The smartest way to live for the rest of my life is hidden in these four sentences.

/October 2022

"what would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same and nothing could change the status quo?"

"this is my life."

this is a line from Douban's 8.6 masterpiece, the Day of the Groundhog.

Phil, the hero in the film, is trapped in the same Day because of an adventure.

every time I wake up, I face the same crowd, experience the same thing, and live a repetitive life.

Phil from the beginning of confusion, to the later indulgence, and then to the later growth.

the rich life experience not only opens our eyes, but also makes us think: what is the real life?


at every stage, there are problems to be faced

the world is disturbed one after another, and no one's life will be flat all the time.

A person's life is the process of constantly encountering problems and then solving them.

when I was young, I was eager to grow up, when I grew up, I wanted to work, and after I worked, I longed to retire.

No matter what stage we are in, we need to constantly deal with the difficulties at hand.

the film host Phil is a weather anchor.

an accident broke the peace of Phil's life.

when he was broadcasting the Groundhog Day celebration in the town, he was trapped in the town by a sudden snowstorm.

he could have left the next day, but strangely enough, Phil was stuck on Groundhog Day forever: waking up every day, everything in front of him is a repeat of the day before.

Phil's world changed in an instant, and he was in trouble.

as the saying goes, prosperity tests virtue and adversity tests pattern.

since the sufferings of life are inevitable, we should not feel sorry for ourselves.

in the face of the onslaught of life, it is calm and difficult to bear, and there is always a day when the clouds will see the sun.

Andy Lau, the "young man" in the film and television industry, has made his debut for 40 years and still maintains his love of work.

he once shared his growing experience in a lecture:

he was born in the countryside and moved to the city at the age of six.

when I was in primary school, I wanted to be admitted to an English school, but I was forced to stay in the grade because of my unqualified English grades.

after graduating from high school, I had no choice but to go to a beauty salon to make a living as a shampoo boy.

when I was 18 years old, I wrote a lot of plays and looked forward to becoming a director in TV station, but was rejected.

after untold hardships, I was finally admitted to a training class for TV artists and went on the path of acting.

at the beginning of his career as an actor, he became famous for starring in "good-bye". As a result, he was caught in the snow because of his discord with the company.

later, Andy Lau became famous when he transformed into a singing career.

step by step, how bumpy the road to growth is.

as Andy Lau himself said, "I think the word 'don't want to lose' stays in your head to inspire you to succeed."

predicament can overwhelm a person, but it cannot crush a tough heart.

across the hills, there is the dawn of dawn; across the ocean, you can encounter the most beautiful scenery.

the best way to face a dilemma is to turn it into a stepping stone.


demolishing a house is better than building a house

"if there is no tomorrow, there is no responsibility."

"have fun in time, regardless of the consequences, you will get drunk today."

after the film star Phil fell into a cycle, he was moved by the drunkard's words.

instead of going back and forth all day, it's better to do something crazy:

Phil starts racing, shoplifting, hitting on women in a small town, eating sweets without restraint.

the result was just what he wanted: when he woke up the next day, his life was still the same.

"if there is no tomorrow, spend today unscrupulously."

Phil sinks day after day with this idea in mind.

he used an infinitely repeated day to get to know the preferences of the producer, Rita, and tried to talk to Rita.

as a result, Phil's eager attitude was seen through every time by Rita.

after many unsuccessful attempts, Phil finally realized that if he sank day after day, he would only sink to the point where he could not be saved.

so Phil made up his mind to start to change.

writer Wang Shuo once said: "you must be rich in heart in order to get rid of these superficial similarities."

years are a journey with no return, muddled through, and end up with nothing but regret.

Pan Xulun, the father of Chinese accounting, basically spent the first half of his life "sinking".

he once said to himself, "I didn't know what accounting was until I was 30."

at that time, Pan Xulun fooled around all day with a group of gamblers and lost most of his land.

his wife could not bear to see him so depraved, and every time she tugged at his clothes and refused to let him go out, but Pan Xulun always tore his skirt and rushed out the door.

once, a classmate Zhou Jun came to chat with him.

