These three kinds of people are most worthy of deep acquaintance.

/October 2022


enterprising people

every time I go to a yoga studio, I like to be next to one of the eldest sisters.

in fact, she is not the one who practices best, nor is she the one who has practiced for the longest time, but she is not only very happy to practice with her, but also makes rapid progress.

when everyone is tired from practice, even if everyone around her is sighing, she just stands there and takes a deep breath.

when practicing a difficult pose, she will try her best to do it well, even if she can't do it well, she will quit quietly, but she will never say it in her mouth.

when people are always looking for reasons not to exercise, she will always be windy and rainy, even on holidays, and take every exercise seriously.

every time I stand next to her to practice and feel that I can't hold on, I just need to look at her, as if I have a great motivation and an inexplicable encouragement.

I don't know if you find that when you are with people who are motivated, you will also become progressive.

most people are lazy.

when we find that everyone around us is lazy, shouting difficulties, and backing down, we are also easily affected.

but when you are in a positive, hard-working and self-disciplined environment, you will also become better and better under invisible drive.


A person who is introspective

has an acquaintance who occasionally talks to me when she is having trouble at work or when she is unhappy in her life.

sometimes, she will vent her emotions.

but in less than two minutes, she will quickly change her attitude and say, actually, it's my fault, too.

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for example, mistakes at work are not only the fault of the other party, but also her own fault, which leads to poor cooperation and inefficiency.

for example, when she encounters difficulties from others in her life, she will also think about whether she has not done well enough, which has aroused the dissatisfaction of others.

in fact, bad things happen to everyone.

but really optimistic people, sometimes, not without emotion, not without temper, not every time, swallow all the grievances,

but even if they are occasionally unhappy, occasionally feel unhappy, but they can always do self-examination, reflect on their mistakes, and even constantly improve and improve themselves in places where they are not good enough.

when you are with someone who only complains, you will find that your mood will not only get worse and worse, but also feel like everyone is sorry to you.

when you are with a positive person, you will find that your mentality will get better and better, because you can always correct your mistakes and get better and better.


A magnanimous person

A reader said that she once had a good friend.

whenever there are any differences between two people on opinions and opinions, she always likes to win or lose best, and she is also the one who likes to be angry.

but whenever two people really get into trouble, no matter whose fault it is, the first person to come out to ease the relationship, or even admit his mistake, is a good friend.

even so, the reader knows very well that the biggest fault is herself, but she doesn't understand why her friend can put down face and tolerate her every time.

once, she asked this good friend.

A good friend told her that since we were all friends, there was no need to get red in the face, let alone win or lose.

if admitting mistakes can resolve contradictions, there is no need to be competitive. In the end, it is not cost-effective to win the truth and lose a friend.

the reader said that she was shocked when she heard what her friend said.

she said that she used to be a stingy person.

but after spending a long time with this friend, she found that her attitude towards others has gradually become softer, less serious, less strong, and of course more and more popular.

many times, when you are with magnanimous people, your own mind will become open and broad.


there is a saying: "what kind of person you are with, what kind of person you will become."

sometimes, you choose not only a partner or friend, but also a certain kind of life, a certain state of mind, or even a certain kind of life.

when you are with motivated people, you will become harder and tougher. When you encounter difficulties and difficulties, you know better to improve yourself than to give up.

when you are with introspective people, you know to find problems in yourself and correct yourself instead of blaming others when something happens.

when you are with magnanimous people, you will be more considerate and understanding of others, and you will have more people's appreciation and love.

in the days to come:

May you try to get close to the positive energy people, try to get close to the positive energy circle, so that your life will become more positive.

when you become good, beautiful, and positive, you will attract more people who share your frequency.

you are the kind of person you are with.