There is a good husband before a good wife!

/June 2022

as the saying goes, a family has a good wife and three happy generations.

with the care of his wife, the husband can work hard outside with peace of mind; with the support of his mother, the child can grow up healthily and smoothly.

every man wants to have a good wife, but many people ignore the hidden rule behind marriage:

"there is a good husband before a good wife!"


being kind to his wife is the most important thing a husband should do in his life.

if it is lucky for a man to meet a wife who can stay with him all his life, then being good to his wife is the most worthwhile investment in his life.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize this simple truth.

once watched the Battle of Love, in which a wife accused her husband on stage:

what is even more infuriating is that before marriage, the husband was obedient to his wife, but after marriage, he often said bad words to each other, and even touched several times.

the husband stumbled for a long time and finally gave an explanation:

the husband's words angered almost everyone present.

even tutor Tu Lei couldn't help it and reprimanded her husband:

"isn't it because of this family that she is old?

if you do all this work, you cook at home, you take care of the children, and you wake up in the middle of the night to put them to bed and make milk powder.

at that time, she was young and you were old.

when people say your wife is old and ugly, you have nothing but anger and guilt.

it was she who did all this, and it was your failure to do your duty as a husband and father that led to her aging. "

the conversation ended and the husband bowed his head in shame.

before, I saw netizens on Zhihu ask such a question: "Why should you be nice to your wife?" The high praise answer to the question

moved countless people:

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"she married into our family thousands of miles away from home and entrusted her life to me;

she risked getting out of shape, conceived in October, and gave birth to a child for me;

she accompanied me through the happiest times and through the troughs of my life, and my happiness for the rest of my life depended on her.

you tell me why I should be nice to her, which is what I should and must do. "

in the TV series Pi, Lin Dawei, played by Zhang Jiayi, is the best example of a man who spoils his wife.

he tolerated his wife's small temper with the greatest patience, and retorted when others ridiculed him for being "henpecked":

"wife is a man's fixed cost, take care of your food, drink, Lhasa, warm your bed and sleep, and help you have children, honor the elderly, and go out to work to earn money.

all good things have a temper, there is no change for this investment, and the wife maintains value, or even appreciates. "

as Lin Dawei said, being good to his wife is a "break-even investment". It is also accumulating good fortune and good luck for himself, and it is the most important thing for every husband to do in his life!


with a good wife, the family is harmonious

some people say:

"when you spoil your wife as a princess, the family will be mostly happy and full of warm atmosphere.

but when you use your wife as a babysitter, the family will be more resentful, the atmosphere will become more and more depressed, and there will be no happiness to speak of. "

indeed, the happiness of a family is closely related to the happiness of the wife.

the misfortune of a family mostly begins with the wife's bad mood, and the wife's mood often depends on her husband's attitude towards her.

I have seen such a piece of news on the Internet.

A novice mother carelessly let her 5-month-old baby fall out of bed.

the child didn't get hurt, but got a little scared and began to cry.

the father, who has been ignoring his children, suddenly "cheated the corpse" and reprimanded his mother loudly:

hearing this, the wife completely collapsed and threw the child out of the window in anger. Then, he also climbed onto the windowsill and jumped.

fortunately, both mother and son landed on the lawn downstairs and saved their lives.

but if there is no lawn downstairs, it will be an irreparable tragedy.

Venus once said when hosting the program:

A sweet marriage and a thoughtful husband can make a good wife.

but with a good wife, you can have a warm and happy home.

this is also well illustrated by the story of Jiang Defu and Anjie in the popular TV series "parents' Love."

although they have great differences in background and education, they still support each other and make their stumbling lives interesting.

Jiang Defu knows how to tolerate his wife Anjie's small temper, change tricks to make her happy, and protect her from the wind and rain when Anjie is in trouble.

and the husband's affectionate and righteous behavior also moved Anjie. In the following days, Anjie took good care of the children and carefully managed their marriage to make the family happy and happy.

as the famous British writer William golding said:

"whatever you give to a woman, you will get more in return."

if you give her a house, she will give you a home.

if you give her a bunch of ingredients, she will give you a good meal.

if you give her a smile, she will give you the whole heart. "


Father loves mother, which is the best education for children

psychologist Wu Zhihong once said:

"Father, mother and child are emotional triangles.

parents love each other and the family is harmonious, so the child will inherit a very healthy love pattern, and when he grows up, he will project this love pattern into his own love and family. "

many parents will be child-centered and are used to putting their children first, but do not realize that in a family, fathers love their mothers, which is the best love education for their children.

speaking of loving couples in the entertainment industry, many people will think of du Jiang and Huo Siyan, and their child "ahem" has grown into a sensible little warm man in the loving atmosphere of his parents.

A small detail in the variety show "Mom is Superman" left a deep impression on everyone.

once, Huo Siyan needed to take care of other children at home, ignored her son's ahem, got angry with her unnoticed ahem and began to lose her temper at her mother.

Huo Siyan immediately called her husband du Jiang to "complain": "my son threatened me with all kinds of threats." It broke my heart. "

du Jiang was so worried that he went home immediately.

when he got home, instead of blaming his wife for ignoring his son, he stood by his wife and taught him a lesson. He asked seriously, "do you know who is the boss in our family?"

mm-hmm pointed to du Jiang. Du Jiang said:

"No, it's mom, mom is the boss.

I'm telling you, mom is angry, which is worse than mine. As long as my mother talks, I'll be home in half an hour, you know? "

mm-hmm nodded and apologized to my mother.

in their home, the mother is not the babysitter who is called around, but the beautiful and exquisite little princess. The father and the child are not the emperors and little emperors of the family, but the knights who protect their mothers.

Mom is spoiled by the whole family, and she will become more and more beautiful and sunny. Finally, this warmth will hang over the whole family.

A husband dotes on his wife, which is the most precious temperament of a family. This love can not only make the marriage sweeter and sweeter, but also let the children learn love and respect through osmosis.

Tolstoy wrote at the beginning of Anna Karenina:

what are the similarities between happy families?

I think there must be a good wife in such a family. At the same time, she is also a gentle and kind mother.

in such a family, there must be a good husband who dotes on his wife and protects the whole family from the wind and rain.

finally, I hope everyone can understand:

"there is a good husband before there is a good wife; with a good wife, the family is harmonious; when the family is harmonious, life can be prosperous!"