There is a kind of love that can love each other for a lifetime without being husband and wife.

/August 2022

"if you love me or not, love is there, neither increasing nor decreasing;

if you see me or do not see me, I am there, neither sad nor happy!"

this is originally a sentence written by Zaxi Ramdodo in the Silence of Banzagurubaima.

every time I read it, I can't help but sigh:

originally, there is a kind of love in the world, which is far away and full of expectation.

once I get into my heart, I can't bear to pull away from this beautiful feeling.

it's just that if you don't give, you get something, and you don't like it, you have it.

how many people miss each other but can't keep each other, love each other but are well with each other.

then, we can only hide the heaviest thoughts of each other in the heart that seems to be free of waves, so as to fulfill our love.


there is a kind of love that comes only to protect

A song "the Love of Hiroshima" has moistened the eyes of many people.

but I don't know that this song is actually the story of singer Zhang Hongliang.

when he was studying in Canada that year, he fell in love with a local girl, but the girl was already engaged, so the relationship had to be given up.

in the world, there is much love that is predestined but not shared.

otherwise, there would be no feeling that "I am born before I am born, but I am old; I hate that I am born late, and I hate that I am born early".

it's just that such love is not a gift of fate after all.

rather than clinging to it, it is better to guard and achieve.

guard the beauty of the past, replace love with silent blessings and prayers;

realize each other's happiness, not to disturb is the last tenderness for you.

as said in the Road few take:

A true love should be selfless, as long as the other person can be happy, love will become calm!

even though the journey of love is long, as long as you understand, I understand, it is the most expensive beauty in life.

there is an old saying:

read you thousands of times in the name of love.

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so, year after year, forever!


there is a feeling that it is born just to watch.

someone asks

"who is more sorry that I can't be with a loved one and that I have never met a person who is obsessed with me in my life?"

someone recommended "Roman Holiday" and said:

"those two people who love each other but cannot keep each other live with a smile, although the result seems not sweet, in fact, the two hearts are no longer desolate."

Yes, the most beautiful thing in the world is not that you like me and I like you, but that I have seen beauty in you, and I have seen it from then on, without fear of desolation.

Givenchy has made numerous achievements in his life, but he has never been married. In his heart, he only wants to protect one person, that is, Princess Anne Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

for decades, he stayed by her side silently as an old friend, giving everything he had, but pretending that nothing had happened.

watched her holding other people's hands into the hall of marriage. One set after another designed "wedding clothes" for her;

entering their twilight years, the two best friends often walked side by side on the banks of the Seine River, like a couple who had experienced the changes of the world but were as warm as before.

this "relationship" becomes more and more charming because of their respective abandonment and accomplishment.

like a glass of old wine aged over the years, it ferments into eternal affection in the time and space of love.

"We have a longer love than marriage." Givenchy himself said so.

his love has nothing to do with Fengyue, but with sincerity.

such feelings are sweet in the heart, even if they can't be together.

because the shadow of the other party is always the distant light in his own heart, it makes people watch affectionately more than once.


sometimes you choose to keep your distance from someone, not because you don't care, but because you know clearly that he doesn't belong to you.

or maybe some love can only stop on the lips, hide in the years, and keep it in the heart.

like the rose in your hand, if you don't pick it, it is so gorgeous every day.

but you take it off and put it in your own vase, and it approaches to wither bit by bit.

you don't have to have love.

in the movie "the Grandmaster", Miss Gong er confessed to Mr. Ye:

the deepest love, in the end, is the most leisurely way to leave.

although we have not been together day and night, this love will always be around.

if two hearts know each other, they are warm without words.

as Faye Wong sings in the song: "sometimes, sometimes, I'd rather believe that everything has an end, get together and leave, it's all time, nothing will last forever."

in this life, to love someone is to have no regrets. Although it ends in the years, it warms the rest of your life.

if you have such a person in your heart, you might as well light up [watching]. May you have a couple in your next life and be happy for the rest of your life.