"the self-disciplined is outstanding, the lazy is out": the letter that the mother wrote to her child became popular

/October 2022

Dear child, see the words like face to face.

two days ago, my mother saw a piece of news on the Internet.

Wuhan University, Jiang Kui, a doctoral student born in 1994, was selected into Huawei's "Young Genius" program.

he is only 27 years old and likes to offer an annual salary of one million.

Mom hurriedly sent you the news.

after the start of school, because of the "double reduction" policy, you have less homework, but at the same time, your mother found that your autonomy in learning has also decreased.

so I want to use this to inspire you who are reading.

as a result, you said, "Mom, I'm not as smart as others."

I was stuck for a moment.

every time your mother tries to persuade you to study hard, you always refute me with all sorts of reasons:

"Mom, it's all reduced, why do you still force me to do my homework?"

"now that some Internet celebrities earn millions of dollars a month, why do I have to read?"


so this time, I would like to use this letter to answer your questions and talk to you from the bottom of my heart.


about homework

Learning is temporary, growing up is a lifetime

A few days ago, when your mother went to school to pick you up, she heard you and your classmates talking happily about the "double reduction".

I can see how relaxed you are without homework and how happy you are after fewer exams.

as your mother, I want you to be happy, but in fact, I have some worries in my heart.

Children, after double subtraction, there are fewer exams but more tests.

how to consolidate your knowledge base? How to test your learning achievements? How do you arrange your leisure time?

these are all practical problems that lie ahead.

Mom doesn't want to force you to do your homework either, but when the learning problems are exposed, you will be passive.

Mom will tell you a story.

in a small town in Germany, there is a teenager who has dreamed of becoming a swordsman since he was a child.

but his family doesn't have much money and can't afford to pay his tuition.

he can only sit on the outside of the fencing ring, then go home and practice silently.

one day, the teacher passed by his house and saw him practicing fencing that day with a self-made wooden sword. He smiled and asked him, "I don't seem to have an assignment today, and you don't have to take part in the rest of the competition. Why come back and practice hard?"

he replied firmly: "just because you don't have a task doesn't mean you can relax; if you don't play, it doesn't mean you can't make progress." Even if I can't take the fencing test, I can't slack off the test on my dream road. "

similarly, kid, you have to understand: just because the teacher doesn't assign homework doesn't mean you don't need to consolidate what you've learned.

the fact that schools don't set exams doesn't mean there's no gap between you and excellence.

Learning is temporary, but growth is lifelong.

Mom hopes that you can also be like the little boy in the story, do not relax, do not slack off, continue to refine yourself, and meet all kinds of tests on the way to your dreams.


about hard work

self-discipline is outstanding, lazy people are out

child, at this point, mom can answer the question you just asked-- "Mom, she's smart. I can't compare."

every time I inspire you with other people's stories, you say that eight times out of ten.

but son, what I want to tell you is: cleverness is the most fake thing.

of course, there are smart factors for success in this world, but more must be day-to-day efforts and self-discipline year after year.

just like Jiang Kui, a doctoral student who was selected as Huawei's "Young Genius".

from the moment he entered the school gate, he made a complete plan for himself.

thesis contribution, job research, exercise.

his daily plan includes not only specific study plans, life plans, and job search plans, but also a summary of the completion of the day and to-do items.

the weekly plan is more detailed to the details of which paper to revise and the details of going to the examination room a few minutes in advance.

it was his persistence day after day and hard work year after year that made him where he is today.

son, no one can casually succeed, and no one can win easily.

most of the time, you only see 1% of other people's talents, but ignore 99% of the sweat behind them.

all are born out of nowhere, all premeditated for a long time.

you have to remember that no matter "double minus" or not, on the stage of life, the self-disciplined stand out and the lazy are out.


about life

Reading is still the best way to change fate

when you came back on the first day of school, you happily said to me, "Mom, we won't be ranked in the exam in the future!"

I froze in place all of a sudden. I didn't know how to tell you this cruel truth.

Children, there is no ranking in the examination room after "double subtraction", but there is a score in the answer paper of life.

some people live in tall buildings, some are in deep ditches, some are naked, and some are covered in rust.

Labor makes no distinction between high and low, but life is divided into joys and sorrows.

remember Wang Wei, the 26-year-old takeout boy who scored 623 in the college entrance examination this year?

he was admitted to China Agricultural University with excellent grades, but after entering the university, he became infatuated with games.

I didn't find my credit until I was nearing graduation.I didn't meet the requirements for graduation at all.

finally, I was forced to drop out of school.

after dropping out of school, he worked as a customer service, tutoring, selling coolies, and finally became a takeout in a race against time.

many aspects of life are not easy for him to understand that reading is the ticket to counterattack life.

so he chose to repeat it.

did you see that, son?

even if it is the same person, the life of reading is completely different from that of not reading.

my mother is nearly 40 years old this year. Along the way, I have seen too many people struggling at the bottom of society because of their lack of studies and low academic qualifications.

every time Mom tells you, you always refute me with "times have changed, and now some Internet celebrities can earn millions a month."

son, you only see the scenery of millions of Internet celebrities that month, but ignore the fact that there are thousands of Internet celebrities still struggling on the edge of food and clothing.

you only stare at the top few in that industry, but forget that the first thousand or even the last is the real life of most ordinary people.

out of 100 people who don't read books, only one person can get ahead.

out of 100 people who do not read books, only one person can get ahead.

out of 100 people who do not read books, only one person may be able to get ahead.

there are thousands of roads in life, and all roads lead to Rome.

but you have to understand that reading is still the broadest and best way to go.

Children, as a "double minus" generation, you have less homework, but not less homework;

your unit exam is gone, but the test of life continues.

Don't want to live an easy life at the best age, and don't choose to have fun at the time when you should study.

if you read one more book today, you may suffer less in the future.

if you learn a little less today, you may have to sweat a lot in the future.

Tagore said: "what you suffer today, the losses you suffer, the responsibilities you bear, the sins you bear, and the pain you endure will eventually turn into light and light your way."

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only when you are good can you have the right to choose.

only by running all the way can you see the beautiful scenery on the road of life.

Mom hopes that after reading this letter, you will be able to stick to your direction and change yourself.

come on, kid!