There is such a big gap between children who like to dress up and those who don't like to dress up ten years later.

/August 2022

I chased a variety show "Oh, my God" a few days ago. "you are so tall." in one issue, guest Lin Yun prepared to take two children to cook together, but the two little girls were immersed in the world of makeup, completely blocking her words.

painting eye shadow, lipstick and facial mask, the two little girls asked, "do I look good?" .

although children's cosmetics are used, there are still many netizens who think that children care about what they wear, are too precocious, and are easy to form a competitive mentality, which is not conducive to healthy growth.

but in fact, every child will have a love of beauty. As they grow up, they will gradually become interested in their mother's cosmetics and will take the initiative to choose the clothes they like.

Uncle Fan believes that children also have the right to pursue beauty. as long as parents correctly guide and cultivate their children's correct aesthetics, they can make them more confident and optimistic by dressing up themselves and maintaining their uniqueness.


respect the choices and preferences of children

Huang Duoduo, the daughter of Huang Lei, has attracted netizens' attention for dyeing her hair and piercing her ears.

at the age of 13, she can dye her hair purple, wear her favorite earrings and go with her clothes for the event.

but in real life, many schools and parents have labeled these behaviors as "bad boys" early, and dressing up has become a reason to affect their learning.

host Dong Qing once mentioned her childhood in the program. Her parents were so strict with her that they did not allow her to dress up or even look in the mirror.

Dong Qing's father said:

it was this sentence that made Dong Qing have a very low self-esteem when she was a teenager. After a long period of psychological construction, she regained her self-confidence as an adult.

parents' attitude towards their children's dressing up can often affect their children's lives.

if you always control and deny your children's appearance, they will become unconfident, independent, and even self-abased and rebellious.

when you can't see it, they will try it secretly.

instead of letting children try secretly, let them choose generously. Only with a correct understanding of "beauty" will they not be biased by the pluralistic world.

No matter what age, they all have the right to choose beauty. As parents, they only need to guide their children to a healthy and positive direction.

learn to respect children's preferences and let them freely choose how to dress up from an early age, which not only enables them to find their own unique style, but also makes them optimistic and confident.


the best guide for children is the parents themselves

balls in the class, there is a very sloppy little classmate Luo Luo, every time I see him, his clothes are black.

the balls came home and said to me, "every time he eats, he wipes his clothes directly on his body, and the children in the class don't want to hold hands with him when they dance."

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until once, when I saw Lolo's father pick up Lolo from school naked and threw the paper that wiped his hands on the floor, I realized that it was the parents themselves who had the greatest impact on their children.

parents who go out in pajamas and slippers at will cannot raise noble and elegant children.

the image of parents is very important to the aesthetics of their children. When you go out, dress appropriately, dress neatly, do not wear heavy makeup, do not pursue luxury brands, are in fact a positive impact on children's aesthetics.

in the variety show Dad is back, Li Xiaopeng's daughter Ollie captured the hearts of many aunts with the image of a sweet little princess.

she will not only choose all kinds of beautiful dresses for herself, but also take the initiative to match the travel clothes for her parents.

whether it's her father's suit or her mother's skirt, Ollie can match it with simplicity and generosity, and her aesthetic attire is inseparable from the imperceptible influence of Li Xiaopeng and his wife Li Anqi.

parents are the best teachers for their children. instead of training their children, it is better to be themselves and improve their temperament and self-cultivation, so that they can become the best role models for their children and give them the most correct guidance.

live with your heart, occasionally give life a sense of ritual, pay attention to the details of life, these are the attitudes we should bring to our children.

May you and I both strive to be confident, generous, beautiful and excellent parents, accompany our children with their best side and bring them a correct aesthetic.


spiritual beauty is more important than external beauty

Russian writer Chekhov said in Uncle Vanya:

I think so deeply.

Children need to dress up not only their appearance, but also their hearts. Good temperament and rich knowledge are more important than external beauty.

A video of CCTV reporter Wang Bingbing wearing a white turtleneck sweater and a red coat went viral. The sweet smile and calm temperament made netizens call him "the most beautiful reporter on CCTV".

but the fledgling girl is not as beautiful as she is now. when she was a student, she had slightly dark skin, some baby fat on her face, and her appearance was not outstanding.

but years of training and persistence not only enrich her professional knowledge, but also make her external temperament more dignified and capable.

her resourceful adaptability and professional attitude are the more reasons for her popularity.

the beautiful appearance can only be praised for a while, but the beauty of the soul can be better remembered. As parents, while respecting their children's dressing up, we also need to guide our children to face up to the beauty of their hearts.

Let children have a clean appearance, at the same time enrich their own heart, internal and external training is the real beauty.


Sun Ruixue said in "catching the sensitive period of Children":

Children's WorldThe world is pure and natural, and parents don't have to interfere too much and restrain their nature.