There are causes and consequences for good or bad luck.

/July 2022

there is no way for misfortune and misfortune, but people call themselves.

many people think that luck depends on God and fengshui, but in fact this is not the case.

youdao is: "Happy people live in blessed land, blessed people live in blessed places."

good or bad luck in life is not God's decision, but one's own creation.


good luck comes because of a good heart

as the old saying goes, "those who are good are also good."

A penny of kindness, a penny of luck, a penny of luck.

all luck in the world is the fruit of goodness.

there is such a news:

two friends agreed to climb the snow-capped mountain. The weather was suddenly bad when they reached the top of the mountain, so they hurried down the mountain. I came across a passer-by who fainted on the way.

A man said, "Let's go!" In case of an avalanche, none of us will survive! "

the other said, "We have to save him."

so the two parted ways.

the rescuer picked up the passers-by and went down the mountain cautiously. Although the temperature was getting lower and lower, it was much warmer because he was carrying people behind his back.

when he came halfway up the mountain, he suddenly found that his friend who had come down early had been frozen to death.

only then did he realize that an act of kindness not only saved others, but also saved his own life.

Master Yin Guang once said:

the fate of life is not separated from the heart. What you think of others, what they will do to you.

all the splendor and wealth of life is not won by struggle, but by virtue.

if a man loses virtue, his wealth will be lost; if his heart is not good, he will not be able to go well for the rest of his life.

as the saying goes, "Dharma is not fixed, life is impermanent".

the world is changeable, and behind the so-called coincidences is cause and effect. The kindness you have accumulated will certainly bring you surprise and good luck.


good luck becomes bad because morality does not match

as the saying goes, "if you commit many acts of injustice, you will kill yourself."

A person, even if he is rich and rich, as long as he has evil in his heart, he will receive evil karma sooner or later.

Cai Jing, a calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty, was an official prime minister with a wealth of wealth.

everyone thinks that Cai Jing, who is highly skilled in calligraphy and has a bright future, will have great scenery. Unexpectedly, in his old age, he was spurned by everyone and ended up starving to death on the street. The reason for this is that Cai Jing lost all his luck.

Cai Jing was insidious, framed Zhongliang, made the people miserable for his own greed, and became an eternal sinner in the Northern Song Dynasty. His character was so despicable that he was shameless even though he had high calligraphy attainments, so he was removed from his name by later generations.

Buddha said, "Heaven is clear, but retribution is not pleasant."

the cycle of cause and effect never treats everyone badly. It is the way of heaven that accumulates good for good and evil for evil.

if there is evil in the heart, the fate is bitter. Regardless of talent and status, as long as one has a bad heart, no matter how hard he tries, it will be in vain.

after all, the lack of ability can be remedied, but the defect of virtue can never be remedied.

youdao is: "if virtue does not match, there will be disaster."

disaster comes when one's virtue does not match the good fortune one has.

Heaven and hell, only in one thought. If there are many evils, there will only be misfortune; if you give others and evil, you will get retribution again and again.


there are causes and consequences for good or bad luck

A Han Jing mentions: "this is why there is another, and this life leads to another."

all dharma have karma. Planting good results from good results, and bad results from planting evil.

good or bad luck depends on cause and effect.

during the Qing Dynasty, a young man made a lot of money by filling a weight with lead. While cooperating with others, he was obsessed with money, which killed two businessmen.

later, the young man made a fortune and became a rich member with three sons, all of whom were happy.

this employee is getting older, and he is on pins and needles when he thinks of the past, so he decides to do more good deeds, hoping to wash away the sins he has made.

who knows, one day, the eldest son outside the old man died suddenly, and the second and third sons also died of serious illness one after another. The daughters-in-law also remarried, but the third daughter-in-law stayed because of pregnancy.

the third daughter-in-law had a difficult birth on the same day. An old man passed by and sent a magic pill, and the baby was born smoothly.

the old man complained to the old man: "when I was young, I did so many bad things, but I was still lucky. Why do I start to do good now, but I always suffer retribution?"

the old man explained with a smile, "you once killed two businessmen, and now you are reincarnated as your two sons, one for collecting money and the other for losing the family.

and the black-hearted money you once earned, the evil debt you have attracted is your third son. I came here to cause a terrible disaster.

but because of the merit accumulated by your good deeds, God took away these three sons and gave you this grandson. He will have a bright future. "

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it is only then that the veteran believes that karma in the world is indeed true.

all sentient beings cannot escape the cycle of cause and effect.

as the saying goes, "the reward of good and evil goes with you like a shadow."

the blessings and misfortunes of life are all good and evil. Once bad thoughts are planted, in previous lives and afterlife, one day, evil thoughts will become evil retribution. This is not an accident, it is inevitable!

in the Karma Karma Sutra, it is said: "the spirit of seven stars often becomes one star, on the human head, go to the top three inches."

Buddhists believe that everyone has light on top of his head. When people practice good and do evil in their whole life, the size and color of the light will be different.

so good or bad luck is not done by the gods.Lord, but make your own decisions. The sense of good and evil is exactly the same.

the good and bad things you have suffered now are the karma of good and evil in the past. It's not that we don't report, it's not the time yet!


in "observing the Sutra with the mind", it is said: "among the three realms, the mind is the main one."

being motivated is the premise of luck. If you want to change your fate, you must change your mind.

at the thought of evil, many evils come one after another; a thought of good is better than a thousand prayers.

the blessings in the world are not separated from the heart. The kinder the heart is, the more blessed it is!