The most important person in life is not a parent, a lover or a friend, but.

/August 2022

in our lifetime,

meets countless people,

knows countless people,

but there are not many people who are really nice to us. Apart from parents and family members,

who really cares about us, and

who helps us without reservation.

those who are not related to us but are unconditionally kind to us and are willing to help us

are all God-given dignitaries.

what on earth is a noble person? Gentlemen,

is not the one who coaxes us, but the one who actually helps us.


is not a warm and friendly person on the surface, but a person who is really kind to us.

Noble people,

are not people who usually eat, drink and play, but people who lend a helping hand in times of trouble.

Noble people

A true gentleman,

when you encounter difficulties,

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ask for nothing in return to help you.

when you have nothing,

accompany you wholeheartedly.

when you are confused and helpless,

take the trouble to guide you.

remind you when you are conceited and complacent.

A true gentleman,

is not related to you, but is willing to give to you.

I don't owe you anything, but I'm willing to spend money for you.

they know who you are and trust you.

they understand your pain and understand you.

they know your difficulties and help you.

take care of you like a family and cherish you like a lover.

the greatest luck in living in this world

is not how much money you make or what prize you win, but to meet some dignitaries.

be really nice to us,

do us a favor without asking for anything in return,

put yourself in our shoes.

treat us with your heart, don't play with your heart,

help us with kindness, never ask for it.

dignitaries are gifts from God, and

nobles are blessings arranged by God.

whoever it is, don't hurt the honorable person.

to those who are good to you, you should cherish them.

be grateful to those who help you.

Don't take what others have done for granted.

other people's kindness should be repaid in time!

the most important people in life

are not parents, lovers,

nor friends, but those who are kind to us and help us.

it is because of their appearance that

takes us out of the trough and gives us warmth and emotion.

these dignitaries can be met and cannot be sought.

give back attentively. Don't be ashamed of it.

Please treat them sincerely and never hurt them!