There are three degrees in life: temperature, demeanor and demeanor.

/August 2022

There is a saying: "ability is not equal to temperature, shrewdness is not equal to demeanor, appearance is not equal to demeanor." He behaves in a moderate manner and laughs a lot. "

dealing with people and doing things, in the final analysis, is a word-degree, which represents the attitude of doing things and the pattern of being a man.

it takes three degrees to be a man: temperature, demeanor and demeanor.

the heart is warm, optimistic and pure, and the heart is soft;

the chest is magnanimous, tolerant and magnanimous;

behaves with grace, courtesy and restraint, and calmly.


my heart is warm, and I will be treated gently by others

in the movie "Super Grandma of Saga", Zhao Guang's father dies young. He is far away from his mother and brother and lives with his grandmother.

Grandma's optimism and the kindness of others make the days of suffering rich and interesting.

Zhaoguang's eyes were hurt. The doctor not only confiscated the medical expenses, but also gave him the money to take the bus, while his grandmother insisted on paying back the money.

the teachers pretended to have an upset stomach and exchanged lunch with him in order to make Zhaoguang eat better.

the uncle who sells tofu deliberately crushed the tofu in order not to disappoint him.

as Grandma said, "True thoughtfulness is not embarrassing."

in a warm atmosphere, Zhaoguang has gradually become a perceptive person.

have read such a sentence:

A smile is free, but it is more precious than anything else.

A person's heart is hot, so he has the ability to perceive and manage happiness, to understand the difficulty of life, to still love life with a smile, and to pass the temperature around.

think of the story of American homeless Billy, who is homeless and sleeps under an ice-cold overpass.

as Sarah passed by, she took some change and dropped it in his small paper cup, but the valuable engagement ring accidentally slipped in.

however, when Sarah passed again a few days later, Billy recognized her at a glance and returned the diamond ring.

Sarah was overjoyed to share the story online and started a foundation with her husband. In just three months, she received more than $190000 in donations from all over the world.

from then on, Billy had a place to live, found a suitable job, and lived a normal life.

Mencius said, 'those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them. "

Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile at you.

those who have a warm heart will also be treated gently by others; if they have good intentions, there will be angels on the way.


the bliss will be as deep as the bliss

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

people with magnanimity do not care about the gains and losses of one city and one pool, and they will not affect the overall situation because of temporary emotions.

there is a well-known allusion-"the words of the tasteless".

one night, King Zhuang of Chu hosted a banquet to reward the generals and courtiers. In order to cheer up, he gave a toast to Xu Ji, his favorite beauty.

suddenly, a gust of wind blew out all the candles, and someone pulled Xu Ji's clothes in the dark. In a panic, Xu Ji pulled off his tassel and told the king of Chuzhuang.

who knows, the king of Chuzhuang ordered not to light the candle, but let everyone take off the tassel and drink as much as they could, avoiding a tense punishment.

later, when the State of Wu attacked the State of Chu, a general charged and repelled the enemy five times in the battle, which turned the Chu army into victory.

the King of Chuzhuang was surprised that he was not usually very kind to this man.

the general knelt down and said: at the banquet, he accidentally pulled Xu Ji's clothes, and the king must reciprocate with death if he did not kill him.

it can be seen that a person's demeanor is always better than height, and it is the bearing of King Chu Zhuang that condenses the hearts of the people.

magnanimity determines the pattern, and the pattern determines the end. As much as one's bearing is, the bliss is as deep as it is.

like President Lincoln, he is tolerant of others, as well as his competitors, which has aroused strong dissatisfaction among lawmakers.

Lincoln smiled and said, "if they become my friends, aren't they destroying my enemies?"

maybe the opponent is a potential friend, with a bottom line, a bottom card, a narrow road, a step with others, a way with others, and a retreat from oneself.

Wang Guozhen said:

in fact, the grace of being lenient to others is in everyone's heart. If you take a long-term view, you will not be trapped in anything.

less blame, more understanding, hills in your heart, mountains and rivers between your eyebrows, magnanimity in your chest, and success in your life.


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behaves gracefully

is the most elegant posture

the train enters the station, and a fat lady walks at the back of the crowd with great difficulty carrying a large box.

she shouted to the old man next to her, "Hello!" Old man, you carry my suitcase and I'll tip you. "

the old man picked up the box without saying a word.

No sooner had I stepped on the train than the train started.

the fat wife took out a dollar tip and handed it to the old man, who smiled and took it.

then the conductor came up to the old man and said, "what can I do for you, Mr. Rockefeller?"

the fat wife exclaimed that she asked the famous oil magnate to carry her suitcase! I can't believe he gave him a dollar tip!

she quickly apologized.

Rockefeller smiled and said, "you didn't do anything wrong. I earned this dollar. I took it."

that kind of modest and calm attitude makes people feel like a spring breeze.

Master Nebula said: "if one wants to be respected by others, apart from moral knowledgeDemeanor is the most important thing. "

demeanor is a deep-seated upbringing, a sense of external size and internal restraint.

A person with good manners is magnanimous and generous, behaves in a courteous and courteous manner, and is neither humble nor arrogant in dealing with others.

even if it is simple and unadorned, it cannot conceal the comfortable nobility of life.

I once saw a question on Zhihu: "what best reflects a person's charm?"

there is an answer that goes deep into my heart: "look at one's demeanor when something happens."

on one occasion, Baidu Chairman Robin Li gave a speech at a developer conference when a strange man poured a bottle of water on his head.

the atmosphere of the meeting room solidified instantly.

however, the accident did not make Li Yanhong angry. He quickly stroked his hair, calmly continued, and received numerous praise.

A man of good manners is always elegant and decent in the face of danger, as outstanding and extraordinary as a winner.

there is a good saying:

Beauty is a bright flower, demeanor is an evergreen tree;

time is the enemy of beauty, but the friend of demeanor.

demeanor is a kind of adherence to character, a kind of positive energy, can withstand the consideration of time, and is worthy of trust and trust.


to be a man, you must read such a sentence: "if you are warm, flowers are in full bloom; if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come."

there is temperature in my heart, which virtually elevates the height of the soul, is kind to others and convenient to myself, and makes life full of warmth and meaning.

have magnanimity in the chest, know how to be patient and tolerant, broaden your horizons, and take retreat as progress, which is the reason and generosity of interacting with others.

do things with grace, be determined to be free and easy, show the elegant posture of life, and make life full of tenacity and charm.

May you and I all become people with temperature, grace and grace to live a wonderful life.