The weak complain, the strong do not speak, and the wise change.

/September 2022

General Patton said: "the measure of a person's success is not the height of standing at the top, but the resilience of falling to the bottom."

suffering is the best touchstone in life.

the weak keep complaining and sinking;

the strong are silent and go up against the current;

the wise change their thinking and find another way.

the sea flows across the sea to show the true character of a hero.

A person's ability to face difficulties is a person's level and height.


the weak complain

Zeng Guofan once said, "if you are too slutty, you will always hold back later."

if a person often complains and complains, then the road of life must be very difficult.

complaining about God, God does not answer; complaining about others, others are not convinced.

those who complain but never reflect on themselves will fail sooner or later.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Zheng has a side room called Aunt Zhao.

Aunt Zhao was born as a servant girl in her early years. She was taken a fancy to by Jia Zheng and became a half-grandmother from a servant.

but she is mean and often presses people with the posture of her grandmother, picking three and four in case of trouble, making the house restless.

for a long time, people around her don't like her.

instead of reflecting on herself, she always complains about others.

complains that his son does not give him a long face, complains that his daughter does not support her, and complains that Sister Feng is making trouble for herself.

it not only stiffens the relationship between mother and daughter, but also destroys the son's mentality.

A good hand is played sparsely.

Luo Zhenyu said: "Don't complain easily, because once you complain, you are labeling yourself as incompetent."

only an incompetent sailor will blame the sea breeze, and only an incompetent tailor will complain about the client's figure.

once a person gets used to complaining, it means that he will never have the opportunity to correct himself.

if it goes on like this, we can only break the jar and sink a little.

after Wang Yangming founded Xin Xue, he was stigmatized as heresy by many people.

his disciples complained, "they don't understand the teacher's knowledge at all, so they make random comments."

Wang Yangming said, "We preach too little."

after arriving in the capital, Wang Yangming began to organize lectures and promote psychological views.

slowly, more and more scholars followed the study of the mind, and gradually formed a situation of competing with Neo-Confucianism.

the writer Liuliu said: "spending time on progress instead of complaining is the secret of success."

all living beings, no one lives easily, everyone is carrying a heavy load.

complaining is a dose of poison, which can not only drag you down, but also infect others.

once complaining becomes a habit, there is no chance of a turnaround.

instead of complaining about others, it is better to examine yourself.

instead of complaining about the darkness, it is better to carry the lamp forward.

find a reason for everything from yourself, so that you can iron out the wrinkles of life and live every day as you wish.


the strong don't say

writer Li Xiaolai has a friend named Jinguang.

Jinguang went to the bank to make a loan as a contractor in the 1990s.

because of the lack of social experience, the borrowed money was soon cheated out.

owes so much money that Jinguang runs around every day, busy paying it back.

Li Xiaolai heard what had happened to him from his friends and knew that his life was very difficult.

once by chance, the two met in the street and found a place to sit down and talk for a long time.

strangely, Jinguang didn't say a word about himself, just talking about recent interesting things.

Li Xiaolai was puzzled at first, but later understood.

what does he say? what's the use of complaining to everyone? There's nothing anyone else can do to help.

Wearing our semi formal dresses for juniors will allow you to achieve just the look you wanted. Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.

instead of increasing the conversation of others, it is better to put it in your heart, digest it, and bear it on your own.

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in life, but they have nothing to do with others.

you can only taste your own suffering; you have to overcome your own difficulties after all.

Tai Zaizhi said in his book disqualification:

"I still think it is futile to complain to others. Instead of doing so, it is better to bear it in silence."

only the weak will tell everywhere, and the strong will know how to carry it.

Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty lost his father at the age of one, and his mother was forced to remarry.

his stepfather treated him badly, and the other children in the family bullied him all day.

when I grow up, I will study away from home.

he immerses himself in his homework every day, never slack off, or even hasn't taken off his clothes and slept for five years.

wash your face with cold water when you are sleepy, and eat some cold porridge when you are hungry.

because I am poor, I only eat two meals a day.

facing such a life, he has never complained of suffering.

instead, I use my own efforts to change my life little by little.

from a boy of poor origin, he grew into a famous prime minister of the Song Dynasty.

Nietzsche once said, "whoever makes a sound sound in the world will be silent."

those who leave their names and do something in history have experienced a dark time.

they don't complain, they don't complain, they hold their breath and try to grow.

like a cicada dormant in the ground for three years, like a bird written by Zhuangzi that has not flown for three years.

cicadas lose their shell and eventually make a sound shock.

when the bird is ready, it will soar into the sky.

bitterness is life, and all kinds of suffering is growth.

all the darkest moments of life are advancedA prelude to.

as long as you get through it, you can break the cocoon into a butterfly.

A wise man changes

has heard such a story.

there is a Zen master who plays a game of winning or losing by drawing lots with the children. Whoever loses will buy fruit for each other.

the lot drawn by the Zen master says rooster, and the child's sign says worms.

the Zen master stretched out his hand and said, "the rooster wants to eat worms. Haha, I win."

the child said, "hee hee, I turned into a butterfly and flew away."

the Zen master froze. After a while, he laughed and said, "you win. Go. I'll buy you some fruit."

when he can't get rid of the rooster, the child chooses to let the bug turn into a butterfly and fly away.

it is true that children's words are not bogey, but they have mishandled and got rid of the predicament.

the road changes with the heart, and the state is created by the heart.

in the face of those impassable roads in life, do not "do not hit the south wall and do not look back".

Water is square with shape, and people are flexible with potential.

dare to change, be good at change, life can gain a different scenery.

Shen Wansan, the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River in the Ming Dynasty, once followed the caravan to buy tea.

because there are not enough funds, Shen Wansan's supply is always intercepted.

seeing that others have made a lot of money, but they have achieved nothing, Shen Wansan has made up his mind.

he gave up tea and bought all the bamboo baskets in nearby towns.