These 8 micro habits can make your life better.

/October 2022


put it back in place

many people have this experience.

before going out every day, I always spend a lot of time looking for keys, papers, or other bits and pieces that I must bring.

there was a statistic that in a person's life, the time spent "looking for something" is about three years, more than a thousand days.

if you can put the used things back in place every time. It can not only save time, but also reduce anxiety and panic before going out.


organize in time

nowadays, many people like to hoard things at home.

whether it is the cost of food and clothing or daily needs, it is almost full of the whole house.

many times, we just leave it there because we are lazy.

but when you really need it, it's very troublesome to find it.

food, try to put things in the refrigerator and kitchen, things for daily use, put in a fixed place, clothing, can also be sorted out according to the four seasons.

when you learn to sort things, the order of your life will be smooth.


bookkeeping of income and expenditure

many times, we will, unwittingly, cause a situation in which our income exceeds our expenditure.

this will not only increase your financial pressure, but also create tension and anxiety.

try to record your daily income and expenditure.

what you don't need to buy, you don't have to buy it. If you can save, you can save. Every penny you can save is a penny.

the habit of spending money lavishly will make you lose the rational use of your finances, expand your desire, and bring greater disaster to your life.


regular savings

many people always have a penny and spend a penny.

with the attitude of "getting drunk now", the money has been used up like running water.

in fact, no matter how much money you earn and how much you can save, you should have the habit of saving regularly.

the act of saving money is not only to have room for spending money in the future, but also to enhance your ability to take risks.

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sometimes, you save not only money, but also peace of mind for the future.


set reminder

nowadays, everyone's life has become busy.

sometimes, it's easy to forget a lot of things without paying attention.

at this time, whether with a pen or a mobile phone, it is best to write down the matters to be done and the reminder period.

you can order a reminder for the birthday of your loved ones. You can also order a reminder for an important meeting. To reply to other people's messages, you can also set a reminder.

every little thing seems trivial.

when you really take them to heart, you will avoid and reduce more unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.


keep a record

I don't know if you have this experience:

when you walk into the supermarket, you forget what you really want to buy.

when you answer an important phone call, you forget the important information mentioned by the other person.

when you have a good inspiration, you forget all about it afterwards.

everyone has moments of great forgetfulness.

cultivate the habit of recording in time.

what you think of, what you want to buy, and what you need to use,

you don't have to keep them all in your brain and share some of the stress of memory with pen and paper or handy tools.


prepare in advance

many people have a bad habit of putting things off until the last minute.

but when I am in a hurry, I feel flustered, anxious, and even have problems.

many little things can be prepared in advance.

you can find and iron the clothes you want to wear the next day before you go to bed.

you can also find, put away and pack up all the things you need to bring the next day in advance.

you can also contact the person you want to contact the next day and call the number you want to make the next day in advance.

when you are ready, everything is in order.


clean up regularly

many times, we like shopping, but we don't like cleaning up.

things that are not used take up space and space after the expiration of the period.

what you don't eat, put it in the refrigerator and don't throw it away in time, it will produce bacteria.

things that are not worn are piled up at home, which makes it more difficult to clean up when the season is changed.

be sure to learn to clean up the things you don't want at home in time.

sometimes you clean up not only the extra stuff, but also the environment and even the garbage inside.