The most successful education is to raise a well-spoken child.

/July 2022

A few days ago, I went to my relatives' house for dinner.

on the occasion of family reunion, children get together to play games and adults talk in a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere.

only my little nephew can always attract other people's attention because of his "outspoken".

other children are quietly playing toys and discussion games, but he is the only one who "speaks amazingly" and keeps swearing.

because I have a slightly fat figure, and my husband is the kind of figure that "eats too much and doesn't gain weight", our figure problems become his laughingstock when we eat.

"Auntie, did you eat all the good food at home and starve my sister-in-law every day?"

"Uncle, do you know that if you are in a pigsty, you are that kind of pig without conscience, you can't get out of the cage no matter how you feed it!"

"Auntie, this Fried Sweet and Sour Tenderloin is high in sugar. You have the nerve to eat sweet when you are like this."

both of us adults were embarrassed by him, because we could only smile silently and eat the feeling of "blocking the heart" into our bellies.

in addition to attacking us, my little nephew will also laugh at women in makeup, saying, "will it scare yourself if you take off your makeup?" and laugh at relatives who use low-end mobile phones, "the phones I eliminated are more advanced than yours."

his parents always look at him kindly and say proudly, children nowadays know so much.

from the day he met his little nephew, almost everything he said was sarcastic.

it is said that children's words are not bogey, but the harm and embarrassment of language to people will not be reduced because the speaker is young.

A child who can't talk well loses as soon as he opens his mouth.

others do not even have to listen carefully to their content, as long as through their tone and posture, they know their malice that is hard to hide.

speak well and treat others politely, which reflects a child's EQ as well as his self-cultivation.


speaking well is a compulsory course in children's life

there was also a "mouth debt" boy in "Metamorphosis". He was du Hua's son Zhao Chuyi.

because her mother is busy with her work, Zhao Chuxiang grew up with her grandmother.

Grandma's indulgence turned him into a child who didn't talk big or small.

when he played iPad, he lay in bed in a position and played for three hours.

Grandma came in and called him, and he hurled her out with a sentence "you don't understand people".

after the transformation began, he went to the countryside with several other distinguished children.

when several people went to the mountain to cut firewood, he directed others to work like a bully.

"I want to go home. Chop, chop!"

was so angry that others directly threw the axe to him and let him cut it himself.

in fact, the boy is not really so "annoying", he also has his own bright spot.

it's just that behind his sharp mouth, many advantages are overshadowed.

language is the window through which others know you. The content and tone of your words are all your business cards.

during the epidemic, I watched a video entitled "four kinds of dishes that people in Hubei never want to see again" and was impressed.

A little girl, holding all kinds of dishes, kept complaining:

"We don't eat cabbage, we don't want potatoes, we don't eat cabbage, I never want to see you again."

this video has aroused a heated discussion among netizens, with many people saying:

"this child, talking is too uncomfortable for donors."

"in special times, it would be nice to have something to eat, but also picky, what tutoring!"

"do parents have no brains? The child who teaches children to talk like this will have too much influence in the future. "

A good word is warm for three winters. children who speak politely and properly must be very popular.

A child with an open mouth and a dirty mouth will be disgusting wherever he goes.

speaking well is not only a compulsory course in children's life, but also a way of interpersonal communication.


Children's words hide family upbringing

I have seen such a video on the Internet.

A little boy said in an interview, "I want to be an astronaut and take my grandmother to travel in space."

"when you grow up, grandma will sleep in the dirt."

"No, my father always says that my grandmother is old and immortal."

this is like a joke, but it also reveals the most gripping truth about education.

the child speaks as you speak. The upbringing of a family is hidden in the child's words.

educator Kiichi Kimura said:

parents' words and deeds will not only accumulate aggression in their children's hearts, but also make their children learn to follow suit and learn to hurt others with words.

in the TV series Tiger Mom and Cat Dad, the little girl Cissy is also a sharp-tongued child.

and behind her, there is a more poignant person than her, that is, the grandmother who grew up with her.

when the family went to visit Grandma's friends in the country, and when the friends showed off their granddaughter's award on a wall, Grandma not only had no praise, but also said, "this can't be eaten again."

how does Cece treat children?

the children went to the field to pick melons for Cissy to eat. Cissy said proudly, "it's full of bacteria, and so are your mouth."

with that, she stuffed a sterilized tissue into the girl's mouth.

people who can't speak well have it in their hearts.Many "beasts" are waiting to be released.

