The story in the message area

/December 2022

We have been stuck in front of the exam this week, and we have worked very hard for the exam. I personally even used the trick of "record the knowledge points and listen to them on the bus". And I listen to my own recordings not only on the bus, but also on the run and before going to bed.

this method was taught by a friend of high achiever, so that these days my mind is full of voices talking to myself, and when I get to the back, I can memorize the content directly. To be honest, this method is really useful, if you want to memorize any short answers and discussion questions, you can use it.

well, in fact, there are still no tweets tonight, because I still have a subject in ancient literature to take the test.

but in the readership tonight, I saw Ze Peng share an introduction to a micro-fiction competition, a micro-novel prize held on Twitter in Japan. All stories are limited to 140 words. Although the number of words is very small, it is intriguing. I chose two to show you.

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in fact, I posted it because I want to hold a micro-novel competition in tonight's message area. The number of

words is also limited to 140 words, and the subject matter of the novel is not limited.

and since it is a competition, you have to set up prizes. By 11:00 tomorrow night, the one with the most likes will get 10 bottles of Vitasoy provided by me personally, the second will get 5 bottles, and the third will get 1 bottle. (I can't help it. I usually have to ask Vivi for a red packet if I want to drink a bottle of Vitasoy.)

usually everyone wants to go to the message area, so let's write tonight's push. Good night.