The power to calm down (good text in depth)

/June 2022


the ancients said: peace of mind means physical well-being.

people have quiet breath, they can read even if they live in a busy city; if there is no quiet breath, no one around feels impetuous.

what is quiet?

static is to precipitate the soul, let the miscellaneous things sift out little by little, and let the pure things stay little by little. Including who to get along with, tolerant of getting along with that person bit by bit.

what is quiet?

to be quiet is not to keep yourself silent, but to keep your heart at peace. Empty your troubles, throw away the dregs, keep it simple, be pure, and don't think about it.

what is quiet?

static is a kind of wisdom. Do not want those unpleasant things, leave those intriguing people, so that their own communication is no longer complicated, so that their own life is no longer noisy.

Zhuge Liang said:

if you are not indifferent, you cannot make clear your mind, and you cannot go far without serenity.

in fact, quiet is not a kind of indifference, is it not a kind of calmness, is it not a kind of letting go?

there are some things, the more you care about, the more nervous you are, the more scared you are, the more it hurts you.

as the saying goes: come what you are afraid of.

those who are invincible are not without weaknesses or naturally cheerful, but because they swallow so much bitter water that they slowly don't feel much pain even if they have more bitter water.

people, no matter how unwilling you are and how aggrieved you are, you have to calm down completely and think about what you want in order to have the motivation to go ahead.

Heart, no matter what you can't put down and how uncomfortable you are, you have no choice but to calm yourself down and let those wounds scar slowly. Maybe you will find that the person you persist in is actually the best result to be a friend.

stillness is a kind of wisdom, do not be frightened, do not argue about everything, hone your will and calm your mood.


in life, there is no difficult problem that cannot be solved. Sometimes, it is not how great the difficulties are, but because we refuse to make peace with life, just for a moment of anger.

take a look again after that, those so-called mountains that are difficult to cross have already become slopes of memory.

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the Book of Commandments: quiet to cultivate self-cultivation, frugality to cultivate morality.

reflect on yourself by meditation, make yourself more perfect, cultivate yourself with frugality, and make yourself more noble.

on the way of life, we will encounter a lot of trouble and many changes. There is no need for us to compete with others. We care about face and make us work hard.

in a noisy society and complex hearts, we need to calm down, constantly improve ourselves, and make life as simple as possible.

tolerate more, do not casually have contradictions, know the importance, and do not casually utter evil words.

Let your heart be quiet, let your life be industrious and frugal, don't fight for something that doesn't belong to you, don't ask for what you left a long time ago, stick to your goals, and don't be swayed by others.

calm down, you will find that your heart is more and more peaceful, your mind is clearer and clearer, you lose your temper less and less, and your life is easier and easier.

quiet, can reduce annoyance, can increase happiness, can reduce burden, can edify temperament.

Life, because of calmness, time, because of stillness.

May everyone calm down, savor the gains and losses of life, underestimate the best part of life, and gain a better life!