The old couple in the Love letter.

/December 2022

I read the Love letter for the first time because "Beijing meets Seattle" has a good reputation, and I personally prefer the combination of Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei.

I read the Love letter for the second time because I recently read a book called "seeing a letter like meeting". From this, I remembered the story of that old couple, and found that I didn't read it seriously enough for the first time, so I wanted to brush it again.

I actually like this movie, but in the end, I can only give you 6 points. Because at the end of the meeting between Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo is too strong, too unnatural, I would rather they two do not meet. Meeting without foreshadowing and without reason is more illogical than being secretly exchanged letters.

they should miss each other because of this, and this will be the best ending of the film.

because the letter is very slow, I think a lot when I write it, so I use it deeply. It is the "slowness" of the letter that makes the letter good. But you can't ignore the fact that the "good" of letters also comes from its sense of insecurity.

when you write a letter, you don't know who the other person is with right now. Like using Wechat, you can't judge whether the other person doesn't want to reply to you because she has posted a new circle of friends, nor can you judge the other person's mood at the moment by chasing her life and soul Call. You can only guess, guess how the other person will react to the letter, guess the next reply, and guess whether the other person likes you or not.

when you read the letter, you don't know if the other person has met someone better than you at the moment, maybe the other person has changed his mind after sending it, or his life has changed dramatically because of some changes, and the worst result is that he has moved, all of which you can't be sure until the next letter.

so letters are dangerous, and human beings are born to pursue stability, so in order to crowd out danger, letters are bound to be replaced by technology.

so Daniel and Jiaoye should miss the opportunity, because the relationship starting from the letter is too dangerous. Through letters, how can you be sure that the other person is the one you can love for the rest of your life?

the spiritual fit is too far from the running-in in life.

Daniel and Jiaoye are people from different worlds from childhood to childhood. Is it a good thing for them to meet?

I always doubt it.

that's why I like that old couple, who play the role of guiding Daniel's self-redemption in the play. they are the supporting roles in the play, but they become the protagonists of the whole play in my heart.

the grumpy grandfather and the delicate grandmother seem to play their own roles in the relationship, one strong and the other weak. But from the dialogue in the play, we can find that

Grandpa's strength is just overexert.

Grandma's weakness is just a sign of weakness.

there was a scene in which I was very impressed. In order to coax my grandmother not to cry, my grandfather said, "you are eighty, not eighteen. How humiliating it is to be seen."

Grandma immediately replied, "I'm eighty, I think." Unlike you at 86, you are still showing off your power everywhere. I told you not to drive and drive, and you hit the house like this. "

Grandpa sighed and said, "I can afford it without insurance. I won't let you live in a dilapidated house."

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at that moment, I thought Grandpa was not being brave, but very masculine.

as soon as Grandpa's side was said to be "capable", the other end took out a letter to his grandson and said to Grandma, "come here, write your name, this letter, even if you wrote it." Because he knew that Grandma was uneducated and could not write anything but her own name.

Men are always like this. Even if they are willing to give the whole world to each other from the bottom of their heart, as long as there is an outsider standing next to them, they will be wrapped in a male chauvinist tone when they speak out their sweet words, and they enjoy the moment of showing their power in front of outsiders. And all they need is the woman's temporary sign of weakness at the moment: "We'll talk about it when we get home, and you'll give me some face outside."

this kind of male chauvinism infiltrated into Grandpa's bones. When he confessed his true feelings in church, he said, "Don't blame me for not being nice. I think it's 80%. You have to go ahead of me."

"how do you deal with a lot of things in your family, and you love to cry? you can't change it when you're 70 or 80. I'm even more worried about leaving you there to cry. Old woman, before you die, you get sick and painful, and it's really annoying. But don't worry, no matter how annoying you are, I won't dislike you. Of course, I have a bad temper, if you get to the other end, if you want to wait for me, if you don't want to, you can find someone with a better temper than me, and I promise. Then let's make a deal. On the tombstone, I'll free up a piece, and then I'll carve my name next to you, okay? "

the question of death before death is actually very interesting. In the past, we talked about the word "sacrifice" for the one who died first. But in Grandpa and Grandma's life, sacrifice is the one who dies later. Life has been thoroughly thought out by the two elders. They are no longer entangled with interests and see only each other.

so Grandpa hopes that Grandma will go first, because in Grandpa's bones, a man should be the one who bears everything.

