The mother cried countless people for the letter of her son who was tired of learning: reading is hard, but not reading is even harder.

/September 2022

Dear son:

the other day you sent a funny video to your mother, and you couldn't help shouting their slogan:

"I love learning, and learning makes my mother happy." My mother is happy and the whole family is happy. "

you said they were so awesome that they shouted out your hearts, and your eyes twinkled with longing when you said this.

I was a child, how can I not see the yearning in your eyes?

I have also rebelled, how can I not read between the lines?

maybe it's time to talk to you about learning.


the world is punishing children who don't study hard.

son, do you remember Hanghai brother?

you used to envy him that he could read comics in class, play outside in the evening self-study, and disobey adults not to do their homework.

when he decided to drop out of school and go out into the world without telling his family.

more than once, consciously or unconsciously, you praised him for living too chic, very much like a knight-errant in a martial arts novel, who can travel around the world in fresh clothes.

and you, alone, can only struggle in the ocean of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

it's just that you don't know what happened later on the voyage.

because he has no education, he can't find a job, so he has to play games, eat instant noodles and sleep in Internet cafes.

penniless, he went to work as an apprentice in a barbershop with no salary, food and accommodation.

when his family found him, his hands were covered with blisters, some of which were already suppurated.

he cried and said he regretted it and wanted to come back and study hard.

but after all, it has been abandoned for too long, and his foundation is too poor, so he still can't go to high school, so he has to go out early to work.

Real life is so cruel, in this world where everyone is fighting, if there is no competitiveness, it is destined to be eliminated by the society.

Let me show you another picture.

the boy's name is Xu Mengnan. He was the examinee who scored 0 in the college entrance examination in 2008. He was the hero of many children at that time.

more than a decade later, when he mentioned his "feat" at that time, the most common sentence he said was: "I regret it."

he said:

"if someone had advised me at that time, I would not have scored zero."

is it true that no one advised him?

I don't think so. I just haven't experienced the bitterness of life, and all the advice falls on deaf ears.

in the past ten years, because he had no education, he had to move around in various factories and did almost all the dirty work.

Ten years ago, he must have never thought that he would live at the bottom of the valley, full of chicken feathers.

son, do you want to live like this in the future?

do you want to walk into a tall building confidently in a straight suit, or do you want to take a shoulder-to-shoulder job on a construction site?

do you want to rack your brains for a project in the office, or do you want to run in the rain to deliver a takeout on time?

Mom is not saying that these physical jobs are not good, as long as they rely on their own efforts to survive, everyone should be proud.

it's just that mom wants you to have the ability to choose the lifestyle you want.

after all, when you stand in a tall building and look out into the distance, you see a beautiful view.

while standing at the bottom and looking down, it's a mess.

Mom can tell you honestly.

is it hard to study? Bitter.

are you tired of reading? Tired.

however, children without knowledge are more bitter, and children without education are more tired.

if you think about it, which is more bitter than sitting in the room reading at night, rather than still running for survival in the middle of the night?

the hardship of reading is only 20 years.

the bitterness of life will make you suffer for a lifetime.


Reading is not the only way out, but the easiest way in life.

son, do you often wonder why you study so hard?

Don't rush to answer, let's keep talking.

I remember when you watched the news from Maotanchang Middle School, you opened your eyes wide and asked in disbelief:

"Mom, they have to do 5,000 papers a year, an average of 13 papers a day?

are they examination machines?

Let me tell you secretly, my mother has also had such a crazy experience.

my mother's hometown is a small barren village, and my grandparents are honest farmers.

at that time, there were only two ways in front of my mother, one was not to study, but to go home and plough the fields, and the other was to go to college and get an examination of the village.

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at that time, many aunts of the same age as their mother gave up studying.

I have been shaken, but when I looked at the endless field, I was afraid. I was afraid that I could see my head at a glance.

so I told your grandfather that I wanted to read.

I read like crazy and obsessed with learning.