There are three mistakes in life, one step, one step

/July 2022

Life is like chess, with no regrets.

one mistake, one mistake, one careless move, you will lose the whole game.

therefore, the road of life must be cautious, and these three mistakes must not be made.


mistook a bad friend for a bosom friend

the greatest luck in life is to have a good friend, and the greatest misfortune in life is to have a bad friend.

A good friend takes you up, a bad friend pulls you down.

Zeng Guofan said:

A friend decides his destiny, and the greatest misfortune in life is to mistake a bad friend as a best friend. Han Xin trusted Xiao he unconditionally, but finally he was deceived into the palace, his head was different, and he became the victim of Xiao he's stable position.

Sun Bin trusted Pang Juan unconditionally, but he was framed by Pang Juan and removed his kneecap. Although he finally got revenge, he ended up with a permanent disability.

he who knows people is wise. When making friends, one must keep his eyes open. Confucius said:

Integrity, honesty and erudition are useful friends, flattery and flattery are bad friends.

No matter how knowledgeable and good they are to you, you should stay away as long as there is something wrong with your character.

mistaking a bad friend for a best friend will pay the price sooner or later.


mistook the platform for skill

the world has no prior experience, and people are self-aware.

learn to know others as well as yourself in life.

have a clear position and understanding of yourself, and don't mistake the platform for your skills. Sun Maocai in Qiao's Courtyard was originally a down-and-out scholar.

after joining the Qiao family, with the increasing business of the Qiao family, he became the shopkeeper of the Qiao family.

because he felt that he had worked hard and wanted to seize the property of the Qiao family, after being discovered by the Qiao family, he was thrown out of the house.

Sun Maocai, unconvinced and wanting to make a comeback, went to his rival Qian's family and said, "I can help the Qiao family achieve great things, and I can also help you make a lot of money."

as a result, the money family said to him, "it's not you who made the Qiao family business, but the Qiao family business that made you!" A person must not take the platform as a skill.

A dog can become a famous dog if he is on CCTV every day. But if he loses CCTV, he will become the dog again.

Don't pretend to be a tiger, but become a tiger yourself.

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when the wind is going well, restrain your vanity and pride and settle down to learn something honestly.

in this way, no matter whether the platform is good or bad, you have your own foundation.

only in this way can we better gain a foothold in society and stabilize our own life.


mistook temper for character

it is instinct to lose temper, and to control temper is self-cultivation.

many people can't control their emotions and always lose their temper, which is called true temperament.

this is actually low EQ.

Don't care about other people's feelings, over time, no one wants to make friends with you.

A person is gradually isolated. After Zeng Guofan became a scholar in high school, he claimed to be the son of Heaven and paid no attention to others.

boast in front of fellow countryman Zheng Xiaoshan, infuriated Zheng Xiaoshan, the two scolded each other, and even rose to the level of their families.

this time Zeng Guofan was humiliated and humiliated.

since then, Zeng Guofan has tried his best to restrain his emotions. He said: only when you are inflated can you become an instrument.

digest the inner emotions little by little, so as not to get angry, not to be angry, so that one can really achieve something. At the thought of anger, the door of a million barriers opens.

the happiness of a person's life lies in his temper. The worse the temper, the less the happiness.

losing your temper is not a true temperament. It's just that you can't practice at home.

controlling your temper and controlling your emotions is a person's best self-cultivation.