There is still half a month left in 2021, a big summary (brilliant! )

/November 2022

I used to go, willow Yiyi.

Today I come to think, it is raining and snowing.

in the twinkling of an eye, there is only half a month left in 2021. It is in response to the old saying: "if there is a gap between heaven and earth, all of a sudden."

whether you are ready or not, the clock for the countdown to 2021 has struck. Please remember to thank yourself for the last half of the month!

pay tribute to yourself. Every effort you make without being seen will be compensated twice in the future!


about myself

this year, I understand: it is not easy to live when you are born.

people live once, don't always think about who to live for and who can live for you? Take good care of yourself, bid farewell to the old self, and live a steaming life.

this year, I learned that no matter how kind you are, you will be gossiped.

it is difficult for people to do, but it is even more difficult for people who are kind in other people's mouth to do. So live with what you want! If others want to calculate, it is up to him to rack his brains. Only when you ignore right and wrong can you be relaxed and happy, and you will feel at ease if you are not afraid to speak.

this year, I understand: life is boiled water, hot or cold, as long as there is a suitable temperature.

Life is a taste, no matter the ups and downs, as long as you have the right taste. Everyone lives their own life, has nothing to do with others, their own happiness is more important than anything else!

this year, I have learned that it may not be affectionate over a long period of time, but it must be able to see the hearts of the people.

whether people are close or not depends not only on blood, but also on heart-to-heart communication. If you treat your friends sincerely, you will reap precious friendship.

this year, I have learned that sometimes there must be something in life, and don't force it all the time!

you don't have to envy others. You often think about what you have, only to find that you are doing well.

this year, I understand: life is impermanent!

the older you get, the fewer days you spend. Watching some familiar people leave, let me know how to cherish the present and live every day with my heart.


about health

some people say, "if you have a serious illness, you will be alive."

that's true. To say a thousand times and take good care of your body is not as quick as having an illness to wake you up.

you can be strong like a giant, but your body is an honest and fragile child after all. Toothache, headache, spinal pain, which is not the result of your debt to it.

Life, without health, there is nothing!

We are constantly busy for money, from day to night, from youth to old age, from black hair to white hair. As long as you have a little strength, you will never stop. As a result, panda eyes, wrinkles, white hair, disease, will come to us early.

Life is originally bitter and short, and these will only aggravate our pain.

so don't give yourself any more blank checks! "be nice to yourself" and "health first" are not spoken out, but actually done.

money is valuable only when it is spent, and saving is a number;

Life with heart is life, without heart is life;

time cherished is gold, wasted is running water;

body care is happiness, not care is pain.

earning clean money, living a stable day, sleeping, and enjoying leisure are the greatest blessings in one's life!

the last half of 2021, please take action!

eat three meals on time every day, go to bed early and get up early, drink more cups of hot water, keep exercising.

the bright future is not how much money you have, but whether you can stay healthy. Good health is good luck!


about family

what is husband and wife?

"build the same boat in a hundred years and share a pillow in a thousand years." Husband and wife are like two legs, to stand firm, to walk, no one can do without each other. Love for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, endure for a lifetime, this is husband and wife.

what is home?

the family is jointly run by husband and wife, weaving dreams and sweet and bitter nests. Home is a heavy burden, home is a responsibility; home is to treat each other sincerely, home is a slow journey to grow old together.

Home is all about emotion when you are with your family. When you have it, it is as ordinary as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea; when you lose it, you can't get it back.

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what is marriage?

Marriage is like a banquet, love is the staple food, tolerance, understanding, trust and respect are dishes, and appreciation, humor and fun are wine and drinks. Only the banquet with the above varieties at the same time can be regarded as a perfect banquet.

what is happiness?

having a family is happiness.

Home is a place to relax and make people feel at ease and at ease. Tired, bored, hurt, hurt. There's still a home to go home. At home, you can open your heart completely, you can have full trust, you can be fully understood.

having a partner is happiness.

how troubling the road of life is, there is a person who can accompany him through ups and downs, support each other, prop up a warm home together, and still stay by his side when he is old. This is "holding hands and growing old together".

having children is happiness.

Children are the continuation of their own life. When you watch your children grow up and pass on from generation to generation, can you say that this is not a kind of happiness?