"the young people of this class are no longer married."

/July 2022

recently, a group of survey data on Weibo shows that the number of single adults in China is as high as 240 million.

people can't help but ask: do young people choose not to get married because they are so Buddhist nowadays?

in my opinion, maybe many people don't want to get married, but they don't want to make do with it.


low-quality marriages

are not as good as high-quality singles

Why do many people prefer to be single rather than get married?

one of the important reasons is that society has changed, the concept of love and marriage has changed, and independent thinking has become more common. Many young people's requirements for marriage are no longer the kind of partnership life they used to be, but more about the pursuit of happiness.

as there is a saying:

recently, in the variety show "the Love of daughters," Jinsha talked about her criteria for choosing a mate:

be a little higher, that is, more than 1.8 meters, a little bigger eyes, a higher nose, that is, a little more stereoscopic, and then smile is good-looking. Be fond of sports. To outsiders, the industry is different from me, because I am also interested in other things.

the program group said: there is no such person in the matching database.

the director asked her: "A lot of people say that girls should be pragmatic and not so demanding when they are old. What do you think?"

she said: "be pragmatic, that is, give up everything you like and some preferences for men to make a practical choice. Maybe it's not that I don't want to overthrow it, but I can't do it." Because reduced, it is tantamount to denying everything I used to be attached to love, and overthrew myself. "

netizens also talked one after another, feeling that she was so demanding that such a person could not be found at all.

but it also shows that she is not comfortable with love and marriage.

should we compromise when we are old?

but uncle feels that if he can't find the right person, he might as well live by himself.

after all, marriage is not the purpose of life, happiness is.

40-year-old Chen Qiaoen once said she hadn't been in love for five years, but she thought:

"I don't mind one person, and I don't mind having one more person."

"there is nothing wrong with my own age, but I am not a person who hates marriage."

it was precisely because of her unyielding attitude that she met the person she really loved.

Allen, who formed cp with her on the program, announced quickly that they really like each other after the program was over. Chen Qiao-en also said on Weibo:

so, wait before you meet the right person.

as Yishu said, I have only one life, and I can't give generously to people I don't love.


A bad marriage,

can make people crazy.

there is a saying in the Psychology of Marriage:

I have seen many women who go crazy in marriage, so I have a better understanding of why so many people reject low-quality marriages and choose high-quality singles.

some people have summed up the four major tragedies of Chinese women:

choosing a spouse, babysitting wife, widowed child-rearing and widowed marriage.

data show that in China, there are 20.3% of families, women do all the housework, and 41.7% of the families, women do most of the housework.

nowadays, many women, like men, need to work, so why only require women to do all the housework after work?

someone joked: "only people will ask women: how do you balance your career and family?" But no one asked the man this question. "

the subconscious is that many people take it for granted that women do housework and take care of their children.

it is understandable that husband and wife pay together to run a small family.

but in many cases, what women are afraid of is not physical tiredness, but mental tiredness of fighting alone.

as long as a man is willing to care more about his wife's hard work, instead of ignoring his wife's efforts. With a little more help on weekdays, it will not make so many women resist marriage.

in the variety show "Men who do housework" not long ago, there was a couple named Yin Wen and Yin Le.

in the program, you can see his wife busy, like a wind-up top.

while the husband sits leisurely next to him to play games, the cat poop asks his wife to shovel, he wants to eat and asks his wife to cook, expressing dissatisfaction with his wife's cooking skills and asking her to wash the dishes after dinner.

his wife expressed her dissatisfaction with him for not doing housework at the dinner table. at first, he defended himself, and then admitted his mistake, but the reason was that he was henpecked and stopped washing dishes later!

after reading it, I was so angry that I couldn't speak.

who wants to be such a "perfect wife"? Is it true that women are married to serve you?

the family belongs to two people, the children belong to two people, and a husband who throws his hand in the palm cabinet will only chill a woman's heart.

in fact, there are many similar events in reality:

husband and wife both come home from work, and the man lies on the sofa to play games, beckons his wife to do housework, and points to her.

when women get up in the middle of the night to feed their babies, the men dislike that the baby is crying too noisily, so they run next door to sleep.

when women suffer from postpartum milk gain and urine leakage, men dislike their wives' out-of-shape figure and even cheat outside.

Women speak a little louder when they help their children with their homework. Men have to blame you for scaring your children.

behind every grumpy wife, there is an inactive husband.

Marriage should be for two people.The form is better than the addition of a "pig teammate".

and this kind of low-quality marriage is far less beautiful than being alone.


A good life,

is worthy of this life.

follow your heart, firm your choice, and make efforts at the same time, it is worth this life.

Yan Ning, known as the "goddess of Tsinghua", became the youngest doctoral supervisor at Tsinghua University at the age of 30 and a professor at Tsinghua University at the age of 31. At the age of 37, he led a team with an average age of less than 30 to overcome the problems that plagued structural biology for half a century.

she is elegant and dignified, and her speech is humorous and approachable. She keeps abreast of the trend, has her own love beans, will send his emojis on Weibo, and often sends Weibo herself.

the 43-year-old, unmarried and childless, responded to netizens' comments: "I don't get married, I don't owe anyone an explanation."

indeed, many people feel as if girls should get married and have children before the age of 30.

in the face of the torture of seven aunts and eight aunts, as well as the torture of others, we often get lost in the suggestions and ideas of others.

but I remember there is a saying:

A good marriage is just the icing on the cake. The most important thing that women should pay attention to is always the realization of self-worth.

but Uncle is not encouraging people not to marry, but to strengthen their choices.

A good life is not bad for this life.

you can choose to pursue your dream and be a domineering queen;

but if you meet the right person, you can also choose to be a gentle little girl.

Last year, there was a popular documentary "four Springs", which moved countless people.

this documentary tells the daily story of a golden couple who are still sweet in their old age. This kind of long-running love is really yearning.

Grandpa has high blood pressure, so grandma tries to coax him to take medicine.

the two were busy washing medicine in the yard until noon. Grandpa was hungry, so he went to the kitchen to cook porridge. After the porridge was cooked, it was first fed to Grandma one mouthful at a time.

on weekdays, they walk and trim flowers together, sometimes playing musical instruments and singing and dancing.

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Grandma always bows his head to coax her when she is angry.

it is such little things that outline their dull but happy marriage life.

A good life, there is no fixed equation.

Marriage is just a multiple choice question in your life, not a must-answer.