There are four kinds of home, and the days are booming.

/June 2022

the world always wants to find a place of fengshui in order to prosper.

in fact, the best feng shui for a family is not luxury houses and famous cars, but the family's peace and happiness.

if a family is to prosper, it needs to do these four things.


Social psychologist Aronson once said:

husband and wife always stare at each other's mistakes and defend their strengths, attitudes and behaviors. Doing so will precisely lead to stubbornness or even intransigence on the other side. "

blaming each other is the biggest killer in a relationship.

recently I saw such a piece of news, which made people feel sad.

11:07 on May 10, on the endless Hangzhou-Rui Expressway, a white car was parked on the shoulder of the hard road, and there were no triangular plates behind it.

when the patrolling police found something abnormal, they came forward to find out the situation.

at this time, a woman of about 30 years old came out of the car. When she saw the police, she burst into tears and said:

it turns out that this woman went back to her hometown with her husband, because it was the first time she got on the highway. Her driving skills are not very good.

the husband in the car, instead of encouraging his wife, blamed her many times, and then simply asked her to stop and drive instead.

the wife also felt aggrieved and insisted on driving on her own, resulting in a quarrel between the two.

after the bus stopped, the man was so angry that he put down the car and left.

the wife became more and more annoyed, but she dared not drive forward, so she sat in the car and cried alone.

originally it was only a trivial matter, but when the husband blamed it, it aroused the conflict between husband and wife.

in many cases, it is not the problem itself that makes the problem worse, but the attitude towards it.

what's done is done. Blaming not only won't help, but will cool the hearts of the people and push the other half farther and farther away.

it is hard to avoid stumbling in life. The so-called Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) is just not blaming when something happens and vanishing hatred with a smile.

for the rest of your life, may you be less dissatisfied, more tolerant, share the ups and downs of life with your loved ones, and wait for the weather to clear up after the rain.


keep a pleasant face to your parents

Zhou Guoping once said:

indeed, it is a rare accomplishment to be kind to parents.

writer Shi Tiesheng has become irritable and capricious since he was paralyzed in both legs and often lost his temper with his mother.

his mother wanted to push him out for a walk, but he beat his hateful leg hard and shouted, "No, I'm not going!" I can't live like this! "

at that time, his mother, who was in the advanced stage of liver cancer, could only hold back the cry to comfort him.

sometimes, Shi Tiesheng suddenly smashed the glass in front of him and slammed what was at hand against the surrounding walls.

at this time, my mother hid out quietly. When he calms down, he will come in and clean up the mess.

at that time, the hospital made it clear that Shi Tiesheng's illness could not be cured.

but my mother went to the doctor everywhere, asked about folk prescriptions, and found some strange medicine for him to take, or wash, apply, smoke, and moxibustion.

Shi Tiesheng said to his mother, "Don't waste your time!" It's no use at all! "

Mother still insists on doing so with a glimmer of hope.

after his mother passed away, Shi Tiesheng woke up and felt guilty about his mother.

he wrote in me and The Temple of Earth:

many people are gentle to outsiders, but harshly complain to their parents that they are not good enough until they lose them.

the most painful thing in the world is that a child wants to support but does not wait.

Bi Shumin once said:

Children are like birds, parents are like nests. When the nest is broken, the bird returns late.

when we are successful, we always expect to return home and be filial to our parents, but forget the cruelty of time. If we don't do many things now, we may never have a chance to do them in the future.

while your parents are alive, you might as well leave them the best temper and grow old with them.


for children, the prince asks the fox, "what is the ceremony?"

the fox replied:

ritual feeling doesn't have to cost money, but it must take thought.

those children who are lit up by "rituals" tend to be happier.

in the American TV series "our Day," audiences are affected by the joy of the Pearsons, which stems from Jack and Rebecca's emphasis on ritual.

they never miss a holiday, nor do they ignore the feelings of anyone in the family.

every child's birthday, the whole family will decorate the room together, hang up banners and play donkey tail games.

on Thanksgiving Day, the whole family hikes, watches movies, and performs in lucky hats, interacting, interesting and loving.

Don’t you think that it is time to add some super trendy sweetheart neckline lace wedding dress to your wardrobe? We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

there are rituals not only on birthdays and festivals, but also in daily life.

after getting up every morning, the father will take the children to shout the exclusive slogan "big three" for triplets, a simple slogan that brings together three children with very different personalities.

later, even if the father dies and the children live in different cities, they will continue these traditions as long as they come to Thanksgiving. This process allows children to revisit the love of their families and get closer to each other.

these trivial rituals imperceptibly nourish children's spiritual world and make them feelTo feel loved is the best way to enrich your children.

writer Wang Xiaobo once said:

Life is mundane and trivial, and the sense of ritual is like a piece of candy, which makes life like plain boiled water sweet and gives life more joy and poetry.

every family needs a sense of ritual, which is not hypocrisy or trouble, but attention to the family.

I hope we can all create unique and meaningful family rituals and spend every moment of our lives with enthusiasm.


to myself, the writer Zweig once said:

, the writer Zweig once said:

the arrival of accidents always caught people off guard.

A few days ago, my colleague Xiaoxiao suddenly called in sick.

born in 1996, he was only 24 years old, but he was diagnosed with gastric cancer.

it was a bolt from the blue for her new job, but everything seemed to follow.

as a newcomer to the workplace, Xiaoxiao is simply the "desperate San Niang" in the department. She is used to staying up late and working overtime and her spirit has been in a state of tension for a long time.

from Monday to Friday, she sits next to her computer almost all day, ordering takeout when she is hungry, wolfing down her food at work and eating irregularly.

the upside-down work day and night, long-term high-pressure work, coupled with irregular diet, overwhelmed her body.

thought the young man was in good health, but fate played a big joke on her.

Xiaoxiao's experience makes my colleagues feel distressed.

Health is like air. People always ignore it when they have it, and regret it when they lose it.

know that every night you get through and every mouthful of junk food you eat will get back at you in another way.

at the end of life, it is about health. Once you lose your health, even if you have a lot of money, it won't help.

as Schopenhauer said:

if you don't have a good career, you can make a comeback; if you lose your money, you can earn it again; but when your health collapses, everything becomes a mirage.

Life is impermanent, and the days to come may not be long. We may only be one step away from death.

A person's life is trivial except for life and death.


Man is a drifting ship, home is a warm shore.

May you not blame your lover for things that happen to you for the rest of your life;

be kind to your parents;

give your children a sense of etiquette;

yourself, do not overdraw and be healthy.

if you have these four, you can laugh and laugh in the world of mortals, the lights are amiable, and your life will be better and better.