The true face of Huawei's "genius boy" with an annual salary of 2.01 million was exposed, and we were all deceived: wake up, what genius!

/June 2022

some time ago, a new list of "talented teenagers" recruited by Huawei was released, with an annual salary of 2.01 million.

Yes, other people's annual salary may be an amount that we can't earn in a lifetime. If anyone listens to it, it will not be envious.

while "sour", Uncle Fan also saw a reader's contribution backstage, which was very touched.

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this letter from my mother is worth reading by every parent.


Dear child, see the words like face to face.

A few days ago, I saw the list of Huawei's "Young Genius" program and the news that "I got a high salary right after graduation", which made my mother, an outsider, happy to see it.

originally intended to use it to encourage you who are reading, but your attitude is full of disdain.

I froze in place.

I always think that you are still young and don't have to think about anything other than study. Now I realize that there are some things that need to be explained clearly with you.


son, do you know what 2 million means?

about this question, you don't have to rush to answer it. Listen to your mother tell you slowly.

the selection of Huawei's "young genius" is not what you think is an honor that falls from the sky.

it's more difficult than you think.

first of all, they have to go through rigorous resume screening.

if you do not graduate from a prestigious university, do not have a master's degree, and have not published a paper in a very professional journal, you are not qualified to move on to the next step.

in other words, if you don't study hard, 2 million of what you don't like, don't like you either.

it does not represent superficial luxury, but non-stop efforts day after day while studying hard in the cold window of more than ten years.

this is the first point.

after crossing this threshold, "young geniuses" need to go through six rounds of strict screening, namely:

written test, first interview, supervisor interview, several minister interview, president interview, HR interview.

in every link, there are unexpected challenges and obstacles, and the answer to every question is a contest between IQ and EQ.

just like you are asked to answer a question by the teacher in class, the difference is that you only answer a common question with the correct answer, but the questions they face are very tricky.

if the performance is not particularly perfect, it will be competed.

this is the second point Mom is going to tell you.

Children, everyone's salary is fair.

behind the annual salary of 200000, there is the ability worth 200000, and behind the annual salary of 2 million, there is also the insight and strength that can match 2 million.

as the economist Professor Xue Zhaofeng said on the program:

you know, talent is always the most valuable thing in the world.

in 2018, Huawei officially released a set of data that show that they have more than 80,000 R & D personnel, accounting for 45% of the total.

in fact, not only Huawei, but every powerful enterprise has such a "talent recruitment" plan.

if you don't have excellent skills, you will only miss out on them.

maybe you will retort:

son, do you think that the security in your eyes is not the freedom that others seek all their lives?

but you still don't understand how extravagant it is to live a poem and a life far away.

there is no quiet time in the world. If you want to see the beauty of life, you must first cross the mountain of life.

knowledge is the easiest way to help you climb that mountain.

otherwise, you are faced with the scene described by Cai Kangyong:

when you were 15 years old, you found it difficult to learn to swim and gave up swimming. When you met someone you liked when you were 18, you had to say, "I can't."

when I was 18 years old, I found it difficult to learn English and gave up learning English. At the age of 28, there is a great job, but for a job with good English, you have to say, "I can't."

Children, there is no love that you don't need to learn.

there are many interesting people and interesting things in the world. If you want to see for yourself, you must have that capital.

and what can bring you this capital is reading.


remember that every time I try to encourage you with other people's deeds, you always tell me: there is no way, other people are born smart, I can not compare.

son, the word "genius" is the most bluffing.

you only see 1% of your intelligence. Do you see 99% of the sweat behind them?

the child who earns an annual salary of 2.01 million this year is called Zhang Kui.

on his resume, there are four conspicuous words: doctorate graduation.

but you have no idea where the starting point for his rise to the doctorate is.

his undergraduate degree is in Wuchang Institute of Technology, which is a private university that even Wuhan people can hardly think of.

what is even more surprising is that it is such a humble college that he earned for himself by repeating it for the second time.

son, if you think that something like this happens, will you just get discouraged and give up progress?

