There are as many troubles as there are concerns in life.

/August 2022

as the saying goes: a prince can walk a horse in his belly, but he can take a boat in his belly. From ancient times to the present, a person who can achieve great things has a tolerant and open mind. Because an open mind can achieve their own charm and personality, can win the hearts of the people, but also get everyone's respect and recognition.

to be a man, you should first respect me, I respect you, and put yourself in other people's shoes to think of others. Even if others are not very friendly to you, you have to forgive others, don't worry about trifles, don't haggle over trifles, and let yourself be calm, generous and not too much for yourself in the midst of trifles.

in many cases, when we are faced with some things and people, we need to understand and tolerate, and we need to be courteous. Because the world, fish eyes mixed, what kind of people we can meet, if things always like to argue, then sooner or later you will drill into an irrational dead end and pay a high price for this matter. If everything can be done without worrying about it, then put up with it for a while, it will be calm, take a step back, and there will be a broad sky. Patience is not that we are weak and incompetent, but that we are proving our character with facts.

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it can be said that those who are clear are self-clearing, and those who are turbid are self-turbid. Only when we are lenient and lenient to others, then the road ahead of us will be wider and wider.

you know, the greatest charm of life is to have a tolerant and sunny state of mind, not to worry about gains and losses, not to worry about the sky, to be able to understand from the standpoint of others and to be kind to others. Because tolerance can dispel grievances, understanding can dispel suspicion and avoid causing unnecessary trouble to yourself.

in real life, we will inevitably encounter some unreasonable people, for those many trifles, there is no need to entangle, it is best to follow the fate, instead of haggling over it, it is better to be open and far away, and try to achieve more understanding and harmony and less self-trouble. in this way, our life will be less unexpected anxiety.

as someone said: a forgiving person makes others happy and he himself is happy. Mean people make others suffer, so do they themselves. Indeed, to be tolerant of others is to tolerate ourselves. With a little more understanding of others, we will have more space in our lives and more warmth in our lives. To be a man, you have to be lenient. no matter you work for the common people or senior officials, you should leave yourself some leeway, and don't block the way back.

if you are serious everywhere and do not know how to be lenient to others, then you must be the one who will suffer in the end. Because really smart people, will not always haggle over small things, they value the future development.

when people come into the world, each has his own destiny and his own choice. Instead of haggling over many things, it is better to laugh at them. Because you don't care too much about everything, your troubles will naturally be reduced, and then you will have more beauty. Therefore, if you give others a way out, you will make them more grateful to you from now on, and only in this way can you be happy and comfortable.

as the saying goes: there are as many troubles as there are concerns in life. If you want to be broad-minded, you must constantly practice yourself, keep calm, do not escape, not conceited, not extreme, so that your life will be more meaningful!