A child, if his parents never speak well, then the child's inner "beasts" will become more and more ferocious.

so as soon as they open their mouth, the beast will run out to hurt people.

educator Sukhomlinski said:

the way a child speaks is a reflection of parents' daily education.

those children who speak gently and modestly and with reason and restraint must stand behind their parents who know how to tolerate and teach patiently;

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while those who speak rudely and yell, there must be parents who are rude and sarcastic.


the most successful education

is to raise a well-spoken child

there is a psychological term called "kimchi effect", which means:

put the same vegetable in different water, soak it for a period of time, and then cook it separately.

as a result, we will find that the cooked food tastes different.

the same is true of educating children. The same children, different ways of education, different family atmosphere, raise different children.

if you want to raise a well-spoken child, parents should make efforts in these aspects:

1, talk well with their children

South Korean variety show "Superman is back" Nan is a treasure loved by everyone. She can be gentle and friendly no matter what happens.

when I went to the restaurant, Nan accidentally spilled the drink because it was too heavy.

instead of crying or shirking her responsibility, she hurriedly went to the waiter for help. "Sister, I'm sorry, I spilled it, please give me a tissue."

when cleaning up with the waiter, Nane said, my father told me to do something wrong or cause trouble, to have the courage to take responsibility and never run away or lie.

how did Nan's father raise such a warm little girl?

in fact, it is very simple to talk to your children without emotional or violent communication.

while her father is sleeping, Nan is in charge of taking care of her younger brother. In order to "cook" for her younger brother, she pours a large bag of cereal on the ground and wants to ask her father to "share" it.

Dad was almost devastated when he saw all this.

if you were an average parent, you would blurt out things like "just know how to make trouble" and "why you can't do such a thing well".

but Nan's father, without a word of accusation and scolding, asked Nan softly, "do you want to cook for your brother?"

after getting the affirmative answer, Dad Quinane, well done.

Nan also realized her mistake and hurriedly said to her father, "I'll help Dad clean up together."

We always envy other people's children, do not lose their temper, speak modestly and politely, but always forget to observe how other parents communicate with their children.

2. Use more polite language

I often hear a mother complain in the community:

"you say that my child is good at everything, good grades, good appearance, why can't he talk well?

it's choking when you talk. Teachers and classmates don't like her very much, so there's nothing you can do about the baby. "

once, I happened to meet her and her child in a restaurant.

the weekend was crowded and the food was inevitably served a little slowly. she called the waiter to scold:

the napkin on the table was gone, and she was telling the waiter what to do:


I finally understand that the one who can't talk well is not her daughter, but herself.

if parents don't have basic politeness, how can they ask their children to talk well?

whether parents whisper or speak ill of others will flow into their children's ears intact and eventually become their children's language.

A family with frequent words such as "please", "please" and "thank you" can raise a well-spoken child.

3. When children say the wrong things, the best way to prevent children's words from turning into "uneducated" is for parents to correct and guide them in time.

I remember when my daughter was a child, when she saw a fat little girl, she pointed and shouted, "Mom, she looks so fat."

at that time, I told her very seriously:

then I met a child and always laughed at other people's runny nose.

the daughter pulled her and told the child very seriously, "Mom says this is impolite. Don't say to his face that he likes a runny nose, or he will be very unhappy."

if a child says something wrong or says something bad, parents must not use "still a child" as a cover.

tell your child in time what not to say and what is impolite, and teach him to apologize if necessary.


A person's mouth is a person's feng shui.

A modest and courteous little lady always deserves more respect than a domineering bully.

A child who knows how to speak well and can properly express himself in words can get applause wherever he goes.

to cultivate a well-spoken child is the most successful education for a family.