There is a kind of backbone called: rely on yourself! (that's right.)

/July 2022

Life is long, and the road is long.

No matter how hard life is, stick to it;

No matter how deep the pain is, repair it by yourself;

No matter how heavy the wind and rain, hold your own umbrella;

No matter how bumpy it is, walk by yourself.

rely on yourself all the way, have no fear,

rely on yourself all your life, have confidence. When I was a child, I had the support of my parents.

I have to be strong when I grow up.

No one can be your permanent support.

rely on your parents, parents will grow old,

rely on friends, friends will break up,

rely on lovers, lovers will change.

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only by yourself can you have sense of security.

Don't say you're vulnerable.

when there's no one to help you, you learn to be independent.

when there is no one to coax you when you are sad, you learn to pretend.

when no one hurts when you are aggrieved, you learn to be strong.

when you get through the most difficult time alone,

you will find that there is nothing you can't do.

living in this world,

who has not been hurt, has carried difficulties,

who has not suffered losses, has been deceived.

through the trough, can climb the peak,

stumble, can experience mature.


Don't worry about how difficult the road ahead is.

Don't be afraid of how complicated the people around you are.

Don't complain about the bitterness of life.

encourage yourself: go on,

tell yourself: you can!

in life,

some people are magnificent, while others are successful and rich.

Don't envy other people's income. You don't understand the hardship behind it.

Don't be jealous of other people's wealth, you don't know what they are trying to do.

Don't be jealous of the success of others, the price paid is too high.

what's more, don't envy others that they can sit back and enjoy their success.

Don't worry about money,

because you can't see the look on their faces when they rely on others.

in this world,

has no readily available wealth,

has no success without hard work,

there is no pie in the sky, there are all traps on earth, and

everything comes at a price.

only through self-struggle can we get out of the predicament, and

only by working hard can we live a good life.

otherwise, if you don't work hard now, you will be angry in the future.

you will not bear hardships when you are young, but you will endure hardships when you grow old.

on the way of life,

there is a kind of backbone called relying on yourself, and

there is a kind of success called relying on yourself.

if you have no money, you earn on your own. When you fail, you stand on your own.

never forget:

No one belongs to anyone forever.

rely on mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run,

always rely on their own is the real skill,

only rely on their own is the hard truth!