The power of laughter (depth good article)

/October 2022

people often say that laughter is the best panacea in the world.

it has no color, but it can make the world colorful; it has no smell, but it can make people overflowing with fragrance; it has no shape, but it affects everything in the world and human feelings.

it is true.

three thousand things in life, happy or sad or insipid, all in a smile.


smiling at adversity is the wisdom of survival

the Ballad of relief says: "when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, sorrow goes on for a day, and joy for another day."

in the face of adversity, instead of having a sad look on his face, it is better to "feel at ease when you come". Put a smile on your face, not only brighten yourself, but also shine on others.

in her early years, Yang Jiang was beaten as a "cow ghost and snake god" to accept "transformation". Those difficult years never erased the light in her heart.

she changes her clothes every day and insists on keeping herself clean. After being forced to shave the head of Yin and Yang, he still smiled: "when I was a child, I envied my brother for shaving his head, but now it has finally come true."

with a beam of soft light in her heart, she warmed the sorrows of those years and softened the long years of her life.

I have heard a saying that life is all bruises except life and death.

when misunderstood, it's no big deal to smile; when aggrieved, it's okay to smile, turn around and cry; when you have no choice, smile and all the complaints go with the wind.

as the Book Dream says, "it is hard to live a life with a smile."

Life is only more than 30,000 days, and there is not much time to hurt spring and autumn.

if you have smiled, you will understand that all the hardships you have suffered and the hardships you have suffered will become the light of the world and light the way under your feet.

Destiny does not favor anyone, but favors those who move towards the light.


laughing at prosperity is respect for life

some people say that prosperity is only temporary, not a lifetime, so don't get carried away. But Tao Yuanming said, "you have to be happy."

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Life is supposed to be like this: cry when it's time to cry and laugh freely when it's time to laugh. Otherwise, it may become "if the heyday does not come again, it will be difficult to do so in the morning".

in this life, nine times out of ten, there are already unsatisfactory things, so why be trapped in "born in sorrow and die in peace and contentment"? One day is very short, and the whole life is not long, so why should we be confined to the vision and evaluation of "look at him"?

everything in the world has cause and effect.

maybe you have unwittingly let go of an ant passing by, or you have not hesitated to lend a helping hand to people in a sea of suffering.

the good karma formed yesterday has made today's happy event; the good cause planted in the past has contributed to today's joy.

as the proverb goes, "there is nothing in the world to worry about."

Life is not complicated, it is people who make it too complicated; in fact, the world is not complicated, what is complicated is the human heart.

be real and simple.

laugh up to the sky and go out and accept the gift of life calmly. If you can't appreciate the splendor of the world, how can you surpass the undercurrent?

the sea of life, naturally smiling at prosperity is the greatest respect for life.


A writer said: "Life will never be as good as we think, but it will not be as bad as we think."

I think so.

there are two characters, one for adversity and the other for prosperity. Plain, standing between two strokes with such a smile, either far or near, high and low.

heard a short story.

A young monk shook the tree hard, hoping to shake down the fallen leaves of tomorrow.

but the next day, the young monk was disappointed. A lot of things were swept yesterday, but today's yard is still covered with fallen leaves.

Master saw this and said meaningfully, "No matter how hard you try today, tomorrow's fallen leaves will still float down."

the same is true of life.

the noise of gongs and drums is sometimes lonely, but the insipid life is still neither too early nor too late, neither increasing nor decreasing.

the existence of every day is a miracle; the repetition of every day is a harvest; and the insipidity of every share is worth a smile.

smiling to be insipid, is a gratitude to life.

be grateful for its quiet continuation in the complexity and trivialities, for its orderly ups and downs in the cycle, and for its orderly ups and downs.

through half of my life, after going through wind, frost, rain and snow, and reading all the vicissitudes of life, I finally realized that life is long, plain and light is true, and peace and stability is love.

Zhou Guoping said: "No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

everything starts from the heart, a smile solves a thousand sorrows; everything laughs away, time has its own answer.

from today on, smile every day.

in such a numerous and beautiful years, step over the fetters, shake up, relax your mind, and move forward with a smile.

when you smile at the world, the world will smile at you. Encourage each other.