The highest state of life: emptiness

/August 2022

there is such a Zen theory in Buddhist sutras: "everything is empty" and "vacuum is wonderful". What

says is that emptiness is a possibility and premise, and emptiness has its initial karma.

for everyone, emptiness is a measure and a mind.

only by emptying your heart can you hold everything;

only by keeping your heart "empty" can you keep having and receiving the goodness of life.


empty cup

there is a scholar who asks a highly respected mentor for advice.

when he arrived, he kept telling his ideas to the teacher and refuting the views of others.

the tutor just looked at him with a smile and said nothing.

when he finished a long list of arguments and finally stopped to catch his breath, the tutor put a teacup in front of him and asked the waiter to pour tea for him.

the tea is about to overflow, and the waiter has no intention of stopping.

the scholar eagerly reminded: "stop, the tea will be spilled soon."

then the mentor waved to the waiter to stop and said to the scholar, "you come to me for advice and explain the confusion, but you keep talking about yourself. If you don't empty yourself, whose point of view can you listen to?"

just like this cup of tea, it won't fit into anything when it's full. "

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the scholar was thoughtful, so the instructor told the waiter to pour out the cup of tea and pour it into it.

the tea in the teacup is filled with new tea again, and this time the tutor motioned to the scholar to drink tea.

the scholar suddenly realized and said, "teacher, I understand that only by absorbing learning with an open mind can we be all-inclusive."

it is to maintain this "empty cup" mentality, this scholar later became a famous mentor far and near.

A generation of martial arts guru Bruce Lee once said:

"empty your cup before you can fill it up again."

the value of life lies not in acquisition, but in emptying.

only when people learn to empty themselves, learn tolerance and acceptance, can they make a person more full.

learn the "empty cup" mentality, and you will gain more in life.


empty ship

Zhuangzi Mountain tells such a story.

A man was about to cross the river in a boat when he came to the eye of the boat and saw that the two ships were about to collide.

the man hurriedly shouted several times at the boat, but no one in the boat came out to respond to him, so he began to curse.

when the ship hit, I found that there was no one in the ship, and the anger in my heart disappeared immediately.

when we find that anger is useless, we naturally stop being angry.

thus it can be seen that anger sometimes is not how much harm you have suffered, but a matter of mentality. When the mentality changes, the problem can be easily solved.

this is the theory of empty ship.

your state of mind determines your view of things. When you don't like something, you can't face it calmly.

when you can't change others, you have to change your mindset.

Wang Yangming said: "there is nothing outside the mind."

when you take back a heart that pays attention to external things, and pay attention to yourself, the heart will naturally not be disturbed by external things.

you know that no one in this world can hurt you but you.

most of the time, your anger is just punishing yourself for other people's mistakes, or you don't like it, but you don't have enough self-cultivation.

learn to go beyond your limitations, think of others, and understand other people's difficulties, and you may be able to live in harmony with the world.


empty bowl

I have heard such a story.

A little apprentice asked the old master:

"Master, why am I busy every day, but no achievement, no harvest? "

Master meditate for a moment and ask the apprentice to bring an empty bowl.

the old master told his disciple to put some plums in the bowl.

asked, "can you put more plums in the bowl?"

the young apprentice: "the bowl is full and there is no room."

the old master poured a bowl of rice into the gap between the plums and filled the whole bowl.

the disciple said, "I see, this next bowl is already full."

the old master smiled and poured a ladle of water into the bowl. It seems that all the gaps in the bowl have been filled.

the old master asked the little apprentice, "is it full this time?"

the little master dared not answer.

at this time, the old master salted another handful of salt into the water, and the water did not overflow at all.

the old master said to his apprentice, "your life is an empty bowl." If you are filled with many little things first, you will have no time for big things. "

"you feel that you have nothing to gain in life, often because you are busy all day, and if you don't set your priorities, you will be exhausted, so you will get nothing in the end."

this is the famous "empty bowl" theory.

when you do things, you must distinguish between priorities; to be a man, you must learn to grasp the big and release the small.

only by solving the most critical problems in life can we increase efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort.


Laozi said in Daojing:

30 spokes are one hub, when it is absent, it is useful for a car.

the instrument is regarded as a device, when it is not available, it is useful.

chiseling a door for a room, when it is not, there is a room for it.

so what you have is good, and what you don't use is useful.

this sentence meansBecause the wheel is empty, it has the function of wheel; the

receptacle is empty, it has the function of dressing up; and

the house is empty, it has the function of living people.

people have to learn to keep themselves in a state of "emptiness" in order to make themselves work.

"emptiness" is a kind of humble asking for advice. "emptiness" is a kind of peace of mind "not happy with things, not sorrowful with oneself", and "emptiness" is also a kind of wisdom to grasp the big and release the small.

"emptiness" is still a great wisdom and realm of life.

learn to empty yourself so that you can bring all the good things into your life.

share with you.