Zhou Jun said: "I have been a primary school teacher for many years. I feel lack of knowledge and no future, so I want to go abroad for further study."

A few words woke Pan Xulun.

he thought to himself, "Zhou Jun's family is poorer and older than me, but he has such ambition, but I have been fooling around all day, not looking for progress and wasting my time. I am so sorry to myself!"

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soon, Pan Xulun revived and studied hard, which laid the foundation of accounting for him and even for modern China.

there is a saying on the InternetGood: "who wasted his time, life will fade."

Life is short, it is a day to be confused, and it is a day to focus seriously.

if you rise and fall in the whirlpool of life day after day, you will only work in vain.

instead of sighing over and over again, it is better to start working hard from now on and treat each day with enthusiasm.


it's never too late to change.

the film star Phil woke up from his downfall and stopped fooling around.

he began to take his daily life seriously: learning piano, ice sculpture, medicine.

he takes advantage of "repeating every day" to refine himself a little bit.

mentality changes, so does behavior: he helps homeless people on the street, rescues children falling from trees, rescues elderly people who are suddenly injured in restaurants.

slowly, Phil became the most popular man in the town.

Phil's charm from the bottom of his heart also attracted Rita, who began to fall in love with him.

writer Yu Feng said: "No matter when you start, the important thing is not to stop after you start."

from dim to brilliant, it requires arduous trek and uninterrupted development.

Life is always what you do, that's what it is.

in the novel the shackles of Human Nature, Philip's parents died when he was a child and was adopted by his aunt.

when I was at school, I left school because I was born with a limp and was discriminated against by my classmates. I was going to be an accountant.

after two months of trying, he found that he was not suitable, so he turned to painting.

two years later, in repeated attempts, Philip found that he had no talent for painting either.

so he gave up painting and studied medicine.

repeated choices and timely changes.

finally, Philip finally found the right place for him-the doctor.

in life, we often hear people complain about unfair fate.

I don't know, goals and hopes are achieved on our own.

trapped in entanglement, do not want to make progress, life will only be a mess.

as long as you have a good heart, it's never too late to change.

the writer Sanmao said: "there is time for people and things in the world to come and go. We just need to make ourselves look our best and wait quietly."

Life, ups and downs are the norm.

taking every step firmly is the most beautiful appearance of life.


how do you spend your whole day?

see a question on the Internet: "what on earth are we doing to exercise self-discipline and make progress every day?"

A highly praised answer is impressive: "choosing a persistent way of life for yourself can give life a meaning."

in the time of infinite repetition, Phil found his true self.

what about us?

how to live every day on a life journey without a return trip? How can you live to be the most satisfied you can be?

I especially like a line in the movie: "Today is tomorrow (today is tomorrow)."

what you do with today is what you have tomorrow.

I have heard a very philosophical short story.

once upon a time, two poor people received a gift from their elders: one cow for each person.

one of the poor people found it troublesome to feed the cattle, so he sold the cow and changed a few sheep.

he ate one sheep first, and then waited for another sheep to give birth to a lamb.

but the poor man couldn't wait for the lamb to be born, so they sold the sheep and bought a few chickens.

he wants the chicken to lay eggs to make money, but he thinks the money is too slow.

finally, I simply replaced the chicken with wine, got very drunk and made my life even poorer.

while another poor man raised cattle seriously from the very beginning.

sow seeds in spring, plow the fields with cattle diligently, and reap a bumper harvest in autumn.

with capital, he bought another cow.

over and over again, he also becomes richer and richer.

there is a good saying: "the reason why your today is the same as yesterday is because you have been repeating yesterday."

the fairest thing in the world is time.

some people consume it day by day, while others accumulate it day by day.

it is an unrealistic extravagant hope if you don't plan for today and expect a change in the future.

because today is tomorrow.

A good life needs to start now and under your feet.