The longest relationship between the two sexes

/July 2022

many people think that "willing to win a heart, white heads will not leave each other" is a promise that love is stronger than gold, but they do not realize that it is Zhuo Wenjun's painstaking effort to retain him when he "hears that you have two ideas, so he comes to refuse each other."

Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) is a relationship that everyone yearns for for the rest of his life.

but between the two sexes, love can be found everywhere, but there are not many who stand the test of time.

while regretting, we can't help but ask, what kind of relationship can last?

in fact, happy feelings are always similar, and long-term relationships have something in common, that is, the following three points.


there is no need to please

some women will have no bottom line to please each other in a relationship, even if they make concessions again and again, even if they lose themselves, even if they let themselves down to the dust.

in fact, if a relationship requires a lot of effort to please, then it is likely that the relationship itself is not appropriate.

in the Battle of Love, there is such a girl. When she comes on stage, everyone can see that she looks sad and doesn't look like a woman in love at all.

on the one hand, she cried that her boyfriend was too selfish, never taking into account her feelings, but on the other hand, she tried harder to please him, hoping that he would give him even a little bit of care, even using the expression "please".

teacher Tu Lei said bluntly:

"there are some things you can't ask for, such as care, appreciation, and love." When a girl is begging, she has become unlovable. Even if you ask for it, it's just sending you away and taking pity on you. "

blindly ingratiating, it only shows that you don't care about yourself, only whether he cares about you or not.

in fact, the best way for a woman to want a man to care about herself is to let her know that I live a wonderful life no matter whether you don't care about me.

I admire Zhang Youyi, my wife, who was abandoned by Xu Zhimo.

she did everything she had to do as a wife, but she was rejected and indifferent by her husband, and even described as a "country bumpkin" by her husband. She said she was an "autumn fan" abandoned by Xu Zhimo.

but she understands that compared with Lin Huiyin and Lu Xiaoman pursued by Xu Zhimo, she does not understand literature and is not flirtatious enough, but she must be herself.

she returned to her studies interrupted by marriage, went to Europe for further study, started a bank, started a clothing factory, and made great achievements in her career.

later, I found my own life partner. She has won the respect of society, including her ex-husband Xu Zhimo.

it is much better to leave than to curry favor.

every woman should firmly believe that there is no one in the world worth pleasing. When you are good enough, all good things will follow.


know each other

some people say:

I think so. There may be many people who love you, but not many people understand you.

the person who really understands you doesn't need to explain too much, one look, one action, he already knows all about you.

he understands your alternative personality, your forced smile, your joys and sorrows, and your hard work. Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang are two people who know each other.

Qian Zhongshu is obsessed with writing and doesn't know how to do housework. He is a complete idiot of life. Yang Jiang took the initiative to do all the housework and take care of his diet and daily life. Before marriage, she was the precious girl who didn't touch the spring water on her fingers.

Yang Jiang once said:

Qian Zhongshu also knows Yang Jiang.

when Yang Jiang accompanied Qian Zhongshu to study in England, she was not used to life in a foreign country. Coupled with homesickness and homesickness, she was not used to eating and living.

to ease Yang Jiang's mood, Qian Zhongshu clumsily boiled egg bread, heated milk, and mellow black tea early in the morning. Also affectionately put up a small table, so that Yang Jiang can enjoy a delicious breakfast on the bed.

Yang Jiang said proudly and happily, "this is the most delicious breakfast I have ever had."

knowing each other's most precious things and protecting them with love into action is the secret for them to walk through the wind and rain together from acquaintance to love, from green hair to white hair.


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in a relationship, there are many reasons for fatigue and tiredness: disagreement of ideas, stress of life, lack of communication, lack of sense of security, etc. Occasionally tired is normal, but do not let two people too tired to feel the existence of love.

the most effective way to resolve this tiredness is empathy. When we stand on each other's point of view to feel, his complaints, his anxiety are no longer nothing.

very often, we do not expect our partner to share much hard work, and we also know that some hard work can not be bypassed. We just want him to understand that it is not easy and give him a little comfort.

then we forget about tiredness and have the strength to go on.

Xin Xin, who has not posted on moments for a long time, suddenly wrote such a paragraph:

is also accompanied by an aerial photograph of the scenery of Zhangjiajie taken by my husband.

once they were a perfect match for talents and beauties in the eyes of their friends. Her husband loves photography, especially taking pictures of his wife, and pays special attention to it every time. The face of Xin Xin in the photo is permeated with sincere happiness and the beauty is impossible.

but gradually, my husband's bohemian and freedom-loving personality makes Xin Xin more and more disappointed.

shortly after the baby was born, he changed jobs and went to a job on business trips across the country, spending less than 1/3 of his time at home a year.

even if he is on vacation, he will go nearby to play instead of rushing back to be reunited with their mother and daughter.

one night, Xinxin, who had slept with her daughter, turned on the computer to catch up with the plan, and her husband sent it.Came to that aerial video, showed off his shooting skills to her and improved a lot. Xin Xin smiled bitterly and posted the remark in moments.

she also quarreled with him about it, but nothing changed after a sworn apology. Gradually, she was unwilling to make a request, and he was used to not taking the initiative to do anything for her.

Xin Xin said:

the tiredness of rejoicing is more the tiredness of the heart. This tiredness comes from his incomprehension, inconsideration and uncherishment.

it's a pity that he only lives in his own world and doesn't know how to think of others. A good relationship loses its vitality, becomes tired, and even gets tired.

Director Woody Allen said:

so, enter the marriage with yearning and longing. Never let the other half say that I am too tired to get married because of the absence of empathy.

on the way to love, we have never been to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), but from these three points we can find traces of true love.

if you meet, you must take advantage of it and cherish it.

finally, may you not be disappointed by your affection, and may all you meet with good people, love and love.