The three joys of life: being rich, being alone, and reading.

/October 2022

what on earth are people pursuing in life?

perhaps no one can give a standard answer to this question, because each of us has a different pursuit of life, and we will have our own ideal life, ideal life.

but for me, the three happiest things in life are probably having money, being alone, and reading.

I hope I can be a simple and happy person, break away from the complicated things in the world and return to my heart.

I also firmly believe that the most rare thing in life is to always maintain a good state of mind, work hard, endure loneliness, often read books, and constantly enrich your own spiritual world.


when you have money, you have the strength.

many people must have heard the saying: "money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible."

money can definitely not buy everything, but we must work hard to make money in our lives.

in my eyes, money is very important, perhaps when I have experienced poverty, so I attach great importance to the value of money.

never think that a person can rely on anyone, and all our strength should come from ourselves, the one who constantly works hard to make money and strive to live a good life.

Dear Andre wrote this sentence: "I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others." But because I hope you will have the right to choose a meaningful and time job in the future, rather than being forced to make a living. "

I take it for granted that we try to make money, not to compare with anyone or who is richer.

but in order to have more strength in life, the ability to have more choices and the ability to withstand unknown tests in the future.

when the risk comes, we will not be caught by surprise, and when life is clearly priced, we will not be powerless in haste.

so, work hard to make money, not only to have wealth, but also to earn your own strength.


being alone is a person's Qinghuan

. Before, I always thought that a person must be gregarious and have a lot of friends.

now, as you get older and your friends begin to drift away, the more you like the feeling of being alone.

calculate the time carefully, I should have lived alone for nearly ten years. The biggest change in these ten years is that I am not afraid of being alone. I even love the feeling of being alone.

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because when I am alone, I can do what I like, whether it's writing or reading, or even playing with the two cats at home, which makes me feel happy.

I think a person who can get along well with himself will be strong and rich enough.

the writer Thoreau once stayed away from the hustle and bustle of the world and went to Walden to live in seclusion for two years. Thoreau was always alone for two years.

when someone asks him, you must be lonely living there alone. You really want to see people.

Thoreau replied, "Why do I feel lonely?" Being alone makes me physically and mentally healthy, keeping company with people, and even with the best people can be tiresome. I am so alone. So far I have not found a partner who makes me feel as kind as being alone. When I am alone, I am myself again. "

indeed, only when one is alone can one see the most authentic self and recognize one's heart.

maybe some of us may feel lonely, but when we think about it, we can be ourselves only when we are alone.

during his two years alone, Thoreau created Walden, which is still known as a wonderful book.

as Schopenhauer said, "only when a person is alone can he be himself completely."

our lives need to be alone, because our hearts need to be purified, and only when we are alone will we meet who we really are, return to our hearts, and focus on ourselves.


what does it mean for us to read and meet another self


Shakespeare said: "Life without books is like without sunshine; wisdom without books is like a bird without wings."

Yang Jiang said: "the meaning of reading is probably to read with the feeling of life, to live with the income from reading."

the Bookstore on the Island says: "We read because we are lonely, and then we are not alone."

in my opinion, reading is to give us the strength to move forward, a comfort in a tired life, and a glimmer of light in an ordinary world.

people who read books will have a vast sea of stars in their hearts. If you look up, you can see the stars in your eyes, and you can see your own smallness when you bow your head.

in the world of books, even if we are only a drop in the ocean, we will not feel lonely.

some people say that they also want to read, but they always have no time, no time, too busy.

at the beginning, I will tell them that time is to be squeezed out. I don't believe that a person can be busy from morning to midnight.

but more people say this, and I find that people who ask these questions have a problem, that is, they are always caught up in what is in front of them.

for example, some people are very tired after a day at work. When they get home, they lie in bed playing with their cell phones and browsing short videos, while others take care of their children and their families three meals a day. When they are done, they are also very tired.

at first they want to change, but then they become numb and feel like they can't spare any free time at all.Time, and even feel that it is not easy to take care of their own life, where there is still time to read.

but in fact, reading is sometimes another way to cure yourself.

because readers can find a little bit of breathing room in the book, they can stop, think about themselves seriously, and learn from the wisdom of others without bondage.

the more accustomed people are to reading, the more easily they can cure themselves, the more they can see many aspects of the world, and the more they will allow us to meet a better self.

as the saying goes, we read, and then we are not alone.

the heart and soul will also be enriched by reading.

people can have a lot of things they want to do in this life, but I think that with money in their pockets, they can enjoy loneliness and study hard. Such a life must be rich and beautiful.

finally, may we all enrich and enrich our lives, make our souls interesting and broaden our lives.