The ruler of life (good depth)

/July 2022

I saw an article some time ago. The author's father is a carpenter.

he has three rulers, a straight ruler, a square ruler and a tape measure.

the ruler is used to pull a straight line, the square ruler is used to measure the length of both sides of the right angle, and the tape measure is purely for ease of carrying.

with these three rulers, my father finished countless fine woodworking.

I have heard a saying: "you need a ruler in life and a degree in being a man."

does everyone need three rulers in his or her life?


the first ruler: compare

some time ago, at a departmental dinner, everyone talked about the topic of "EQ".

several colleagues have praised people with high EQ in their minds.

A colleague was very interesting. he went on to talk about all the people he thought had low EQ in the company.

also makes a clear analysis of where other people's EQ is low.

his speech silenced everyone.

because he has been together for a long time, everyone knows his style.

in daily life, as soon as he opens his mouth, he denies other people's ideas and likes to judge others, which often embarrasses the people around him.

when he analyzes others mercilessly, he ignores the fact that his EQ is not high.

as the saying goes, "the eye is a ruler. Measure yourself first."

most of the time, we can easily judge others, but we don't see our own shortcomings.

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therefore, everyone needs a "comparison" ruler in life.

as the old saying goes, "if you see the wise and think of each other, if you see the bad, you will reflect on yourself."

compare with good people, learn their strengths; compare with bad people, reflect on your shortcomings.

only by recognizing the reality can we neither underestimate others nor overestimate ourselves.

only by constantly learning from others can we make progress every day.


the second ruler: bottom line

the ancients said, "A gentleman has something to do and something not to do."

between "can be" and "can not be", is a person's bottom line.

during the epidemic, a residential district in Beijing set up a special storage place for residents to get express delivery.

unexpectedly, this move attracted thieves. Over the past few months, a number of express deliveries have been stolen in the community.

in order to recover the loss, the property alarm was reported to the police and the police were involved in the investigation.

the police locked in the thief by transferring and monitoring, and finally succeeded in arresting him.

unexpectedly, the thief turned out to be a 38-year-old returnee doctor.

what is more puzzling is that the doctor's living conditions are not poor.

as an executive in a foreign company, his annual salary is as high as 400000 yuan, which is better than most people.

after the news was exposed, netizens found it incredible.

obviously there is no shortage of money, but when I saw so many couriers stacked together, I still thought of stealing.

he admitted that he was greedy for petty gain and committed 17 crimes in a row, stealing 21 items.

the doctor, who took a fluke, did not escape the punishment of the law after all. After

was arrested by the police, his bright future was also lost.

Yi Zhongtian once said:

walking in the world, you must always have your own bottom line and know what to do and what not to do.

because of the world, there will inevitably be all kinds of temptations.

those who have a ruler in mind can be unmoved by interests and not driven by temptation.

people who have no bottom line often lose control of themselves, but eventually have to pay a higher price to pay for it.

Zhang Quanling once said, "earn a certain amount of money, live a life with a bottom line, and do things within limits."

wake yourself up all the time so that you can avoid detours.


the third ruler: measure

I don't know if you have this feeling. You will feel comfortable with some people in your life.

but there are always some people who feel suffocated once they get close.

in the final analysis, it's just because everyone has a different sense of size.

I have read such a story on the Internet, which is neither funny nor funny.

A friend came home during the Spring Festival and met a distant relative who didn't know him very well.

when the other party learned that she did self-media, they asked her how much she earned.

my friends feel that they haven't seen each other a few times, and as soon as they open their mouth, they ask naked about their salary, and they feel a little unhappy.

so she politely avoided the problem and told relatives what the salary situation in the industry was like.

if it were someone else, they would stop asking questions.

unexpectedly, her relatives were very persistent and asked her to talk about her specific income.

my friend didn't want to answer, so he said vaguely, "not stable."

relatives unexpectedly said, "then tell me, how is your income in the past few months?"

the meeting of distant relatives turned into a salary torture, and friends felt very speechless.

there are too many examples like this in our daily life.

many people like to think about things from their own point of view and always feel familiar and polite.

little do you know that in dealing with people, there is a ruler called discretion.

the relationship between people is delicate and fragile.

be careful with strangers, acquaintances, relatives and friends.

talking deeply, saying a lot of things, and doing things absolutely are all due to the lack of sense of proportion in the heart.

There is a good saying:

speak and do things, and consider the feelings of others.

if you have others in your heart, you can do things without losing your balance.


people's life has never been a smooth road, there are always nine bends and eighteen bends.

in dealing with people, we also have to face many tests and challenges.

if you have a ruler in mind, you can only act with moderation.

only by making good use of the ruler of "comparison" and measuring oneself and others can we learn from each other's strong points to offset our weaknesses;

make good use of the ruler of the "bottom line" and restrain our own behavior, so that we can move more steadily and go further;

make good use of the ruler of "measure" to remind ourselves that we are not out of line before we can reap a good relationship.

there is a saying:

A long way to live, you need a ruler in your heart.

only by grasping the yardstick of everything can we be able to do well and stand firm.