The thickness of reading determines the height of life.

/November 2022

the Russian philosopher Herzen said: "without reading, there will be no real upbringing, and at the same time there can be no discrimination."

the gap between people lies in their horizons.

and reading is not only a shortcut to broaden your horizons, but also the lowest-cost way to add value to yourself.


Reading, let people focus, so as to improve concentration.

in this noisy world, the study is a pure land to resist impetuous.

France's best Maupassant was smart and intelligent when he was a child and had a wide range of hobbies.

once, my uncle took Maupassant to visit his predecessor Flaubert and wanted him to worship Flaubert as his teacher.

Flaubert asked, "tell me about your study every day."

Maupassant said: "I spend two hours reading and writing in the morning, another two hours playing the piano, learning to repair cars in the afternoon, then playing football with friends, and in the evening I go to the store to learn how to make roast geese."

Maupassant proudly asked, "what do you do every day?"

Flaubert smiled and said, "my day is simple." Every morning I spend four hours reading and writing, and in the afternoon I spend four hours reading and writing. In the evening, I continue to read and write. "

Maupassant quipped, "Don't you know how to do anything else?"

Flaubert said, "so what's your specialty?"

Maupassant thought for a long time and said in shame, "I have no specialty." What is your specialty, please? "

Flaubert said, "read and write."

it turns out that Flaubert was the ancestor of the French "new novel" school in the 20th century. He was determined to write all his life and created classic works such as Madame Bovary and Salambo, which was famous all over the world.

Maupassant was also aware of his impetuosity, determined to follow Flaubert as his teacher, focused on reading and writing, and eventually became a generation of writers.

"those who do not read books live only once, while those who read books can experience a thousand kinds of lives."

the ancients used to say that the book has its own house of gold, and the book has its own beauty like jade.

in fact, a sentence or paragraph in a book may give you courage and hope in your most dangerous time.

this is more precious than gold.

Reading allows people to focus on their inner self-cultivation and move towards a farther tomorrow.


Reading makes the soul richer

Lin Yutang said, "if you love to read, the soul will become elegant."

Reading has a slow and long-term impact on a person.

it imperceptibly changes temperament and broadens the thickness of the soul.

Yu Xiuhua is an ordinary rural woman. Her life was unfortunate, suffering from cerebral palsy from an early age, stuttering and inconvenient to move.

married a man, but that man does not cherish her and often violates her.

in such a difficult time, Yu Xiuhua chose to immerse himself in the world of books, read history books and philosophy books, and slowly opened his horizons.

after years of reading, she began to try to write her own poems. With only a high school degree, she has written more than 2,000 poems so far.

in 2015, Guangxi normal University Press published a collection of poems "Moonlight on the left hand" for her, and won the special prize of "Peasant Literature Award".

A person's birth can be miserable, but his soul can be noble.

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Reading is not about making you rich overnight. But when you are in trouble, give you a shoulder to rely on and a way out.

it is written in the book Night talk around the stove: "even if the family is poor, it is necessary to keep the seeds of reading."

as the saying goes, you can only be rich for three generations, but reading can be handed down from generation to generation.

in a family, the best family style is that the elders work hard and the future generations study hard.

what is the man who enjoys happiness? he who can read is.


Reading determines the height of life

someone once asked on Zhihu, "Why do we want to read?"

netizens replied: books are the key to wisdom, and good reading can cure fools.

with the efforts of most people, it is not time to fight for talent.

French thinker Rousseau, born in a poor family, never went to school, and his mother died at an early age.

he lives with a priest and needs to go out to work every day to earn his living expenses.

Rousseau has done everything from blacksmith to shoe repair to waiter.

even in such difficulties, Rousseau insisted on learning Latin from the priest and squeezed out time to read.

he devoted himself to the works of Descartes, absorbed the knowledge of great men, and then internalized it into his own ability.

finally published his work at the age of 37, and later became a great thinker who laid the foundation for the publication of the Theory of Social contract.

I like this sentence very much: "when talent cannot support ambition and ability cannot beat reality, study hard first."

the thickness of reading determines one's horizons.

people who take a long-term view tend to make wiser choices.

someone asked the famous host Yang Lan why women read books.

she replied, "even a housewife cooks with her baby at home." In the face of the same situation, reading can make her have a different mind; the same family, but a different pattern; and the same upbringing of children, but different literacy. "

Reading and writing is the lowest cost way of appreciation.

when you first enter the workplace, when you have dinner with clients, you can give your opinion instead of being too shy to speak.

in the face of difficulties, you can quote scriptures to prove that you are right.

Reading is the best arm of the mind. it makes people independent, cheerful and discerning.

and a person who is good at reading, seeing the world and keeping his conscience will be popular wherever he goes.