The quickest way to get rid of a person is to stay up late.

/June 2022

not long ago, the China Sleep Research Association released the 2020 "White Paper on Chinese Sleep during the COVID-19 epidemic", which shows that

is not just during COVID-19 's house, even if the epidemic has eased and everything is on the right track. this figure is basically unchanged.

stay up late for a while, stay up late all the time.

not sleeping well is one of the major problems in life, but there are always people who don't care, and people who commit crimes knowingly.


if you stay up late, you will really lose face

the family party two days ago, the son said that my sister's face is now full of pimples and is not as beautiful as she used to be.

I took a closer look and found that it was.

as soon as he asked his cousin, he sighed:

in fact, acne is only the slightest kind of acne when staying up late to exert its power. the body is young and the body can stand "making", but as long as you are over 25 years old, it's not just acne.

the most common is "hair loss". Every time I take a bath and wash my hair, I find that I can get the next handful of hair.

in addition, thickening pores and darkening faces will become the norm. When you want to start to change, you will find that the pores are irreversible and the hairline will not move forward.

No matter how beautiful the face is, it will gradually become ugly if it doesn't grow disabled after staying up late for a long time, which cannot be made up by expensive skin care products.

in addition to "becoming ugly", there is also a kind of fat, called "stay up late and fat".

the human body has a biological clock. Most people wake up around 6-9 o'clock in the morning and go to bed at 10-12:00 in the evening.

when you violate your biological clock and sleep irregularly, it will destroy the balance of immune, endocrine function and lipid metabolism, and change the composition of intestinal microorganisms in mice, resulting in increased dietary fatty acid intake and fat storage.

to put it simply, fat will quietly grow as you stay up late.

in the case of limited sleep, fat also favors your abdomen. You will find that your belly gets bigger as you boil, and you pinch it with a lump of meat.

"getting ugly" and "getting fat" are only the slightest side effects of staying up late. It is telling you in the most direct way that this is only the first step in the harm of staying up late, and those who do not listen will sooner or later be more seriously threatened.


if you stay up late, you will not be far from Alzheimer's.

some time ago, you worked overtime to work on a project. I stayed up late for three consecutive days until 3: 00 in the morning. I always felt that my brain didn't work. My wife told me that I was often off-line these days, as if I had become silly.

the child called Mom, and I heard my father. My wife asked me to take a courier. I went around the neighborhood and found that I didn't know what I was going to do, and went upstairs empty-handed.

later found that staying up late to do the project, on the contrary, made some small mistakes that could be avoided. The client laughed at me: was staying up stupid? these mistakes should not be made at all.

the older you get, the more you can feel the negative power of staying up late.

it's okay to stay up late for a week when I was young, but now I have to stay up for a few days, not only to "renew my life" with black coffee, but also to suffer a series of side effects such as trance, poor memory and slow reaction.

in fact, our brains produce a lot of metabolites, such as adenosine and beta-amyloid, when they consume energy.

adenosine is a sleepy chemical that urges you to go to bed quickly.

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and β-amyloid is a toxic protein, which is also the key to Alzheimer's disease.

if you always stay up late and stay up late, these metabolites will increase. Just imagine, there is more and more rubbish in your brain, and how much room is left for it to run at high speed.

just like our mobile phone memory, it takes up only 1 gigabyte, and stutter becomes an inevitable phenomenon.

I have seen a test in which scientists divided 66 subjects into four groups to control how long they slept and asked them to take an attention test after waking up every day. let them press the button as fast as they can when they see the video signal.

the results showed that the less people slept at night, the slowest reaction speed, and with the increase of sleep deprivation and staying up late, the reaction speed became slower and slower.

Why do we always say that we should pay attention to sleep and go to bed early and get up early, because the process of sleeping is also a process in which the body automatically cleans up the brain? only when the brain is relaxed, it won't get stuck.

then I joked and laughed at myself at my wife. There is a way to get stupid for free. Do you know what it is?

stay up late! The more you endure, the more stupid you get, the more stupid you suffer every day.


if you stay up late again, your heart will be overwhelmed. Over the years, you often see similar news:

A Sun Yat-sen University graduate who has just joined an Internet company for only four months, died suddenly in sleep

31-year-old Mr. Li stayed up late playing games until 2-3 p.m., and the hospital found that the heart function was only 35%, with heart failure.


I always think that these examples are far away from us, that misfortune will not fall on us, that I will forget it once I have seen it, and that it takes three minutes to attract attention occasionally.

but when you are really trapped in it, you will find that "staying up late will die" is not an exaggeration.

A person's normal heart rate is 60 beats per minute. After falling asleep, the heart rate slows down to 10-30 beats per minute less than when awake, and the heart can be relaxed.

and when you stay up late for 1 hour, your heart rate will increase by about 40%, and this effect will last at least 12 hours.

Why do many people find out after staying up lateI am flustered, confused, I always feel that I am out of breath in my chest, and even the "sudden death" that I often hear in the news is due to heart problems.

the heart rate increases, the blood flow of the heart increases, the blood pressure rises, and the arrhythmia occurs.

the human heart is a very delicate organ, and all heart-related diseases will increase the difficulty of treatment by at least three levels.

in particular, some people often stay up all night without talking, like to drink, smoke and eat midnight snacks, and live on the road of "killing themselves" all the time. Their hearts are so loaded that they may be overwhelmed one day.

some people think it's alarmism. A literature collection of 34 large studies shows that among people on long-term night shifts, the risk of stroke increases by 5%, the risk of myocardial infarction increases by 23%, and the risk of coronary artery disease increases by 24%.

if you often find yourself with chest tightness, rapid heartbeat, flustered and upset, don't be careless, go to the hospital early for an examination, and don't stay up late.

Sleep is the best cure for the heart.


in fact, it is not necessary for most people to stay up late.

there is no need to stay up late to finish the work. Can't you do it in the morning?

the game doesn't have to play a few games to have fun, and staying up late watching TV shows won't speed up the plot.

even after a long day, you don't have to say "hello" to your phone if you want to have your own private time.

everything is an excuse, and people who really know how to be good to themselves will not be unable to sleep even the most basic.

people who are really smart have long known that staying up late is self-inflicted, and the consequences will become more and more difficult to eliminate as they get older.

Don't stay up late!

from today on, go to bed an hour early.

from now on, don't play with your cell phone before you go to bed.

from today on, take good care of your skin, eyes, heart and brain.

starting today, it's a challenge to go to bed early and get up early for a week.

for yourself, but also for your family, for life, but also for a more healthy and comfortable tomorrow.