The quieter the heart, the purer the man.

/November 2022

I have read such a story:

A carpenter dropped his watch on the floor covered with thick sawdust at work.

he hurriedly called several disciples to look for it, but he couldn't find it until it got dark, so he had to give up and planned to look for it tomorrow, but in the evening, his youngest son found his watch.

when asked by the carpenter, the son replied, "in the dead of night, I heard the ticking of my watch. I followed the sound and found it."

it is true that it is easy to find a large number of people, but when people are anxious and upset, they are always unable to catch it. On the contrary, it is easier to calm down and see the sun.

quietness is a kind of charm. Only by being quiet can one gain insight into things.


the power of silence trumps all

as the saying goes, "solid ink is silent and empty ink is silent, but half a bottle is still."

the impetuous people in the world are like half-hanging ink bottles, showing themselves everywhere, but they don't have much inside knowledge. People who are really capable are very quiet.

silence is a kind of power, a process of precipitation.

people learn and grow in silence, and they also change in silence, such as diving dragons into the abyss and turning dragons into the sea.

quiet in silence, thunderous in movement.

Li Jian, a famous musician, has made his debut for many years, rejecting company gossip, hype, and a large number of invitations to commercial performances and variety shows.

someone advised him: "show your face so that the audience won't forget you and stay popular."

but Li Jian still refused: "it's no fun to fight for fame and fortune."

when he is not performing, instead of picking up advertisements or commercial performances, he quietly lives in his own small world, returns to his family and focuses on creating music.

he spends most of the year in silence, tasting tea, growing flowers and writing songs.

although he has lived in seclusion for a long time and is quiet, every time he gives a concert, it must be full and it is hard to get a ticket.

quiet is not completely motionless, but grows when no one is looking. Silence is a kind of power. The quieter a person is, the stronger he is.

Mabel said: "to have a quiet mind is to grasp the whole mind; to have a stable spirit is to be able to command yourself."

quiet, stable, covered by the word "quiet".

Silence is a silent force. It is a rise based on accumulated strength. The more you know how to be quiet, the more successful you are.


the noblest

the world often sharpens its head for some broken silver, but some people regard fame and wealth as scourges.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu, this is such a person.

in the 1980s, Qian Zhongshu's "besieged Fortress" was filmed into a TV series, causing a wave of "besieged Fortress craze".

many people come to visit just to see Qian Zhongshu's elegant demeanor.

but Qian Zhongshu was not pleased with this, but added annoyance. He declined the visitors and said to Yang Jiang, "if I don't have a name, how quiet we should be!"

as the ancients said, "if the heart moves, all things move; if the mind is still, all things are still."

compared with a rich and powerful life, a quiet and comfortable life is the pursuit of Mr. Qian Zhongshu.

peace of mind, so resist the temptation of fame and wealth; quiet, so leisurely.

there is no absolute cleanliness in the world, but as long as peace of mind and peace of mind, everywhere in the world is a pure land.

as Feng Zikai said, "since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no such thing, it is better to be relieved."

keep a state of "emptiness and serenity". Only if a heart does not hide filth and accept dirt, it will be clearer.

Let go of what you don't want, let go of what you don't deserve, hold a meditation, and repair a person's cleanliness is your lifelong pursuit.


quiet, it is a human spiritual practice

the world is too impetuous, full of intrigues and intrigues. People face the pressure of life and devote themselves to the flood of fame and wealth to make meagre profits and support their families.

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so that too many people forget that life is the process of spiritual practice, and silence is the state of spiritual practice.

there is a word "meditation" in yoga, which means to focus on breathing, get rid of the five senses, put aside distractions, and keep people in a quiet state.

the "study of ink" in calligraphy is also a quiet practice. As the saying goes, "reading is a real career, grinding ink is a quiet process."

tasting tea and smelling incense are all spiritual practices in a quiet state.

there was once a limerick in the Master University of traditional Chinese painting:

No dispute over the length is not far away, but fame and wealth are wide. Advise you not to pretend to be troublesome, and the more time goes by, the more happy you will be.

the content is easy to understand, and it is clear at a glance that only by putting aside fame and wealth and not fighting for right or wrong can we have a wide world and a happy heart.

silence is a kind of practice that each of us should have. Only by being quiet can we keep ourselves.

the world is too messy, people are too busy, if the heart is calm, people will not be hurt. If you are quiet, you will not be confused; if you are pure, things will not be disturbed.

May we all be able to build a meditation and live this life peacefully in the muddy world.