The "rule of addition and subtraction" of life (good text in depth)

/October 2022

Zweig said: "all the gifts of fate are secretly priced."

in order to make life balanced and comfortable, we must understand the "law of addition and subtraction".


add to goodness

there is an old saying: those who love come back, those who are blessed come back.

when you are alive, you should be more kind and less calculating.

there is a couple in Shanghai, Grandpa Ai and Grandma Xin, who have been committed to helping children in mountain areas.

at first they sold a house and donated to a school in the mountains of Shaanxi Province.

later, they sold another house, set up a special fund for education, and invested 200000 yuan.

in their daily life, they live frugally, and sometimes they are reluctant to buy Fresh Juice, which they like to eat, in order to save money.

but unfortunately, Grandma Xin, 85, died in her sleep.

after Grandma Xin died, Grandpa Ai donated all the 1 million she left to the foundation and confessed his death at the same time.

Grandpa Ai has been in bed all the time because he fell.

when he thought there was no one to take care of him, someone took him to the hospital and hired a babysitter to take care of his daily life.

this person is the college student whom they have donated.

good people are always rewarded, and good results may be late, but they must not be absent.

give kindness, and you will reap kindness.

warm others will also reap warmth.


add to wealth

money is not everything, but you can't do it without it.

in the TV series "Little willing", Mi Tao is a child with good grades, but her family is relatively poor and there is no way to pay for her cram school.

the conditions at home are only enough for the most basic expenses, and there is little meat to eat even when eating.

and her father has to work three jobs in order to make money, even so, life is still very tight.

another Xia Huanhuan's family, her parents are very rich, so she can learn anything she wants and buy whatever she wants.

A family does not often worry about money, but also has a good sense of happiness.

the world is in a panic, but in order to break a few taels of silver, this broken silver can solve thousands of kinds of melancholy in the world.

Don't let money get you down.

make good money, live a serious life, give your ideal home, and give your family a haven with sense of security and happiness.


subtract from indulgence

indulge your desires, not to love yourself, but to harm yourself.

I have seen a news report, a girl in 1998, who is a representative of self-indulgence.

Bring more life and enthusiasm in your wardrobe by bringing in some bit of 99 wedding dresses. Be enthralled by the combination of subtlety and comfort.

stay up late every day until three or four o'clock in the morning; never avoid food, drink cold drinks every day, and have a barbecue of fried chicken in hot pot to indulge your appetite.

this life lasted for several years, and she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 21.

according to doctors, polycystic ovary syndrome affects not only the fertility of patients, but also the health of their pregnancy, long-term and offspring.

but fortunately, as long as she changes her past life status and habits, starts to eat healthily and sleeps regularly, everything can be saved.

Youth is not capital, health is. Without a healthy body, youth is worthless.

all things in life are trivial except life and death.

subtract from indulgence for the rest of your life. Don't collapse before your dreams come true.


subtract troubles

many times, take an open mind to life, and life will be gentle to you.

one blogger said in her video that she is a very sensitive person.

even if she added a full stop to the other person's message, she would think, "wait a minute, how did she add a full stop? isn't most people unpunctuated?"

"my God, is she angry?"

"I think about what I did yesterday to offend her!"

then she went to compare the chat records of different friends and found that some people like to use periods and some people don't like to use periods.

when chatting with others, she often thinks, "will people like it when I chat like this?" "Why am I so difficult to deal with?" "do people hate me?"

she also slowly found herself very tired, because she thought and verified over and over again about little things.

she was fed up with the noise in her head, so she began to change herself to calm herself down.

for example, practice mindfulness carefully and begin to enrich your life and develop your hobbies.

in the course of this exercise, her troubles gradually become less and her life becomes happier.

Carnegie, a famous master of interpersonal relations, said: "worry, it's best to forget it while walking. You might as well come out and have a try. All troubles will fly away like wings."

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

look at simple things as complicated, and annoyance entanglements follow.

Don't think too much, wishful thinking suffers and wishful thinking suffers.

Life is too short and time is too expensive for you to waste at will.


make good use of addition and subtraction

is a realm of life

wise people know how to add something to make life more fulfilling and meaningful, and also know how to subtract some things to unload and lighten their lives.Move forward on loose ground.

Destiny, always out of your sight, quietly balances the fair "weight".

in the face of choice, obey your heart and be responsible for it;

in the face of desire, know how to be vigilant and not indulge yourself;

in the face of trouble, learn to precipitate yourself and deal with it calmly.

as long as you believe in the good, you are sure to meet the good.