The revelation of the fox (thought-provoking)

/August 2022

there is such a story in Aesop's Fables.

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the lion was too old to hunt any more, so he lay in the cave pretending to be sick and moaning.

whenever an animal comes in to visit, the lion takes advantage of its surprise and bites the visitor's neck hard.

all the beasts passed through the mouth of the cave and heard the moan of the lion. Without even thinking about it, they went in and visited them. Finally, without exception, they became a delicious meal on the plate.

one day, the fox came when he heard the sound, but unlike the beasts, he hesitated and looked left and right in front of the cave.

the lion was already hungry, smelled the fox and moaned harder:

the fox said:

the groans in the cave stopped abruptly, and the fox finally escaped.

as the ancients said, "make a decision and move later."

lack of thinking when something happens, blindly move forward but do not know how to change, it is easy to sink yourself into irrevocable fate.

when you encounter a dilemma that is difficult to choose, stop at the right time and let your mind turn around so that you can jump out of your immediate limitations and make a difference.

Life is the art of turning.


look at the problem from a different point of view

there is a saying in "casual love": "change is new, unchanged is rotten; change is living, unchanged is a board."

there are many difficulties in life, often not how difficult things are, but because they stick to the road in front of them.

as the saying goes, if you are poor, you will change, and if you change, you can change your mindset, and the problem that you can't figure out what to do may be easily solved.

Shen Wansan, written by the writer du Wenhe, knows this well.

approaching the season of tea on the market, he followed the caravan to buy tea.

however, Shen Wansan could not compete with the big business from the city, and even the tea that the tea farmer promised to sell to him was intercepted by others at a higher price.

seeing others come back with a full load, he got nothing. Unwilling, Shen Wansan got an idea and bought all the bamboo baskets nearby with a wave of his hand.

the tea merchants found that they lacked enough vehicles when they had to return, and finally had to go to Shen Wansan to buy bamboo baskets at a price five times higher than usual.

although Shen Wansan didn't sell a piece of tea, he still made a lot of money.

not only does business, Shen Wansan also knows how to change with the situation.

at the time of autumn harvest, Private Zhu Yuanzhang approached. In order to enable the people in the city to harvest food rations for the coming year, Shen Wansan came forward and begged Zhu Yuanzhang to postpone sending troops.

Zhu Yuanzhang had no intention of attacking the city, but when he heard that Shen Wansan was a super-rich in the south of the Yangtze River, he blackmailed him to contribute money to reward the armed forces.

Shen Wansan went out of town overnight with only 12 pieces of copper coins on him. Even if he raised money immediately, it would be difficult to satisfy Zhu Yuanzhang's appetite.

when he was in a dilemma, Shen Wansan changed his mind and immediately had an idea.

he glued copper coins together and made six copper coins with positive sides on both sides.

then he threw out the coins in front of all the officers and soldiers and told them that if all six coins were positive, it would show that they would win a complete victory in accordance with the will of God.

sure enough, seeing all the copper coins on the ground facing up, the morale of the armed forces was greatly boosted.

when Zhu Yuanzhang achieved his goal, he no longer made it difficult for him.

Liu Run once said: "mediocre people change results, good people change causes, and the most senior people change their minds."

No matter what you do, stick to habitual thinking and hit the south wall all the way, often thankless.

only when you change with the situation, you can learn to look at the problem from a different point of view and face difficulties.


make a change of heart and look at life

A young man was in pain because he was blind. He went to the divine doctor and asked how to cure his eyes.

the doctor told him that when he broke a thousand strings, his eyes would regain their light.

the young man played the piano day and night, and before he broke a thousand strings, he was already immersed in the sound of the piano and was no longer sad that he could not see it.

then he realized that what God heals is not the eye, but the heart.

as soon as the mindset changes, the originally dark life can also show a variety of colors.

there are all kinds of disappointments in the world, but in the final analysis, there is no insurmountable hurdle in life, only an insurmountable state of mind.

historians at the end of Ming Dynasty talked about moving for 24 years and finally wrote "Ming Shi Lu" at the age of 50.

however, he was tricked by fate. The night before he was about to go to print, his home was robbed and all the manuscripts of "Ming Shi Lu" were lost.

half of my life's hard work has been wasted, and anyone will have a mental breakdown.

at first, Tan Qian looked at the empty desk every day in a daze, mired in the torture of despair, confusion and remorse, and almost wanted to commit suicide.

but he quickly adjusted his mindset and regarded the accident as a God-given opportunity to examine the inadequacies in the manuscript.

turning the corner, he talked about regaining hope for life. In order to make up for the lack of details of historical materials in the original manuscript, he specially went to Beijing for an on-the-spot investigation.

then he talked about the relocation for four years and rewrote the "Ming Shi Lu" with more than 4 million words, which has become a masterpiece of historiography that has been handed down forever.

like Tan Qian, everyone will suffer an unbearable blow in their life, but what people lack is not the solution to the problem, but the ability to look at life with a different mindset.

just as psychologist Maslow said:

when you walk in the world, there are often mountains and rivers in front of you, but the road is at your feet and in your heart, so that your heart turns with the road, and the natural world is wide.

Life is more difficult, turn a corner and come over.


make a turn and go on another road.

actor Christopher became a household name for his starring role in Superman.

but while everyone was expecting Christopher to make a great career in acting, he fell off his horse while riding, leaving him paralyzed and spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

when he learned that he could not return to the screen, he said to everyone in despair, "Let me get out early."

in order to soothe his inner trauma, his family drove him around.

all the way, Christopher was indifferent to the beauty along the way, until they reached a mountain road, where there was always a cliff and there was no way to go, but there was a sign telling them to "turn ahead".

the sudden enlightenment after the turn made Christopher completely enlightened. He immediately gave up his obsession as an actor, switched to a career as a director, and finally became a best-selling author based on his life experience.

some people say: "in fact, life only does two things, one is to move forward, the other is to turn."

think about it, it is true.

when setbacks and misfortunes come, it is not that the future is broken, but a reminder that it is time to turn.

when God closes a door, you have to change direction to see another window he opened for you:

Mark Twain lost all his money in business several times, and finally found that he had considerable talent in writing, so he abandoned business and followed his writing. from then on, there was a famous writer in the literary world.

as a basketball player, Adelman knew that he lacked the athletic talent to become a top star, so he moved off the court early to become one of the coaches with the highest success rates in the history of the NBA.

Peking University talent Lu Buxuan's original dream was to compile dictionaries and revise dictionaries. Several times after graduation, he gave up his decent career to sell pork, such as this year's sales reached 1.8 billion yuan.

as the saying goes, "the straight road can be far from the horse, and the winding path can lead to seclusion."

Life does not have only one direction of struggle, instead of clinging to its obsession, one way to the dark, another way to harvest a different scenery.

Water is surrounded by shape, and people change with the trend. In a life that dares to turn, even if a road is blocked, you can find all the roads leading to Rome.

one day, the old man asked the young monk, "if you cannot advance or retreat, what can you do about it?"

the little monk replied, "step aside."

just four words, telling the true meaning of life.

in dealing with the world, the courage to forge ahead is valuable, but what is more rare is the wisdom of turning.

Let the mind turn, go to the water is poor, the road turns to the west bridge, it has its own willows and flowers;

Let the state of mind turn, and let go of all kinds of helplessness, let go and want to open up, from then on the world is wide;

Let the direction turn, although it is impossible to advance or retreat, it is a detour, it is a different hole.

in the second half of my life, may you and I not lose our determination to move forward, and be more determined to move forward.

the road ahead is smooth and unimpeded.