The three great blessings in life: meet a good teacher, get a good friend, and have a good companion

/August 2022

Cai Chongda wrote in the skin:

the sea of people is vast, and we are all passers-by.

the luckiest thing in this long life is to meet a good teacher, make a good friend, and have a good companion.


meet a mentor

someone once said, "what kind of person you can become depends on what kind of person you meet."

Chollima can only run thousands of miles when it meets Bole; only when people meet a good teacher can they avoid detours.

the writer Mai Jia recalled his chemistry teacher Shen in the article "the teacher's surname is Shen".

he said that there are two things he is grateful for about Mr. Shen.

one is about him writing novels.

when the Mai family was at school, he was the representative of the chemistry class in his class. he always had good grades in mathematics, physics and chemistry, but his Chinese grades were a mess.

especially the composition is too much for people to read at all.

but at that time the Mai family was addicted to writing novels and could not extricate themselves.

when the Chinese teacher knew about it, he mocked directly: "the Mai family writes a novel, which in itself is a novel."

when Mr. Shen heard about this, instead of belittling him, he deliberately comforted him and encouraged him to stick to his hobby.

this event gives the Mai family the courage to continue to write.

the second thing is that there was a chemistry exam. The questions given by Mr. Shen were very difficult. After checking the standard answers, everyone knew that they had done poorly in the exam.

as the chemistry class representative, the Mai family should have sent the examination papers to the office with Mr. Shen, but the vice principal temporarily called Mr. Shen away.

seeing this, the Mai family came up with a plan and quietly revised the answer on the test paper while no one was there.

as a result, teacher Shen found him that night and called him to the office to educate him.

according to the normal procedure, this matter must be reported to the head teacher and dealt with according to the school rules.

but it didn't get out for a long time.

later, Mr. Shen was transferred from school, and the Mai family received a letter in which Mr. Shen wrote:

Dreaming to be the Cinderella on the high quality yet low price white ball gown? Peace of mind from the minute you buy.

"your actual score on that test should have been 43, which was supposed to be the highest score in the class. But you changed it to 67, which is too obvious that it was your stupidity that turned it into a negative score.

I hope this is your first and last time. "

when the Mai family read the letter, they had mixed feelings.

whenever he recalled these two events, he could not help but rejoice and said, "it is a great fortune and wealth in my life that I have met such a good teacher."

A good teacher will be compassionate, admonish students when they are happy and encourage them when they are down, so as to avoid detours.

Sima Guang once said, "Confucian classics are easy to meet, but human teachers are difficult to meet."

there are many teachers who can preach and teach, but teachers who can really teach and educate people and hearts are not common.

along the long way of life, it is lucky for us to meet a good teacher.


Bing Xin once divided friends into three categories:

the first category is interesting, most of them are very knowledgeable and meaningful, and they are happy to talk about and forget to get tired. On the eve of the moon, they are often the most enjoyable companions on the banks of mountains and rivers.

the second category is talented, most of these friends are talented, or eccentric, or untidy, although there are many places, your opinion can not agree with him, in the face of his alert opinion, quick talent, often can not help but break the heart.

the third kind is affectionate. Most of these friends are silent and gentle. When they are together, they make people warm, and when they don't see them, they make people miss. Especially in the time of illness and hardship, you will yearn for his "presence".

interesting friends make people physically and mentally happy and comfortable to get along with each other;

talented friends can take you to the world and make you admire;

and affectionate friends can help you tide you over when you are in trouble.

it is a rare blessing to meet any of these three kinds of friends.

writer Shen Congwen left his hometown of Hunan at the age of 22, carrying 6.70 yuan in his pocket and Beijing drifters alone, pursuing his literary dream.

after coming to Beijing, all beautiful fantasies are shattered by reality.

he failed to pass the entrance examination in Beijing.

he wanted to make a living by writing manuscripts, and all his works were lost and never heard from him.

I have no source of income, and I can't even eat a meal for two or three days.

when he was desperate, he wrote to more than a dozen literati friends in Beijing, but only Yu Dafu came to see him.

when Yu Dafu heard the letter, he saw the thinly dressed Shen Congwen, wrapped in a quilt, writing there with his hands red with cold.

Yu Dafu could not hide his grief when he saw this. He took off his scarf, gently brushed off the snowflakes and draped it over Shen Congwen.

he invited Shen Congwen out to dinner. When he checked out, he took out 5 yuan, gave 70 cents to the restaurant, and gave the rest to Shen Congwen.

in the cold winter, a trace of warmth from Yu Dafu moved Shen Congwen so much that when he returned to his residence, Shen Congwen could not help crying.

later he learned that Yu Dafu was not well-off at that time, and his monthly salary was barely enough to support his family. He wanted to buy a pair of cotton pants, but he was reluctant to buy them for a long time.

when Shen Congwen was in his 70s, Yu Dafu's niece visited Shen Congwen.

when the two talked about the matter, Shen Congwen still filled his eyes with tears and said, "thatI will never forget the scene in my life. " Emerson once said that friendship is not only the spice of life, but also the painkiller of life.

A friend who is truly affectionate and righteous will sincerely bless you when you are successful and will hold an umbrella to protect you from the rain when you are down and out.

icing on the cake is easy, sharing weal and woe.

when we are at a low ebb, people who are willing to give us a hand deserve a lifetime of acquaintance.


Fan Jinshi, known as "the daughter of Dunhuang", wrote at the end of the preface:

Fan Jinshi and her husband Lao Peng are classmates of Peking University.

when I graduated, many people wanted to stay in Beijing, but Fan Jinshi chose to go to Dunhuang.

some people said she was stupid, but Lao Peng protected her and said, "No fool, all right?" Someone has to go to a bitter place, and someone has to do something for a fool. She's gone, and I support it. "

at that time, Lao Peng went to teach at Wuhan University, and the two discussed that Fan Jinshi had worked in Dunhuang for three or four years, and when someone came to take over, she could go back to Wuhan to meet Lao Peng.

but no one thought that as soon as Fan Jinshi arrived in Dunhuang, he was attracted by this place and developed strong feelings for Dunhuang.

the two have been separated for 19 years.

later, in order to solve their long-distance problems, the government said to them, one of you must be transferred.

Lao Peng is reluctant to give up the archaeology major he founded at Wuhan University, and Fan Jinshi is even more reluctant to leave Dunhuang.

but after much deliberation, Lao Peng finally compromised.

Lao Peng said that if Cheng Quan's family has to make sacrifices, the person he hopes to sacrifice will always be himself.

you devote yourself to the career you like, and I devote myself to the you I like.

as Chen Daoming said, "A good marriage must be group meditation."

A good relationship depends on the compromise and maintenance of each other.

the greatest significance of marriage is not only to eat three meals a day and sleep together, but to complete another soul with one soul, nourish each other and go to each other.

he will always be willing to stand with you to overcome the trivialities of life and face the storms of life.

as the old saying goes, "treasures are easy to find, but good people are rare."

when we practice on earth, we spend almost all our luck in exchange for the company of a beloved.

if you meet a loved one, please stay with you for the rest of your life.

Dong Qing once said:

"in a sense, everything in the world is met.

when cold meets warmth, there is rain; when winter meets spring, there is time; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life. "

the encounter between people is like a gift of fate.

when you meet someone who is really nice to you, you must cherish it.

because some people, just meeting, is enough to amaze us the whole time.

click to watch. May you and I have mentors and friends for the rest of my life.