Grandma didn't show any disagreement. she was still so smart that she accepted her grandfather's kindness in tears and only said, "Thank you."

the fact that they have been helping each other for 70 years has not turned love into kinship, which is what moves me most in the whole play.

Grandma seems to be the weak side, but she has great wisdom. At the end of the story, Grandpa left her first. she was neither anxious nor slow, nor happy nor sad, so she took her grandfather back to her hometown with Daniel. We always thought she was the one being taken care of, but in fact, we all know that she has been taking care of the grandfather of the big man.

her non-piercing, timely patience, and unintentional puncturing are actually inTell us she knows everything.

she can't read, and there is light in her eyes when she admits to Daniel that her grandfather is good at learning, but we also know that in her relationship with her grandfather, her grandfather should be more blessed.

I have recently been reading a book called "seeing Letters like meeting". It is a collection of celebrity letters, which contains 124 letters from celebrities from various countries, including many major events in history and anecdotes of dignitaries, stars, artists and scientists.

there are a lot of unexpected letters in it. Maybe they are not fascinating stories, but after I pick them up, I don't want to put them down. Because these words, like the dialogue between Grandma and Grandpa in the Love letter, are true and full of wisdom.

when the publisher said to me, why don't you pick one of our book reviews?

as soon as I finished reading the Love letter, I replied: "it would be better to see the letter."

I opened one of the letters, which was written by the wife of Aldous Huxley, the writer of the Beautiful New World, which recorded Adolis's last days. Like the grandparents of the Love Letters, their husbands, who were supposed to shoulder everything, left before their wives.

I intercepted a short section of it, and you can see:

he is very quiet now, his legs are getting cold, and the purple of his body is gradually emerging. Then I said to him, "relax, be free." What I said to him at night over the past few weeks before he went to bed, now I said in a more persuasive, stronger tone-"Let go, honey, forward, up." You are moving forward, walking upward; you are walking towards the light, voluntarily and consciously, and you are walking beautifully; you are walking so beautifully-you are moving towards the light; you are moving towards greater love; you are moving forward and upward. Relax, be free. Forward, up. You are taking my love to Maria's love. You are heading for a greater love that you do not know. "

Yes, she is persuading her husband to give up his life. Because as a wife, she knows best how painful Adolis is in this struggle with the disease. Since suffering from throat cancer, Adosi has become restless and delirious. She knew that her husband didn't like her, but he couldn't let go of his creative inspiration.

before Adolis died, she wanted to ask a lot of questions because it was her only chance. But she said this:

maybe I should have asked more questions, but I didn't.

I can't control my emotions occasionally. Then I immediately leave the bedside for two or three minutes. When I can control my emotions, I'll go back.

seeing here, I think of my grandparents in the movie, as well as my own grandparents. My grandpa also left before my grandma. I wonder, in the last moments of their lives, what kind of faith do they have, these little women who have great wisdom but pretend to know nothing, to muster up their courage and put away their tears at this moment when they are facing the most difficult fate? face the life alone from now on.

they send the other half they have loved for decades to leave the world, and no matter how sad they are, they still wave and say to each other, "go ahead and wait for me there."

perhaps in their hearts, they have already written a farewell letter and sent it to their cowardly self, because they have to go alone in the future.

many of the letters in "seeing a letter like meeting" give me the same thinking. If there were no letters, would anyone remember the stories of those people? Is the text that exists on the Internet really real?

our age has abandoned slow, dangerous letters and ushered in real or bottomless nothingness.

I don't have an answer, so I suggest you read this book, because you'll get a lot of wisdom that modern life can't tell you. It's so charming that if you get it, you don't have to read it all at once, preferably early in the morning, while having breakfast while reading one of the articles.

then make it an interesting part of your life, tell people you think are important, and share interesting stories with them.

well, this book review is too long. It's time to accept it. If my story moves you, you might as well buy it and move someone else.