These eight words are the most rewarding way to live after the age of 50.

/August 2022

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "stand at thirty, don't be confused at forty, and know destiny at fifty."

the age is over fifty and the life is half a hundred.

has experienced ups and downs, but also experienced the ups and downs of the world, once confused has seen through, once entangled has been put down.

at this age, it's not the twilight years that are coming, but it's another way to start a whole new journey.

if you want to have a good life, you must remember the following eight words.


there is no doubt

before the age of 50, competing in the business field and entangling in the emotional field, it is inevitable to look at the people and things around them with suspicion.

but after the age of 50, the oddities have faded, and the nodding acquaintance has gone away. At this time, we should return to nature and not easily suspect.

during a lecture, Master Zongdao asked the sitting disciple, "what do you think is' doubt'?"

some people say they don't trust others, while others suspect what's going on around them.

when everyone had finished, Master Zongdao said:

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the word "doubt" in oracle inscriptions is an old man leaning on crutches and there are two roads ahead. He stands at the intersection and does not know where to go.

the so-called 'suspicion' is not a distrust of others, but a distrust of yourself. "

"Su Shu" says: "self-confidence does not doubt others, self-doubt does not trust others."

those who are always suspicious of others are always in inferiority complex. Suspicion because of inferiority, because suspicion makes the people around them farther and farther away from themselves.

but there is always an equal exchange between people, trust can be exchanged for trust, and sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

during World War II, an army fought a fierce battle with the enemy in the forest, and two soldiers lost contact with the main force in the battle.

the two of them supported each other and managed to get by for a few days with a wild deer they hit on the road.

but after this deer, they never hit any other prey, leaving only venison on the last day, and the older one had something else in mind.

on this day, they encountered another enemy raid in the forest, and the two men skillfully avoided the enemy, and when the young soldier was relieved, a gunshot was heard.

he looked back, and the older soldier hurried over and hugged him, nervous and incoherent.

even the young man was only injured in the shoulder and was found and rescued by the army the next day.

the two men were still comrades-in-arms after that, and the relationship was as usual as if nothing had happened.

until 30 years later, when the older soldier was dying, he confessed to the young soldier that he had actually fired the shot.

the young soldier actually knew that he had touched the hot barrel of his comrade-in-arms, but he said nothing.

the trust and sincerity he chose at that time gained the trust and sincerity of his comrades-in-arms for the next 30 years.

Wang Anshi once said:

people with high vision will never be innocent and suspicious, because it will disturb audio-visual and affect judgment.

when a man is fifty, he learns not to doubt, to be wise, and to accommodate the hearts of the people.


Don't be afraid

as the saying goes, nine times out of ten things go wrong in life.

after half a lifetime, many people may not have reached the ideal state of life, some are mediocre, some are at a low ebb.

but no matter what kind of environment you are in, you should not be afraid and renew yourself every day.

Mr. Liang Shuming is known as "the last great Confucian in China". Apart from the study of learning, his life can be described as ups and downs.

in the first half of his life, he devoted himself to the revolution, actively resisted Japan and put forward many propositions of resisting Japan and saving the nation.

when he was in his fifties, he was persecuted for some things. Mr. Liang, who was originally a professor at Peking University, was punished to sweep the road and the toilet.

some good people hide outside to see the jokes of this Sinology master, but what they did not expect to see surprised them.

Liang Shuming and his party magnanimously cleaned the road and toilets, went leisurely to the Huaqing Pool of the Huaguo Temple to take a bath, and then went to Beihai Park to practice Taijiquan.

after all this, he walked home leisurely. How could he look worried and frightened at all?

even though you live a dirty life, you still take your time. This is the power of not being afraid.

as Mr. Liang himself said:

some people have been worried all their lives, worried about losing their job when they have a job, breaking up when they have a partner, worrying about not getting it when they don't have it, and worrying about losing it when they get it.

then worry leads to anxiety, and anxiety only increases worry.

in fact, life is full of uncertainty, and it is this uncertainty that makes the future full of expectations.

after the age of 50, we can be in awe and be vigilant. But when the real difficulties and setbacks come, we should be calm and fearless in the face of danger.

instead of worrying about the future, it is better to grasp the present and see that the glass is clear and the oranges are brilliant.


