The most useless thing in the world is anger.

/October 2022

Buddha said that anger is the fire in the heart, which can burn meritorious Delin.

when you are angry, you not only cannot solve the problem, but also waste time, money and even life.

so, the stupidest thing in the world is to be angry, and the most useless thing is still angry!


Why should people be angry?

as the saying goes, "Water must have a source, and a tree must have a foundation."

the cause of annoyance, the root of anger.

everything happens for a reason, and people's joys and sorrows all come from their own emotions.

I have read such a story:

there was a bad-tempered practitioner who wanted to change his temper, so he specially built a temple and paid a lot of money to make a plaque hanging from the temple gate.

as a result, this spiritual practitioner always explains his belief in doing good to people who come and go, and has won the admiration and support of many people.

A passer-by asked him, "what is written on the plaque?"

the practitioner smiled and said, "Bairen Temple."

passers-by asked again, and the practitioner said impatiently, "hundred Ninja Temple!"

passers-by smiled and asked again, and the practitioner gritted his teeth and said, "hundred-patience-Temple!" Don't you understand people? "

passers-by said with a smile, "you are furious after only saying it three times. Why build this Bainen Temple?"

in fact, the gap between people lies in the state of mind.

We can't control the encounter, but we can control our emotions.

99% of life's anger comes from yourself. If you are not angry, then no one can make you angry.

you can choose to resent and be angry, but in the same way, your world will become a tough hell.

when you reach middle age, don't be angry. When you get sick, there is no one to replace you. You still have to cherish your own body.


being angry is a stupid thing

tells us in the Theory of Great Wisdom: "anger is the root of poison and destroys all good."

getting angry is the stupidest thing to do.

when people get angry, troubles and obstacles rise, which can destroy all kinds of blessings accumulated in life.

according to historical records, when Lu Mengzheng, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, first entered the court, someone pointed to his nose and asked, "is this boy worthy to participate in political affairs?"

Lu Mengzheng walked away as if he had not heard of it.

his colleagues stood up for him and tried to find out the person's name and report it to the emperor, but he was stopped by Lv Meng and said, "if you know his name, you will never forget it for the rest of your life. It is better not to know it."

later, this matter was known by the emperor, and he admired his measurement very much. from then on, he was reused, appeared on the phase three times, and became a crown prince and was awarded the Duke of Guo.

A truly wise man will not be swayed by the voice of the outside world.

Master Nhat Hanh said: "when you are angry, your face is like a bomb that can explode at any time."

together, hatred will instantly change the aura around you, making negative energy surround you.

the hatred of fools ranges from complaining, moderate to abuse, and even to destroying everything, resulting in naturally hurting others and themselves.

Human life is only between breath.

can be calm and calm, can be smooth, can be smooth, can keep rational, away from disasters.


Life, unhappy is also a day

happy is also a day

Buddhists often say: "36500 days in a hundred years, in fact, in a flash."

Life is only a few decades, hardship is also a day, joy is also a day.

every day of my life is unique, so why be angry?

A Zen master asked such a question: "Why do people shout when they are angry?"

the monk thought for a long time and then said, "I will shout because I have lost my calmness."

the Zen master asked, "but that man is right next to us, so why do you still shout?"

looking at the confused eyes of the monk, the Zen master said:

"when two people are angry, the heart will be far apart."

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"in order to cross the distance of the heart, so that the other party can hear, so you have to shout. But when shouting, people will be more angry, the distance will be farther, leading to a louder cry. "

when angry, even if close at hand, it is as far as the horizon. This is true for people as well as for things.

if you want to get angry, think about how much time you have left.

A wise man is not angry, and a good man does not blame others.

anger is a sea of bitterness, and the more angry it is, the more bitter it is in the heart, so it is either sick or causing trouble.

Li said, "Don't be surprised to see the pre-court flowers bloom and fall."

the world of mortals has its ups and downs, we are all just passers-by, why are we angry?

gather and disperse joys and sorrows, everything will disappear in the end, what are you upset about?

the second half of life, just look down on it! enjoy happy life!

what is there to worry about if one day goes by and one day is missing?

on the way to getting old, be kind to yourself, don't be angry, and bring out the people and things that are not worth it.