The power of appreciation (good text in depth)

/June 2022

the philosopher Francis Bacon once said:

when people are alive, it is a bit difficult to truly appreciate others, but it is not easy to appreciate themselves magnanimously.


knowing how to appreciate others is magnanimous

Lin Qingxuan once reported the story of a thief's crime when he was a reporter. At the end of the article, he could not help sighing:

unexpectedly, the thief changed his life because of this sentence, and later became the boss of several mutton stove shops in Taiwan.

in an encounter, the boss sincerely said to Lin Qingxuan:

Lin Qingxuan's casual praise can make a person reborn like a new life.

you can see how powerful the power of appreciation is.

appreciation is the epitome of one's character.

if a person's appearance is not very outstanding, we can appreciate his talent and knowledge;

if a person's family situation is not ideal, we appreciate his drive when he works hard;

if a person's mind is not very smart, we can appreciate his steadfastness and willingness to do things;

if a person's behavior is not flexible enough, we can appreciate his eloquence when he speaks.

Confucius said: if three people walk, there must be a teacher.

knowing how to appreciate others is not only the ability to "choose the good and follow it", but also the demonstration of a person's excellent character and the embodiment of a person's magnanimity.

Sebutler also said: those who know how to appreciate others are bound to be appreciated by others.

in life, you can take the initiative to discover the advantages of others with appreciation, and over time, others are bound to respond to you with appreciation.

only by appreciating each other can we support each other, and at the same time bring endless strength to each other, so that people can make progress.

Carnegie said: to appreciate others is a kind of bearing, a kind of discovery, a kind of understanding, a kind of wisdom, a kind of realm.

every compliment you give may give you an echo of life in some way at some point in the future, just like:

if you give trust, you will gain trust;

if you give praise, you will gain support;

if you give love, you will inevitably get love.


knowing how to appreciate yourself is wisdom

Sanmao said:

if a person lives in this world, he will inevitably be said to be long and short by people around him.

if you care too much about other people's thoughts and opinions, you must be the one who will suffer in the end.

if you always think about changing yourself because of what other people say, you must be the one who will suffer in the end.

Wang Mingyang said:

that is to say, what your heart is, your world is what it is.

if a person's understanding of himself is clear, affirmed and appreciated, then no matter how others talk about it, we can be calm.

someone asked Yu Guangzhong: "Li ao finds fault with you every day, and you never respond. Why?"

Yu Guangzhong said: "scolding me every day shows that he can't live without me, but I don't care, which proves that I can live without him."

Yu Guangzhong pays no attention to the frequent fault-finding of others, not so much because of his character and upbringing, but because he has a clear affirmation of himself and more wisdom about life.

as the saying goes, what is right and wrong is in oneself, and the reputation is destroyed by others.

I know what I am, I know how good I am, if you have to slander, why should I cooperate with you to make something out of nothing and unreasonable?

if my heart doesn't move, what can I do?

our life will always be more magnificent because of inner calmness, and life will be more enjoyable because of inner calmness.

knowing how to appreciate yourself is a kind of self-confidence and conviction that "heaven and earth make my talents have their own usefulness". Everyone has their own greatness and is unique.

and you don't need to rely on others to prove your excellence.

learn to appreciate yourself, not only to respect yourself, but also to take care of and love yourself.

appreciating yourself is not narcissism, nor complacency, but self-reliance, knowing that you are different, and being able to take the initiative to give full play to your strengths.

people who appreciate themselves will have more courage to face the setbacks and difficulties in life. There is no mountain that cannot be climbed, and there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed.

learn to appreciate yourself, and you will gradually find that even if we grow old, our hearts are always young.

as Zhiqiu said: if flowers have fragrance, they will fall in love with bees and butterflies; if people have taste, they will have their own bosom friends.

the power of appreciation is that while bringing warmth and encouragement to others, it will also make you a person with love and light in your heart.


appreciate Sanmao's words:

"it's really a beautiful thing to be alive, not because the scenery is so beautiful and magnificent, but in who you meet and get warmed up."

then hope that one day, I will also become a little sun to warm others. "

We may never know how positive a casual compliment and appreciation can bring to others.

similarly, we may not be able to estimate how many rumors and injuries in our lives will be blocked by an affirmation and appreciation of ourselves.

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appreciation is a light in our lives.

it brings us love and warmth, and fills our lives with infinite possibilities and expectations.

knowing how to appreciate others is a measure; knowing how to appreciate yourself is a kind of wisdom.