The height of the soul (good text in depth)

/September 2022

the height of the soul is a pure land in the depths of the soul, is to be yourself silently, not happy with things, not sad with oneself; it is a kind of courage and strength.

as long as you keep a clean, calm and indifferent heart, regardless of gains and losses, do not envy, do not drift with the current, you can be far-sighted and stand high in the soul.


the height of the soul comes from a good conscience.

as the saying goes, people are good. Although happiness is not yet here, misfortune is far away; evil is evil, but happiness is far away.

when a person is kind enough, he produces a kind of charm from the inside out. This charm is what we often call aura. When his aura is very powerful, he transcends the mundane and stands on the height of his soul.

kindness is simple and pure and cannot be desecrated.

kind-hearted people are sincere but not hypocritical, generous but not narrow-minded, generous but not stingy.

good people regard the sufferings of others as their sufferings and their happiness as their happiness.


the height of the soul comes from an indifferent heart.

people who are indifferent to their hearts look down on fame and wealth, money, and winning or losing.

get along with others, do not take advantage of others, do not expose their shortcomings, do not steal the limelight, have to forgive and forgive others, show mercy to others, and make people in awe, so he stands at the height of his soul.

people who are indifferent are calm, open and aboveboard, will not suffer because of less money, nor will they be complacent because of too much money, but with a peaceful state of mind, they will not be surprised, they will watch the flowers blossom and fall, and let the four seasons change. The heart is rich and full.


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the height of the soul comes from a grateful heart.

people who are grateful are well-connected, think of the advantages of others, forget their weaknesses, return the kindness of others, always be grateful and help others, and he stands at the height of his soul.

the crow can feed back, and the lamb can kneel, not to mention people. People should be affectionate and righteous, and repay their gratitude.


the height of the soul comes from a tolerant heart.

A tolerant man is open-minded, far-sighted, magnanimous and tolerant, regardless of past grievances, he stands on the height of his soul!

A tolerant person can do great things and do great things.

A tolerant person is magnanimous and can tolerate things that others cannot; a tolerant person can swallow any suffering, no matter how big it is, and no matter how difficult it is, he can bear it.

asking for guilt is a good example. During the warring States period, Zhao Guoda General Lian Po had a discordant relationship with Minister Lin Xiangru. When he heard that Lin Xiangru was not afraid of him, but focused on national interests, Lian Po went to Lin Xiangru on his back to ask Lin Xiangru for guilt. Lin Xiangru was magnanimous, and the two became good friends who swore to live and die.


the height of the soul comes from a simple heart.

when what one thinks and does completely puts aside the material, but treats others from the spiritual level, he is superior and stands on the height of the soul.

when a person is not showing off when he is successful, he is not arrogant when he is rich, he is not weak when he is in power, he is virtuous and stands on the height of his soul.

when a man does not give up when he fails, he is not decadent when he is poor, and he does not bow his head when he is down, he has a bright future and stands high in his soul.

the height of the soul is out of the mud but not stained, Zhuo Qinglian but not demon state of mind, is divorced from the vulgar, abandon impetuous verve, is the inner calm and calm.

the height of the soul comes from sincerity, above matter, to peace, and is the purity and elegance of the soul.

when you stand on the top of your soul, you keep your peace of mind, keep your original heart, and go farther and more steadily.