The highest living method for the rest of life: there are many things to do, few words to say, and thick people to do.

/August 2022

once saw a question on the Internet: what is the most advanced way of living for a person?

there is a high praise answer with only nine words: many things, few words, and thick people.

think about it, it is true.

Life is a journey. Only by burying your head over the hurdle, keeping your mouth shut, and being a honest man, can you walk wider and wider.


do more

I have seen such a short story.

A rich man came to the temple and told his troubles:

after listening, the Zen master asked him, "so what are you doing every day now?"

the rich man said, "I don't do anything now. My wife does the housework and my son is in charge of the property."

the Zen master told him, "it is actually easy to cure your illness. When you go back, you will move a few piles of firewood from the East Courtyard to the West Court every morning, and then move the firewood back to the East Court in the afternoon. In this way, you will be cured."

the rich man did it when he got home, and a month later, he was cured of his illness.

he happily went to the Zen master: "according to your way, my illness is really better, and now my wife and son don't look so bad."

the Zen master smiled and said, "in fact, you are not sick at all, just because you have nothing to do." "

if no one is idle, don't try to steal a student.

when people have nothing to do for a long time, they will infinitely magnify the trivialities around them, dislike others and everything, thus giving rise to all kinds of heart disease.

as the old saying goes: idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy.

give yourself something to do, so that your body will not be weak and your spirit will not be depressed.

Mr. Fang Cheng, a leading figure in news comics, is still very quick in his old age. At the age of 93, he was able to type and write biographies on a computer every day.

people turned to him for ways to keep fit, and the old man replied in a funny poem:

Life has always been ordinary,

cycling, painting and writing articles. Health depends on one word-busy!

giving yourself something to do is the best way to keep fit.

there is a saying in "self-sacrifice article": diligence and spare work, the heart is always idle.

busy will be hard, but when the days are on the run, life will become full and full;

idleness seems easy, but when idleness becomes the norm, life will only be empty and empty.

every day that does not dance is a disappointment to life.

only when you try your best to spend every day, can you be complacent and enjoy the joys of life.


it is advisable to say less

some time ago, our company parachuted a young leader, and many old colleagues expressed disapproval openly and secretly.

but it wasn't long before he won the praise of his old colleagues.

some people say that although he is young, he is calm and reliable as a work partner.

he is highly educated, has read a lot of books and seen a lot of the world, but when his colleagues gather and talk in private, he always listens quietly to other people's stories.

he has his own opinions and ideas on his work, but every time he has a meeting and other people express their views, he often takes notes carefully, occasionally expresses his views, and always comes to the point, justifiable and convincing.

someone wants to exclude him and makes a mistake on purpose, but he is not annoyed. He points out the problem objectively and communicates with the other party in private to solve it, without publicizing it in the company.

have you noticed that people who seem to be silent are not unable to speak or lose their temper?

on the contrary, they know that it is more important to shut up than to open their mouth and how to say it is more important than what they say.

when young, people often envy those who are eloquent and eloquent.

at a certain age, I found that the most powerful person in the world is not eloquent, but speechless.

Gulong said: "the more reticent people are, the more valuable their words are." His demeanor must be intimidating, and his price is even higher. "

Shaoyan is a defender who hides clumsiness, keeps a low profile, and accumulates strength in silence.

if the rooster does not sing, then the world is white; the eagle strikes the sky without words, but vibrates its arms in the sky; the sound of water drops is weak, but day after day, it can wear stones.

those who achieve great things will not make a noise, but will exercise themselves silently. If you sharpen a sword in ten years, it will be amazing.


people should be kind

there are many smart people in the world, but kind people are very rare.

I have seen such a story.

Dog and fox used to be good friends, but their personalities are very different. The dog is very loyal and the fox is shrewd.

one day, they met death.

death said to them, "you two guess fist, the winner lives, the loser dies."

as a result, the fox lost and the dog survived.

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the kind dog cried and said, "We agreed to produce rock together, but I have scissors, but you have paper."

walking in the worldly world, there is nothing wrong with being smart to protect yourself, but sometimes being too shrewd is a disaster.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is written: "if a man is good enough not to be bullied, he will have good luck."

if a man is kind, heaven will treat him well.

being a good man is not only a kind of honest wisdom, but also a rare foresight.

these two things have happened to Ma Weidu, a well-known collector.

for one thing, he once went to the countryside with his friends and spent the night at a farmer's house.

while eating, Ma Weidu noticed a small Kang table in the farmer's home, with years of collection experience.He guessed that the Kang table might be an antique.

so they bought it at a high price, and farmers sold it contentedly without knowing it.

after returning to Beijing, Ma Weidu handed over the Kang table to experts for appraisal, only to find that the collection value of this item was extremely high, and his price to farmers was on the low side, so he was very upset.

in the end, someone specially sent another sum of money to the farmers.

on another occasion, several vendors who had just joined the trade asked him to sell cultural relics and quoted a very low price because they did not understand the market.

Ma Wei did not make a lot of money as a result, but unexpectedly offered a relatively reasonable price, allowing the vendors to make most of the profits.

all the friends around him laughed at him for being stupid. However, he retorted with disapproval:

if you think the other way around, vendors must be willing to do business with "bad heads" so as to make more money.

this kind of kind practice, which is willing to suffer losses, has won Ma Weidu's reputation in the collection circle.

sellers in the antique market like to do business with him. Every time they encounter good antiques, they will contact him as soon as possible, and he will contact other collectors only when he sees them.

because of this, Ma Weidu has been able to seize a lot of opportunities in the market, and the collection industry is booming.

as the saying goes, one or two kinds of kindness is better than a ton of cleverness.

being a good man may seem like a loss in the short term, but in the long run, you are accumulating good luck for yourself.

I have heard such a saying:

Life is not a sprint, but a marathon.

treat others with sincerity, the hearts of the people return to it; if you treat others with kindness, you will be blessed.

I see an interesting sentence: "the way you live in the first half of your life determines how you open it for the rest of your life."

if you are busy and full in the first half of your life, you will have no regrets in the second half of your life.

if you keep a low profile in the first half of life, you will achieve something in the second half of your life.

if you treat others kindly in the first half of your life, good fortune will come in the second half of your life.

what you did in March or April, August and September have your own answer.