The root cause of one's pain: the pattern is too small

/August 2022

I have heard such a passage:

"I am standing on the first floor and someone scolds me, I am very angry;

I am standing on the tenth floor, someone scolds me, I cannot hear clearly, I think he is greeting me;

I am standing on the 100th floor, someone scolds me, I cannot hear clearly, there are only thousands of miles of mountains and rivers in my eyes."

A person suffers because the height is not enough and the pattern is too small.

the writer

the writer


breadth: the limit of vision determines the upper limit of life

have seen a story of Qi Baishi.

one day, Qi Baishi was painting in the studio, and someone outside was shouting to sell cabbages.

he thought to himself that ancient Wang Xizhi had exchanged the calligraphy "Huang Ting Jing" for a white goose as a good story. Why couldn't he exchange paintings for cabbages?

so he drew a picture and went out to find a cabbage vendor.

when the vendor saw Qi Baishi, he hastened to greet him.

Qi Baishi took out a roll of paper from his arms and said, "how about I give you a truckload of cabbage in exchange for this painting?"

the vendor flew into a rage: "take a picture of fake cabbage and exchange it for a truckload of real cabbage." If it hadn't been for your age, I would have beaten you. "

Qi Baishi had to go away in disgrace.

only later did the vendor know that the old man was Qi Baishi, and this painting could probably buy hundreds of thousands of trucks of cabbages.

his intestines are green with remorse, but there is no such chance.

the breadth of vision determines one's fate.

those whose horizons are too narrow will not help even if they bring the pie to their mouth.

A man found a bottle in his old house with some copper coins in it.

the man smashed the bottle in order to take out the copper coins.

later he learned that the bottle was from the Southern Song Dynasty, worth more than 20 million yuan, and the copper coins in it were worth only a few hundred yuan.

there are several turning points in everyone's life that change their lives.

those who are knowledgeable can discover and seize opportunities and soar into the sky.

people who are ignorant can only hindsight and sigh when they are free.

the greatest pain in life is not that I can't, but that I could have.

it is not that there is no opportunity, but the opportunity is in front of me, but I let it slip away in vain.

broaden your horizons and don't always confine yourself to the small world.

usually read more, travel more, learn more, enlarge your horizons and patterns.

only in this way can one seize the opportunity when necessary without regret.


depth: how far you think, how far you can go

if there is no depth in life, it is easy to be shallow.

your knowledge can only make people seize opportunities, while deep thinking can make you turn opportunities into careers.

Yi Di, the minister of the Xia Dynasty, invented the method of making wine, and he presented the fine wine to Dayu.

after Dayu and other ministers finished drinking, they all felt sweet and delicious and intoxicated.

other ministers were happy about this, but Dayu said anxiously, "there must be those who perish because of this."

and banned alcohol.

posterity felt that Dayu made a mountain out of a molehill and started making wine again.

as a result, King Zhou made a wine pool and meat forest, drank and feasted every night, and eventually died and set himself on fire on the star-picking platform.

up to now, there are still countless people who miss work because of drinking.

A true wise man never looks at things on the surface.

penetrating the surface, they are better able to see the truth of things and understand the dangers and opportunities.

compared with ordinary people, they are better able to make correct judgments.

Huang Taiji in the late Ming Dynasty was ambitious and wanted to enter the Central Plains.

Hong Chengchou, an important official of the Ming Dynasty, was captured in a battle.

he hoped that Hong Chengchou would become his "guide" and the "pioneer" of the Qing army to enter the customs.

so Fan Wen Cheng, who is also a Han Chinese, was sent to persuade him to surrender.

at that time, very few Han Chinese were willing to surrender, and Hong Chengchou was the commander-in-chief of the Ming army, so everyone felt that there was little hope.

the Ming Dynasty has even stopped court for three days and held a funeral for Hong Chengchou.

after Fan Wencheng went, Hong Chengchou said that he would rather die than fall and go on a hunger strike.

during the conversation, some dust on the beam fell on the clothes, and Hong Chengchou hurriedly wiped it.

after going back, Fan Wencheng reported to Huang Taiji, "Hong Chengchou doesn't want to die." If you even cherish a piece of clothes so much, not to mention your life? "

so Huang Taiji personally took the stage to recruit Hong Chengchou.