Zhang, like everyone else, knew that his university was not good, and felt a little discouraged.

but he didn't give up.

he made a plan for himself from the moment he stepped into the school gate.

pass CET-6, take the postgraduate entrance examination and doctoral examination. In order to achieveGoal, other children go out to dinner and sing, he chooses to take books to the library, other children play with their mobile phones in class, he always sits in the front row and listens carefully to the teacher. This is how he worked hard day after day for four years before he was admitted to graduate school and became what he looks like today.

Zhang Kui's story is not an individual case in "Young Genius".

Beauty high achiever Yao Ting, who also graduated with a doctor's degree, is not talented and her grades in the high school entrance examination are not ideal.

Zuo Pengfei, who also has an annual salary of 2.01 million, is not the "chosen son" in everyone's eyes.

he said, "I just spend other people's time playing games in the lab."


Child, what kind of genius is there in the world? Just one by one clenched teeth of the soul, has been using their own efforts to pave the way for the future.

when I wrote this, my mother suddenly remembered a sentence in "knowledge":

Yes, those who have been running can finally choose to live the life they like and choose to continue the career they like. And what about those who stop running? When Zhang was studying, those children who went out to sing would never have such a bright future as him. Son, this is the gap between working hard and not working hard.

Don't be old enough to run, choose comfort.


son, you are in the habit of playing games.

Mom didn't stop you when she knew that you were under a lot of pressure to study and didn't take up too much time to play games.

but someone has done a survey of primary school students in a certain place, and found that nearly 1/3 of the students said that their future dream is to be a star and an Internet celebrity.

Mom panicked when she thought that you had inadvertently mentioned that some e-sports anchor was your idol.

Today, Mom also wants to talk to you about "idol" in this letter.

son, do you think these "gifted teenagers" are only appreciated by Huawei?

actually not.

it was these kids who took the initiative to choose Huawei.

some companies have offered to hire Zhang Kui with an annual salary of more than 3 million, but he refused, and Yao Ting and Zuo Pengfei mentioned just now are also for Huawei to politely reject the olive branches offered by other enterprises.

Why does Huawei have advantages that other enterprises do not have?

Zhang Yan said:

Huawei has recently been subjected to some so-called 'sanctions' abroad. I hope I can give full play to what I have learned in Huawei's most difficult times and try my best to do something meaningful.

if possible, I will try my best to help Huawei tide over some difficulties.

Ms Meng Wanzhou has not yet been released, US sanctions against Huawei are escalating, and Huawei's difficulties are all in their eyes.

Huawei is China's leading information and communications company, and the purpose of its crazy crackdown by the United States is clear at a glance.

aren't these teenagers supporting China when they decisively choose to support Huawei?

son, once you thought that "studying for the rise of China" was an illusory sentence, but now your mother is telling you how great it is to have such an ideal.

"if you lag behind, you will be beaten." at the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, China was faced with such a situation.

it was Qian Xuesen who rushed back at the risk of being shot by the United States.

in 1964, when China's first atomic bomb was successfully launched, we had the strength to harden ourselves to the world and the sense of security to live a stable life.

you may not imagine that there were times when we couldn't afford to eat. We were so hungry that we even felt fragrant when we ate the bark.

is Yuan Longping, who developed hybrid rice and fed us.

because of him, when the United Nations issued a warning of "food shortage", we were able to "arrogantly" say to the world: we are not afraid, there is plenty of food.

at present, the epidemic situation abroad is still raging, and some people are still living in dire straits.

but you can go out to play with a mask on long ago.

have you forgotten who turned the tide?

it was Don Zhong Nanshan who got on the retrograde car when he advised others not to go to Wuhan.


son, you might as well think about what your idol is doing when these unparalleled heroes are saving people from water and fire.

just like you, enjoying their shelter.

when a country is really in danger, those who can save themselves and all their citizens will always be those who turn knowledge into power.

I saw a piece of news two days ago, and I was filled with emotion.

the top female student in the college entrance examination in Henan Province, who scored 706 points, did not choose the so-called popular major, but chose the unpopular major of electronic engineering.

she said:

you see, some people used to read for the rise of China, and now some people read for the strength of China.

there are many meanings of reading, and this is the most advanced one.