These two kinds of people who appear in life are here to ferry you.

/October 2022

people who have read the novel Ferry Man usually have a question: if life is a lonely river, who is the ferry man?

what is a ferryman? They are boatmen who specialize in taking people to the other side of the river.

on the river of life, there are two kinds of people who come to "cross" us. If you encounter it, you should hold on to it.


the person who loves you is here to teach you

the writer Xue Xiao Zen wrote a sentence: "the more you go forward, the more you find it, to be with the warm person, who gives you energy and time." make you feel grand in this world. "

if there is no debt, how can we meet? To be able to walk with some warm people in life should be thanks to looking back 500 times in the previous life.

they are relatives who share joys and sorrows, like-minded friends, lovers who know and love each other, and wise men who meet by chance.

without their presence, life would inevitably be much more lonely. They bring us joy and emotion. They teach us to love and be loved.

the two most important people in Mr. Yang Jiang's life are undoubtedly her husband Qian Zhongshu and his daughter Qian Yuan.

both of them died before Mr. Yang Jiang. Mr. Yang Jiang compiled the details of the family of three into a volume and wrote the famous prose collection "the three of us". Between the lines, he expressed his gratitude to the two people who came to her life.

meet warm people, travel a journey, have stories to cherish, years to miss, and leave happy memories together.

Life is limited, intersection will have parting time, but you accompany me, I miss your life.

they have taught us to grow, to cherish, to always be grateful, to be grateful for every relationship, and to meet at the right time.


those who hurt you will give you experience

Sakyamuni has a motto: "No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life, and he will teach you something."

Don't blame anyone in your life. They exist to make you grow and be brave.

at the inauguration of President Mandela, he not only invited the three jailers at that time, but also thanked them.

Thank them for honing their will and teaching themselves how to control their emotions and how to deal with pain.

this move made white South Africans feel ashamed, but it made people feel his magnanimity and style.

for all the people and things you meet, there is no need to refuse or complain, there is no absolute good or bad, it all depends on your state of mind.

stand in the higher dimension of life and look at anyone and everything you meet with relief and gratitude.

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never blame anyone in your life. There is nothing to vent your anger, good or bad experiences are all wealth.


if things go against one's wishes, please believe that there is another arrangement.

I like a fable very much:

A man lost his way in the mountains and strolled bitterly, and a mountain man came head-on. He came forward and asked the way.

the mountain people pointed to a snail walking slowly by the side of the road, saying that as long as you follow the snail for a walk until dark, you can go down the mountain.

along the way, the snail crawled slowly, making him bored and agitated, and he could not help swearing: "it has been bad luck for me to walk with you for a long time."

but as he walked with the snail, his heart slowly quieted down. He suddenly found the glow in the sky colorful, surrounded by a thousand songs of insects and birds, the fragrance of flowers, and he had forgotten his unhappiness and hardship.

after the sunset, he was pleasantly surprised to see the mark he had left, found the way to come, and briskly went down the hill to go home.

all experiences have reasons. Life is full of surprises.

those hurdles may pave the way for something in the future, which may be difficult to accept when you are in trouble, but at some point you will realize that everything is contrary to your wishes and that there are other arrangements.

M á rquez has a famous saying: "what really matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it."

Life will not always be stable, nor will it always be turbulent. Life is always muddy, with roses and thorns at the same time.

when you meet the one who loves you, be grateful for the happiness they bring; when you meet the one who hurts you, be glad to gain and grow from it.

when you practice your mind and accept the best or worst arrangement in life, you can move forward more calmly and not be afraid of wind and rain.