Don't ask

two people fell into the water together, one with excellent eyesight and the other with myopia.

both men noticed that there seemed to be a small boat ahead and swam there.

swimming, the one with good eyesight found that it was just a piece of rotten wood, so he gave up saving himself and sank to the bottom of the lake.

those with poor eyesight don't know it's just wood and are still moving forward. By the time he swam to the wood, he was not far from the shore.

the one with good eyesight lost his life, but the nearsighted one was reborn.

YesAs the old saying goes, "it's hard to be confused."

after the age of fifty, there is no need to get to the bottom of everything. If you are a little confused, you will be twice as happy.

in Shuo Yuan, there is a story about the king of Chu Zhuang who died.

the king of Chuzhuang entertained the courtiers and drank until the evening when suddenly the candle went out.

in the dark, a beauty suddenly cried out and told the king of Chuzhuang:

"someone just flirted with me in the dark. I pulled his tassel off. Please order someone to light the lamp and see who it is."

after hearing this, the king of Chuzhuang did not immediately order someone to light the lamp, but ordered everyone to take off their hats and get drunk.

Beauty is puzzled. The King of Chu Zhuang said:

"I gave them wine, and it is only natural to get drunk. Why humiliate the officers and soldiers?"

three years later, there was a war between Jin and Chu, and a minister was not afraid of life and death and rushed to the front.

it was not until the end of the war that the king of Chuzhuang knew that this minister was the one who flirted with the beauty at the beginning.

knowing that not asking is self-cultivation, seeing through silence is wisdom.

sometimes, in the face of other people's inadvertent mistakes, there is no need to delve into the bottom. To leave room for others is to forge a good relationship for yourself.

as a favorite saying: "if you don't make up your mind when something happens, you can ask about the spring breeze." The spring breeze is silent, that is, follow the heart. "

pretend to be confused, not really confused, but do not care, do not cause trouble.

between the light clouds and the light wind, the trouble is solved and enough decency is left.


do not envy

Zhihu has a hot question: "who do you most want to swap your life with?"

the reason why this problem continues to flourish is very simple: dissatisfaction with one's own life and envy of others' lives.

but can you really be happy after exchanging your life? There is a classic joke on the Internet that answers this question sharply:

"you envy others for being thin, and others envy you for having a good stomach.

you envy others for having money, and they also envy that no one borrows money from you. "

all over the world, everyone has an unknown trajectory of life.

rather than envy others, take good care of yourself.

recently, a 96-year-old grandma who set up a stall maxed out her moments.

at 11:00 every night, she appears on the streets of Zhengzhou and opens her vegetable bun stall.

roll the crust, wrap the stuffing, and fry the steamed bun. One night, the granny worked hard and didn't finish work until 5 o'clock in the morning.

she has been holding this "career" for 30 years.

some people wonder: "Why don't you rest at home?" You still have to set up a stall at such an old age. "

the granny said, "it's better to find something valuable than to rest."

some people question: "you work so hard every night, and you can't earn much money."

Grandma said, "some people eat more and sell less. Isn't that what business is all about?"

many people praised the grandmother for living a full life, because she did not envy others or complain about herself, and walked briskly on the track of her own life.

cartoonist Jimmy once said:

"one always looks up and envies the happiness of others." When I look back, I find that I am being looked up and envied. "

No one's life will be plain sailing, and there is an unknown sadness behind every scene.

what we can do is not to envy and envy, but to keep sober and self-contained no matter what the situation is, to live with ordinary feelings and live with joy.

Mr. Feng Zikai said:

Life is like spiritual practice. In the end, you will find that there is no perfect life at all.

what suits you is true happiness.

Sikongtu once said: "falling flowers are speechless, people are as light as chrysanthemums."

over 50 years old, the prosperity has come to an end, and the plain taste is obvious.

Don't doubt your friends, give trust, and you will gain sincerity;

Don't be afraid of what you don't know, don't be frightened, and you'll open up a way;

Don't ask for small mistakes, be confused, you can keep your dignity;

you won't be jealous of others, cherish yourself, and you'll be happy.

50 years old, a new picture of life is unfolding.

I wish you from now on, no doubt, no fear, no questions, no jealousy, no questions, no envy, no questions, no envy, no questions, no jealousy, no questions, no jealousy, no questions, no questions, no jealousy.

encourage each other.