The top pattern: relieved, indifferent, calm

/November 2022

writer Mo Yan said: "there are four things in life: to come is accidental, to go is inevitable, to take its course, to let nature take its course."

sad, don't worry about it. Don't worry about trifles.

the past is like smoke, indifferent with the wind.


the past, relieved

"memories of the past in the world of mortals are like smoke, and it is torture to recall the past."

sitting idle under the lamp, miscellaneous thoughts are reborn, and the past emerges one after another.

learn to let go, and talents are really mature.

Huang Tingjian was a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, who was called "Su Huang" with Su Shi.

he was born into a distinguished family and was able to write poems at the age of 7. He is called a young prodigy.

when he entered the court hall, Huang Tingjian's career sprang up.

who knew the disaster came from heaven, his relatives died one after another, and he was relegated to Sichuan after being tricked in the workplace.

Huang Tingjian paid no attention to writing poems and lyrics and studying calligraphy.

instead of complaining, I find something I love.

he builds huts, runs private schools himself, and teaches for local poor children.

Huang Tingjian's poems are getting better and better, and people began to call him "Su Huang" with Su Shi. Calligraphy is also included in the "four schools of the Song Dynasty" with Su Shi.

the world evaluates Huang Tingjian's life:

he blocked his official career, had his own career, turned adversity into opportunity, and was loyal to poetry and books.

with strong bones, continuous self-improvement, open-minded and heroic, moral integrity and friendship.

writer Liu Tong wrote: "Let bygones be bygones, and let go of feelings that cannot be let go." Turn over one page before you can write another. When things change and read again, the past will blossom and the memories will be as warm as before. "

the past has happened, so it is better to forget it.

change what can be changed, accept what cannot be changed.

if you work silently, you will naturally have a harvest.

the rest of my life, half awake, half relieved.



Grandma Zhou, a 72-year-old neighbor, works in the fields and vegetable gardens every day.

get up at 05:30 in the morning to pick vegetables and weed, and go to the market with a basket at 6 o'clock.

when I get home at night, I am busy watering again.

it's hot in the south this year, and it hasn't rained for two months in a row.

the vegetables are wilting in the sun, and everyone else is sad.

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Grandma Zhou said nothing but buried her head in watering.

she said, "it's God's plan that it won't rain. All I have to do is water it and do my job. "

her sons and daughters advised her not to go to the field again, in case she stumbled.

Grandma Zhou thinks: do some work to pass the time and bask in the sun without illness or pain.

I have heard such a saying:

if you do what you do in March or April, you will have your own answer in August and September.

Don't worry about trifles, just let it go with the wind.

everything is best whether it is lonely or busy.

"the heart is as simple as the heart, and the person as light as the chrysanthemum is indifferent; the orchid lives in a secluded valley, although lonely but fragrant is indifferent; plum blossoms are rare, although lonely also leave fragrance, it is also a kind of indifferent."

people live in the world, live at ease, blooming Zen flowers in indifference.


worry, calm

like this sentence: "people or things that cause you internal friction are not good people or good things." Don't mind, don't ask, don't make waves. "

for a while, I always had a lot on my mind.

my friend didn't reply to Wechat in time. I was worried about saying the wrong thing and worrying about what I didn't do well.

the leader arranges important work. I dare not take the initiative to communicate. I always hesitate and struggle.

after a whole day, I did nothing and sulked alone.

later, I learned that this was a manifestation of "emotional internal friction".

the book Anti-Internal friction puts forward: "anxiety, hesitation, self-remorse." These self-fighting "internal frictions" are destroying you. Our life energy is limited, but negative emotions directly offset our positive emotions-this is internal friction. "

if you can't untie the knot, make a clean break, and don't let it stay in your heart.

when people reach middle age, they are open-minded, pessimistic and transparent.

stop worrying about the old things that have happened, let alone internal friction, and focus your time and energy on your goals.

as the saying goes, "the general is on his way and does not hit the imps."

calm in mind and magnanimous in action.

Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, and it is easy to sit in the courtyard.

be a mature person, cherish the present, cherish the past, and face it calmly.

"get it calmly, lose it lightly, let nature take its course, and strive for its necessity."

Tao Yuanming's mind is far away, and Wang Wei sometimes sits and watches the ever-changing clouds. Li Bai's talent must have its use.

things are difficult, face them calmly, and make them happy.

let bygones be bygones.

trifles are as indifferent as smoke.

worry-free and calm.