goals of each learning stage, and you will benefit more in ten years' time.

I appreciate your 'compare with yourself without comparing with others', which reflects your optimistic and positive attitude! With a sunny state of mind, no matter what you do in the future, you will live up to yourself and enjoy life itself. This is happiness!

son: when I talk to you, I feel more powerful.

Mom: son, it's almost 12:00, go to bed!

son: OK, good night, Mom!

Mom: good night!

the son soon went to sleep with satisfaction, but the mother had insomnia for the first time in her life, so let yourself enjoy the moment of insomnia.

Primary school attaches importance to attitude, middle school to moral conduct, senior high school to quality, college achievement to grades, and future choices. Can not be reversed, because there is no turning back in education.

the guidance of parents is very important, and the hand that pushes the cradle is the hand that pushes the earth.