Hong Chengchou was so moved that he finally surrendered to the Qing Dynasty and made great contributions to the Qing army's entry into the customs.

and Fan Wencheng, who had an insight into all this, later became the founder of the country and ranked first among the literary officials in the Qing Dynasty.

as the ancients said, "when you see it, you will know the end."

when you see a little detail, you know its essence, and when you see the beginning, you know the end.

such people are like walking through life with a script, knowing the opportunities and evils of life like the back of their hand.

it's like answering an open-book question. Even if you can't get a full mark, you'll never fail.


height: the size of the heart, the size of the stage

there is a well-known story.

on the construction site, three workers were building a wall, and passers-by asked them what they were doing.

the first person said: I'm building a wall.

the second person said: I amBuild a building.

the third person said: I am building this city.

Ten years later, the first person is still building walls, the second is an engineer, and the third is a builder of many construction sites in the city.

the pattern determines the outcome, and the height of a person's goal largely determines the person's future.

writer he Quanfeng said:

A person thinks of "what can I do" at the moment, and such people can only do things within the scope.

some people think about "what am I going to do" in the future, and they can often break through the limitations of the present.

if the goal is different and the pattern is different, the possibility of success is different.

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu uprised against Qin.

Liu Bang's goal is very clear, that is, to destroy the State of Qin and become emperor himself.

while Xiang Yu's goal is revenge, the purpose of destroying Qin is to restore Chu and be the overlord of Chu himself.

so after Liu Bang entered Xianyang, instead of taking beautiful women's goods, he sealed the warehouse and made three rules with the people in Guanzhong to win the trust of the people all over the world.

after overthrowing the Qin Dynasty, Xiang Yu set fire to A Fang Palace in Xianyang, robbed gold and silver treasures, and then moved to Pengcheng, the capital, and returned to his hometown.

Liu Bang is pretending to be the people of the world, and Xiang Yu is pretending to be rich and honorable. The difference in the pattern of

makes two people make different choices and have different endings.

Xiang Yu's strength at that time was several times that of Liu Bang, but in the end, he was defeated in the army, and Wujiang cut his own throat.

Liu Bang established the Han Dynasty and spread it all over the world for 400 years.

Zeng Guofan said: "to seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

whether a person can do something or not, and how big a thing can be, depends on his pattern.

towering trees do not grow in flowerpots, and pies are no bigger than pans.

what is the height of the goal, what is the height of life?


magnanimity: only by being tolerant of others can you accomplish yourself

standing downstairs and seeing garbage all over the ground; standing upstairs, you can see the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers.

the pattern is different, the vision is different, and the things you see are also different.

pattern is both cognition and self-cultivation.

people who really have a big pattern suddenly have a magnanimous heart and know the way of leniency.

when Guo Jin was inspecting Shanxi in the Song Dynasty, one of his officers framed him for disobeying the law.

the court handed over the officers to Guo Jin at his disposal.

at that time, just in time for the invasion of the thieves and bandits of the United states, Guo Jin said to the officer:

later, this officer fought to the death and won a complete victory on the battlefield.

Guo Jin really recommended him for promotion.

to forgive each other's mistakes is not only to give others a chance, but also to give yourself a chance.

those who are prone to vindictive vengeance will only accumulate resentment.

for a long time, you will only make enemies everywhere and it will be difficult to move an inch.

knowing how to forgive others is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a wise way of life.

Bing Ji, prime minister of the Western Han Dynasty, once went out to dinner.

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the coachman accidentally drank too much and vomited in his car after getting drunk.

when the housekeeper wanted to kick him out, Bingi couldn't bear it and didn't blame him.

then there was a rebellion at the border, and the rickshaw puller from the border army ventured to find out the news and told Bingji.

Bingji was able to deal with it in advance, was more appreciated by the emperor from then on, and finally became a great minister and descendant of Fukuze.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "treat people with tolerance and accept all things in your heart. Only then can you have grace for a long time."

only those who know how to tolerate the mistakes of others and accommodate those who hurt themselves can be blessed forever.

the great wise must be modest, and the great good must be tolerant.

tolerance is not cowardice, but kindness, tolerance of others, but also tolerance of themselves.

when you are alive, relax your mind and look down on things, so that you can be bored, tolerate the hardships of all things, and help your life go smoothly.