The quieter you are, the more powerful you are.

/November 2022

Zhou Guoping once wrote: "the best state of life is rich and quiet." Quiet is to get rid of the temptation of the outside world, rich because of the inner treasure. "

quiet, allowing people to gain inner strength.

the days of listening to the rain in silence and watching the mountains in silence are good enough.

quiet, can give birth to wisdom, so as to achieve the state of perfection.


quiet is the beginning of wealth

I like this passage very much: "calm your heart and settle down; work and earn a living, down-to-earth and diligent; treat people and things smoothly; all these are the true gods who bless you. You are your own god. "

when you are no longer impatient and noisy, you can clean up your life and do everything in an orderly way.

quiet is to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of others and return to your own world.

Qian Zhongshu is an outstanding writer with many admirers and fans.

many friends come to meet and chat with him, but he closes his door and chooses to be alone in peace.

after reading Fortress besieged, a lady felt very fond of it and wrote to Qian Zhongshu saying that she must meet.

Qian Zhongshu politely refused: "if you feel good about eating an egg, why do you have to see that hen?"

Qian Zhongshu's social circle is very simple and never likes to make friends with people.

all his life, he only had dealings with his wife, daughter and a few close friends, and spent the rest of his time quietly studying and writing.

High-quality silence is better than low-quality excitement.

as the philosopher Pascal said, "the only reason man is unhappy is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room."

quiet is a noble temperament that subtracts life, adds to the spiritual world, and focuses on what you like.

in a simple and quiet circle, your life will be richer.

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the quieter you are, the more you know about life

Schopenhauer once said, "A man with rich spirit will seek a quiet and simple life." Because the richer a person has, the less he needs what is outside of him. "

A person is a team.

sometimes, standing in a quiet corner, you can understand the hustle and bustle of life and get unlimited inspiration.

Mo Yan is the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

he has worked in the countryside for seven years, herding cattle, mowing grass, growing sorghum, growing cotton and so on.

when he finished his work every night, when everyone else was playing and amusing, he left the crowd and read in his room.

he first read comic books, then novels and historical novels, and spent most of his leisure time reading books, so he had a solid literary foundation.

Mo Yan said: "Literary creation is not a movement, it is highly individualized labor, writers should still think and work quietly." I choose to be a quiet person, because any excitement is short-lived. "

the formation of Mo Yan's character stems from the "short half" philosophy that his father has always taught him: be modest, keep a low profile, keep your tail tight, don't make public, don't shout, don't feel that the world can't hold you with a little bit of achievement.

people who are really quiet are not withdrawn, but keep a kind of pure silence.

keep quiet, don't show off, don't pander, be a quiet and decent person in your own world.


quietness is the top accomplishment.

Zhuangzi once wrote: "Tao is born in silence, virtue is born in humility; blessing is born in frugality, and life is born in harmony."

if you are not indifferent, you cannot be clear-minded, and if you are not quiet, you will be far away.

silence is not posturing, but a lifetime of self-cultivation.

Tao Yuanming is a talented poet who once fell into the shackles of officialdom.

in order to support his family, he entered the court and had to attend various cocktail parties with his leaders.

colleagues told Tao Yuanming that in officialdom, it is necessary to flatter dignitaries and make contacts in order to go further and further.

however, on this occasion, Tao Yuanming felt extremely uncomfortable. An upright and upright man, he wrote a letter of resignation and went back to his hometown.

after his retirement, Tao Yuanming lived a truly clean life, opening up wasteland and farming, accompanied by his wife and children, and flocks of chickens and ducks. Everything was so peaceful.

he wrote a series of pastoral poems and became the ancestor of the pastoral poetry school:

when he came back, the pastoral Wuhu did not return?

since you regard the heart as a physical service, you feel melancholy and sad?

realize the past without remonstrance, and those who know it can be traced back.

Tao Yuanming spent all his life to live the most ordinary and quiet life.

as the saying goes, quiet to cultivate oneself, frugality to cultivate morality.

24 hours a day, apart from sleeping, eating and working, we really leave ourselves no more than 2 hours alone.

so stop worrying about those worries, listen to your heart, and live every second of the moment.

A person's heart is quiet and simple, his circle is clean and simple, and his life is naturally smooth and complete.