There is a kind of cleverness called cold treatment.

/July 2022

it is inevitable to be misunderstood and criticized in life.

some people can't figure it out, so they choose to sulk;

some people will argue and choose right or wrong;

some people will be angry and choose to fight to the end.

do not know that losing your temper is instinctive, but choosing not to lose your temper is the skill.

Abai Kunanbaev said:

A person's greatest skill is to be able to control his emotions.

when you are angry, it is wisest to calm down and deal with it.


anger is a kind of negative energy

when people are angry, they often can't control their emotions.

allow feelings of anger, entanglement and despair to spread.

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but this not only does not solve any problems, but also often destroys your own happy life.

every time I get angry, I get hurt the most.

Jinwu Shu was finally angry and died after being ridden by Niu Gao;

Zhou Yu was embarrassed by Zhuge Liang and died out of breath after lamenting "both Sheng Yu and he Shengliang".

qu Yuan was framed by a small number of people, depressed, and finally threw himself into the river to commit suicide.


all these examples tell us that anger is the stupidest and most useless thing in the world.

it is like a kind of negative energy, which will only drag us into the abyss of despair and never see the light again.

Schopenhauer once said:

A person lives a lifetime, and if he can look down on everything and others can take it lightly, he will naturally have less trouble.

there is really no need to punish yourself for other people's mistakes, nor to hurt yourself on the spur of the moment.

take a step back and put up with calm for a while.

having a good mindset is the real winner in life.


emotion is a double-edged sword

in this world, emotion is like a double-edged sword.

properly controlled, it can not only enrich people's energy and physical strength, but also improve the efficiency of people's activities;

if it is not well controlled, it will make people uncomfortable, make us irritable and impulsive, and eventually hurt others and ourselves.

just like Fan Jin in previous textbooks, it was a happy event, but failed to control his excitement, resulting in phlegm and fainting.

in fact, there is no difference between good and bad emotions, what hurts us is just inappropriate management.

only when you learn to control your emotions can you control your life.

when you encounter happiness, there is no need to suppress it, sharing can spread everywhere; anger can be controlled decisively, otherwise it will only spread everywhere.

A person can only win the situation in life if he can control his emotions and settle down.

I remember reading such a sentence:

I think so.

those who can't control their emotions will be burdened by emotions one day.

conversely, the more emotionally stable people are, the more they bring happiness to themselves and those around them.

as the saying goes, life is made by oneself, the phase is born by the heart, the environment changes with the heart, and tolerance is great.

so don't let the double-edged sword of emotion hurt yourself, learn to ease and accept, and be an emotionally stable person.


there is a kind of cleverness called cold treatment

Zweig wrote this passage in the Queen of decapitation:

"silence is a very powerful atmosphere. Like a bottle full of liquid, once shaken, sediment will appear once it is placed on the table.

the same is true of people. After thinking calmly after the turmoil, they can highlight the hidden part of human nature. "

calmness is the most elegant posture in one's life.

when a person is angry, he can still think rationally and give himself room for manoeuvre, which is a kind of mature wisdom and ability.

especially can not be impulsive, do not let the contradiction escalate again, is a kind of strong self-confidence performance, a kind of self-cultivation.

as the saying goes, things are urgent and slow, and things are round when things are slow.

if you act on impulse, you will probably only regret your rashness and be ashamed of your impulse at that time.

therefore, when we can't change others, we might as well try to change ourselves, learn to put aside our contradictions, put away our anger, and learn to deal with it coldly.

although everyone has three thousand troubles in life, as long as he is quiet, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.

I believe that the haze will eventually dissipate and the light is right in front of us.