The power of good habits (amazing)

/August 2022

Xunzi said, "if you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles, and if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas."

in life, some small habits seem to be inadvertently, but in fact, the power is boundless, good habits can make a person, bad habits are enough to destroy a person.

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long-term adherence to good habits is enough to change your life!

Life is but the sum of countless habits

A philosopher once said, "Life is but the sum of countless habits."

in fact, each of our words and deeds, every move, are deeply affected by habits, from daily habits, we can see whether we can achieve success in the future, this is the power of habits.

once, someone did a special study to find out why the poor are poor and why the rich are rich.

after five years of research, he found that the rich have some good habits, while the poor rarely have these habits.

these habits are: read often, get up early, spend 30 minutes a day thinking, not blindly, not following the crowd.

these habits are easy to do in a short time, but difficult to stick to for a long time, and it is because of these habits that they lead to a completely different fate.

as the saying goes, "dripping water wears away the stone, but the rope saw breaks the wood." to do anything, the most important thing is persistence and perseverance.

from now on, you can benefit from developing good habits every day and sticking to them day and night.

habit becomes natural

Confucius once said, "when few become natural, habit becomes natural."

the general idea is a good habit developed in childhood, which, like nature, is deeply engraved in the bones.

Britain's "Iron Lady" Thatcher, when she was young, she was asked by her father to strive for the first place, and she must forge ahead in everything she does.

even if you take the bus, you are not allowed to sit in the back, sit in the front row if you want to sit, and do not complain or lose confidence in any situation, let alone say "I can't", "it's too difficult" and so on.

it was because of the idea of striving for the first place that Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first female prime minister.

she once said a very classic saying:

pay attention to your thoughts, because it will become words; pay attention to your words, because it will become actions;

pay attention to your actions, because it will become a habit; pay attention to your habits, because it will become character;

pay attention to your character, because it will determine your destiny.

with the idea of striving forward bravely and never flinching, she successfully changed her fate and became a prime minister with less than one person and more than ten thousand people.

as the saying goes, "reap what you sow, reap what you sow". People will enjoy what kind of life they sow in this lifetime.

if you have good habits, you will have amazing power!

in the UK, the previous professional cycling team never won a medal in the world series until the emergence of a new performance director, who made the British team famous and shocked the world in just five years.

since then, the British team has won many Olympic gold medals and even won five consecutive championships in the Tour de France.

A series of amazing achievements made people impressed and asked why, and he said that he had only made some small changes.

for example, a series of subtle measures such as using massage gel to better restore muscles, improve hygiene habits, reduce the risk of colds, and let team members get enough sleep.

he just separated each link and improved each part, and the whole improved significantly.

this is the power of habit. A philosopher once said, "habit is a great and tenacious force, and it can dominate life."

in life, bad habits are easier to form than good ones, so finding your own bad habits and correcting them is a good start.

A generation of great Franklin, when he found that he had very serious bad habits, he listed them all and struggled with one bad habit every week.

after a long period of persistence, he successfully overcame it and became one of the most influential figures in history.

people are good, not because they have good habits, but because they become better and better because they have countless good habits.

these good habits are like Rain Water, which moistens everything in silence, but has the power of dripping water to wear away a stone.

if you want to control your destiny in your whole life, you must first control yourself and start with forming good habits.

when you become good, the whole world will become better! Share with you!